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Best TVs that work with Alexa and Google Home | in 2022

Best TVs that work with Alexa and Google Home, an image showing how the Alexa Amazon echo is connected to a new Smart TV
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So you are on your journey to getting a fully functioning smart house that will leave everyone in awe and you have managed to get your Alexa (Amazon Echo) Speaker or Google Home Speaker, You're doing great!

You are ready to take the next step.

You have decided it is time to look for a TV that has everything you're looking for, finally!

No more having to always look for that remote control that somehow always gets lost and ends up in the weirdest of places.

It would also be a bonus if it were cheap and affordable at the same time right?

But, there are many options out there!

There is no time to go searching all day for all the specs and features, and in some cases, it is quite difficult to find what you are looking for anyways.

I feel you.

Which is why I have prepared this guide.

After reviewing and researching for quite some time, I found a nice variety of TVs that will surely satisfy your needs.

Which needs am I talking about?

All Televisions in this list are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. When looking for these TVs I gave special focus on Size, Resolution, Sound, Price as well as Warranties and some Special features.

Here's a hand, you can quickly move around with this chart:

Some of us are more fans of some brands ( Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL...) than other brands (shhh I won't mention them),

Yeap! I also this into consideration.

When finding you the best choices, I included a variety of TV qualities as well a couple of budget options.

As you know, the more you are willing to pay for something, the better quality and lifetime you will get for it.

Nevertheless, there are some cheaper options you will definitely like here as well.

Keep in mind:

When selecting these TVs, I did not focus on the TV having a 120 Hz refresh rate (most in the list have though)

120 Hz might sound awesome to some of you.

But believe me, it is not necessary and you will hardly see any difference between 60 Hz and 120 Hz.

Unless, could it be that you are looking for a Gaming TV?

Then I have to apologize for doubting you. you are correct! For gaming, 120 Hz Refresh rate is essencial!

No worries,

The last option in the list is a Gaming smart TV, enjoy!

Oh and one more thing!

There are new TVs with a resolution of 8K and are making all the hype as a successor of the 4K.

First of all, I did not include 1080p screens in my list as the quality of the 4K TVs are way beyond the 1080p.

As for the 8K resolution?

Although 8K is double as clear as 4K, since 4K is already very high definition, 8K hardly makes a difference.

There is also the dilemma that there's almost no movies or series that are played in 8K resolution in the first place.

Sadly, the reason for this is it would take incredible amounts of space to make the movies 8K ready!

So let's get started!

What are the best TVs in 2022 that are compatible with Alexa and Google Home Speakers?

1. Samsung Q900R 8K Smart TV

Best 8K Smart TV

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  • Smart TV supporting Alexa and Google Home
  • 8K resolution, for the latest highest-quality TV out there
  • Available at 55,65,75,82 Inches
  • Artificial Intelligence up-scaling helps render and smooth images to the amazing 8K quality
  • QLED supported with a set of elite black-light set 16X to improve extreme bright lighting and deep dark colors

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Has multiple Sizes to choose from for different budgets
  • 8K!
  • Uses Quantum DOT, which especially helps improve image coloring and make each color stand out
  • Provides a vibrant and clear picture from all viewing angles
  • Future proof
  • Ultra-Thin bezels for a modern look.


  • In order to turn the TV into 8K , they had to make it QLED. QLED is still proven to be extremely efficient
  • As expected, the best TVs come at a high price

Hands down the Samsung Q900R is the highest quality top notch Smart TV as of the time writing this guide.

Ok, it's true I said that 8K is not necessary in a TV, especially since there is no content out there that can show 8K in the first place.

However, with this TV it's different!

It performs special AI up-scaling, which automatically transforms lower quality footage into 8K, and this is one impressive feat.

The design is truly impressive and the manufacturers definitely tried to take as many things as possible into consideration.

You can even mount this TV onto the wall with no gaps between the wall and the TV.

If you are interested in checking out a video of this TV click Here.

Who is this Smart TV for?

If you are someone who has a little extra change to spare, I would strongly recommend this TV to be your go to choice

Why is that?

Well this TV is pretty much future proof, meaning that you won't have to worrry about getting another TV anytime soon.

A great thing about buying an 8K Smart TV will mean that you don't have to upgrade your TV once 8K Is the main thing.

Technology is advancing very quickly, and you can expect 8K to become pretty popular in the new future. You can therefore stay ahead of the curve by getting yourself an 8K TV.

2. LG OLED55C9PUA Smart TV

Overall best 4K smart TV

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  • ThinkQ and therefore Alexa and Google Assistant, featuring all smart TV functions
  • Enhanced imaging and streaming through the 4K Ultra High Definition resolution
  • Further advanced imaging and sound qualities from DOLBY vision and DOLBY ATMOS
  • Available at different sizes of 55,65,75 Inches
  • OLED TV for an improved view with enhanced contrast, better viewing angles, wider color ranges and higher refresh rates

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Has different sizes to choose from for different budgets
  • OLED TVs are hands down the newest and best Television for quality out there, and help in energy saving as well
  • NIVIDIA G sync allowing for high-level gaming
  • WISA speakers and thus providing exceptional quality wireless capabilities


  • Is a little on the expensive side for those on a budget
  • Comes with only 3 to 4 HDMI ports which is on the low end, though it should be enough

When searching for the best overall TV, there was one that spoke to me immediately, the LG OLED55C9PUA TV.

With the ThinQ AI , it helps make everything convenient and allows you to connect and control your entire Home as a Smart TV using Google Assist or Alexa.

With the OLED benefits, you will be able to see colors and imaging that you haven't seen before with the LED or QLED devices.

The TV even supports Gaming and has higher refresh rates for accurate targeting.

The speakers can also be set up to wireless to improve surround sound and other sound features as well.

Who is this Smart TV for?

If you are looking for the highest quality, resolution, and imaging at a moderate price. I would totally recommend this TV for you.

It is an overall well made TV, and I don't see any missing qualities in it. Not to mention the highly rated reviews it has from it's users.

3.Samsung RU7300 Curved Smart TV

Best affordable Curved smart TV

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  • Smart TV which allows streaming of different content and live shows as well, and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and other smart devices
  • 4K Ultra High Definition for resolution and dynamic range superior to the HDTV
  • PURCOLOR encouraging Millions of shades of color which help in showing a colorful, clear, and crispy picture that conventional HDTV can’t create
  • Curved TV screen including an Auto Depth enhancer to make watching more enjoyable
  • Available at 55 as well as 65 inch Screens

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Curved TV for anyone looking for a combination of a curved TV and smart TV , this is a great choice
  • Amazon's choice
  • Has different Sizes to choose from for different budgets
  • Comes with a nicely detailed guide to help you in the process
  • Attractive price for quality


  • Although it is not OLED. The TV has QLED. (further details later)

As a Curved TV, the Samsung RU7300 model is currently the best Curved TV that I was able to find.

It has the Smart TV features built-in, which also happens to be at a catchy price.

The TV comes in two different sizes of 65 inch or 55 inch, It also has an amazing array of positive comments from many of its fans.

It has a nice resolution of 4K which will support you with any of your daily needs to watch any movie in very high definition.

The RU7300 also has optimized lighting and uses millions of shades of colors to make sure that you get the best visual display possible.

It is mountable onto a wall, however, the mount doesn't come with the purchase and must be bought separately.

Naturally it supports Alexa and Google Assist, so you can connect your speakers to the device and perform any of the tasks you expect it to perform. (There is also a further explanation of expected smart functions further in the guide after the 5 Product reviews)

Who is this Smart TV for?

Anyone who is a fan of curved TVs is definately going to want to choose this TV. Its qualities are on par with all the other high end TV providers and it's Samsung.

You can not go wrong with this option.

4. Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA Smart TV

Best QLED smart TV model

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  • Smart things, supporting Alexa and Google Home
  • Comes in sizes of 43,49,55,65,75,82 Inches
  • uses Quantum Dots with over a billion different colors to take you on your journey and live the experience
  • Has an Ambient mode to support both dark and bright rooms
  • QLED Ultra HD TV giving you amazing resolution and outstanding shading and angle viewing

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • QLED with Quantum dots for providing dramatic and lively coloring and imaging
  • Currently the number one Seller as the best OLED TVs
  • Has the highest variety of sizes to suit any needs
  • 4K Resolution for high-quality pixels and very high definition imaging


  • Debatable between QLED and OLED as to which is the best coloring provider

A great TV! Has everything you could look for. The Specs are all top quality

It even has a Quantum processor that can upscale footage that isn't originally 4K and then transform it to 4K crisp footage and quality.

The Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA is also a smart TV that can connect to Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

It comes in all sizes.

You can purchase a 4 year warranty which provides you with 24/7 customer support.

The TV is naturally mountable.

rAll in all it is one of my favorite picks in the list and has an amazing number of positive reviews by many many users.

Who is this Smart TV for?

This TV is quite a fancy TV, It looks for owners who really like paying attention to the details. Do you like the sound of a billion different colors? I know I do !

This TV is the best QLED TV out there, and since QLED are cheaper than OLED TVs, it means that if you aren't willing to pay the extra amount for the OLED TVs than this is your best choice.

5. TCL 55S425 Smart Roku TV

The Best Budget smart TV

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  • Smart TV which allows streaming of different content and live shows as well, and is compatible with Alexa and Google
  • 4K resolution which is the superior version to the 1080p many times over
  • LED TV, providing neat image and footage coloring
  • Has 3 HDMI ports, a USB port and many other desirable ports
  • Comes in sizes of 43,50,55,65,75 Inches

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Comes in 5 different sizes for any budget
  • 4K resolution to bestow upon you the great up to date top TV characteristics
  • 120 Hz screen refresh rate
  • Outstanding cheap price


  • LED is no longer the top standard TV when compared to the OLED and QLED

This TV is a prodigy, it's quality is exceptional considering the dirt cheap price.

The TCL 55S425 4K TV comes in sizes varying from 43 inches all the way to 75 inches.

It is a Smart TV that provides you with over 500,000 Movies and TV episodes through Roku TV.

4K resolution plays a big role in this TV as it is exceptionally hard to find such a feature in a cheap TV.

You can Opt for the 3 or 4 year Warranty plan for quite a cheap amount as well.

You can easily assign your Tablet or phone as your remote so that you don't have to keep looking around for that darn remote!

But don't worry , if you really want a remote, it also comes with one.

Who is this Smart TV for?

Are you looking for a TV that works with Alexa or Google Home? One that is really cheap but still has superb quality?

The TCL-55S425 does this.

You won't find a cheaper TV that is both, a Smart TV and has all the high end TV qualities in it included.

6. TCL-65S525 Roku Smart TV

Best Gaming Smart TV

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  • Smart things supporting Alexa and Google Home while providing over 500,000 TV episodes and movies to watch from thanks to Roku TV
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution,
  • 4 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, Headphone jack and many other ports
  • Has a setting for Auto game mode for smoother gaming and optimized framing.
  • Comes in sizes of 43,50,55,60 Inches

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Smart TV compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Great prices
  • Comes in varying sizes and a wide selection
  • Has a specific Gaming mode to help optimize performance
  • 120 Hz Refresh rate to make sure you will own in your Online games.
  • Cheap 3 to 4 year warranty
  • Low Latency and response times for an Improved Gaming Experience


  • Once again, LED

And finally as promised the TCL 65" Class 5-Series 4K UHD-65S525 which in my opinion is the best choice for a Gaming TV.

It has all the basic functions you need while providing you with a 4K quality resolution, 120 Hz Frame rate, and a special Gaming mode that will help optimize the TV especially for your needs as well. This is a great smart TV option if you are looking to have some fun on a medium budget. The laptop also has a warranty option of 3 or 4 years which comes at a rational price.

It has a very high amount of positive views and should not let you down.

Who is this Smart TV for?

Well this one is an easy answer.

This TV is looking for Gamers who are on a low to medium budget.

Gamers that want a High quality Gaming TV that supports FPS/Ping/Low latency that can also connect to headphone jacks and their Amazon Echo or Google Assist aswell!

different characteristics in tvs
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We now have a nice set of options to choose from.

But you might still be a little confused or concerned about the characteristics you should be looking for.

Next I give you a simplified explanation of all the core details you will need when looking to make your purchasing decision.

What should I be looking for In my Smart TV?

When choosing a TV you should take the following points into consideration

Will it fit where you want it?

Imagine gettting a TV and everything is going great, you unpack it you get ready to place it and then

Ouch, it's not fitting.

That would be quite a fail. But it's ok, that won't happen to us.

All you have to do is know that the TV you wish to buy is measured in inches diagonally.

As shown in the picture below.

A description of what I man by inches being diagonally shown on the TV, to help you understand that a 50 inch screen means that it will be 43.9 inches high and 24.5 inches wide
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And so you don't have to do any calculations, I have already done all the math for you. Here are the Horizontal and vertical lengths of the Standard TV size for each Inch.

43Inch = 37.5 inches (W) x 21.1 inches (H) | 88.6 cm (W) x 49.8 cm (H)

50Inch = 43.9 inches (W) x 24.5 inches (H) | 110.7 cm (W) x 62.2 cm (H)

55Inch = 47.9 inches (W) x 27.0 inches (H) | 121.7 cm (W) x 74.7 cm (H)

65Inch = 56.7 inches (W) x 31.9 inches (H) | 144 cm (W) x 81 cm (H)

75Inch = 65.4 inches (W) x 36.8 inches (H) | 166.1 cm (W) x 93.5 cm (H)

80Inch = 69.7 inches (W) x 39.2 inches (H) | 177 cm (W) x 99.6 cm (H)

Keep in mind that the exterior diameters (bezels) of each TV is different, and therefore it's better to apply a room of 1 to 3 inches width and 5 to 6 inches height to be in the safe zone

Which Screen Resolution should you pick? (aka. Pixels)

a picture to show how a high resolution TV screen shows a nice amount of clarity and contrast
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It used to be that 1080P (1920px x 1080px) screens were known as the highest quality available in the market.

However that is no longer the case.

What's new?

There has been a couple new resolutions coming into the market.

The new current standard for a good quality resolution on a TV is the 4K Ultra High definition for an amazing amount of (3840px x 2160 px ).

4K is simply better.

With a lot more pixels in the same amount of space, meaning that it will make all your images and videos much more clear and more precise details.

4K Tvs also have the feature of HDR which is a crucial feature that you want to have on your TV.

What it does is it allows for a huge contrast of colors making each picture clear to the eyes, HDR also improves the visual quality many many times.

8K is the best!

8K Resolution is going to do the same that the 4K does, just better.

It is more expensive, and there aren't many videos out there that support 8K quality.

But it is relativley new, so it's a good option to purchase now, then you don't have to worry in the future when it becoems the new standard.

What are the benefits of getting a Smart TV?

Different apps that appear on your smart Tv
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A smart TV can connect directly to the internet and has a nice variety of built-in streaming apps such as Netflix, hulu and other apps like different games, Alexa and Google Home and more.

As for Alexa and Google Home, You will be able to control your TV with a wide variety of commands, all you have to do is call your device by it's wake function.

For Alexa, all you have to do is say out loud "Alexa!" or for Google Home "Hey,Google!"

and then you will be able to perform different functions such as turning on and off your TV, controlling volume, fast-forward/pause/play, and many other functions.

To see an example of the functions available on Samsung TVs you can click Here.

You can always update your TV also, for the latest actions and apps.

Refresh rate (Hz)

Refresh rates are measured in (Hz)

It indicates how smoothly a TV can move from frame to frame per second, of course the higher the frames per second, the smoother look it will give to the eye.

Currently, the best refresh rate on TVs is capped at 120 Hz. However 60 Hz is still very smooth for movies and videos with strong and unnoticeable differences.

The 120 Hz is just a bonus if you are okay with spending a little more for it, or if you are playing games and are looking for an edge over your competition.


Description of the different TV ports required when you want to buy your smart TV
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You want to make sure you have the correct amount of ports, HDMI is the current standard port and having 3 to 4 ports is quite a nice amount.

If you are planning on using a soundbar then you will also need HDMI- ARC.


Smart TVs are now becoming really efficient and you will be able to connect to your other speakers via Bluetooth.

LCD? LED? QLED? OLED? pretty confusing huh?

LCD has become less common these days since LED came into the lights.

There are now new versions of LED such as the QLED (Quantum dot LED) which is the improved version that allows for many more colors to be displayed and therefore making a bigger contrast of colors.
OLED is the rival of QLED and gives you better viewing angles, better black levels, and better contrast.

That means that you will see all scenes with amazing vibrance and livelihood.

OLED also helps provide thinner TV panels.

Overall in my opinion OLED is the Best choice Second place goes to QLED, and LED comes last.

Now that you have become a TV master, I wish you the best of luck and I will let you go do your shopping.

Showing how smart Tv's can easily connect to other devices like Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home , and more
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Frequent questions:

Do all smart TVs work with Alexa and Google Home?


Some smart TVs out there that are not compatible with neither Alexa nor Google Home, so it is best to check if the TV is compatible before you buy it.

However, it is safe to say that most smart TVs, especially the ones with strong brand names have this feature built-into them as it is becoming very common in the latest models.

Can I get Alexa / Google Assist to turn on my smart TV?

Yes it is possible to get Alexa and Google Assist to turn on your TV.

The rule of thumb is that if the Smart TV isn't from one of the older versions, you should be able to turn your TV on using the wake function.

You might have to do some fiddling around with your device, as each TV has a different manual and different settings, but in the end you should be able to successfully wake your TV up.

Can you use Alexa / Google Home as a TV speaker?


By connecting your Alexa (Amazon echo) or Google Home speakers to your TV with Bluetooth, you will be able to use them as TV speakers as well.

You could assign it to be the only speaker playing, or you could have a group of speakers setup to work together to create your own surround sound system.


Can I change my Wake word of "Alexa" / "Hey Google" ?

Yes and no.

As for Alexa, you can change the wake call, however, you are limited by the options that Amazon provide you with.

The ones Amazon provide now as of 2022 are "Echo" wake word and the "computer" wake word.

If you are using Google Home on the other hand, than you are in luck. With Google assist you can change your wake word to anything you wish.

Other interests:

If you are interested in comparing the Google Home with Alexa to see what each of them can do and which one is better for which area, feel free to check this link that I found quite interesting. Click here.

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