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5 Best Hammock Chairs in 2022 | Everything you need to know

Best hammock chairs in 2020
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Who would have thought, that after the invention of hammocks they would somehow convert into other options like hammock chairs!

This is quite a convenient solution if you want to have a more upright position, and see what is going on in front of you.

Hammock chairs are a great option for anyone who is trying to enjoy nature, sit in a comfortable position for longer periods of time, have an awesome and very attracting piece of furniture in your home, garden and patio, or even just to swing on and have some fun.

However, there are now so many options in the market, and many of the Hammock chairs are now similar to each other.

But, that's not it.

The main problem with this is that now you have more and more fake versions of products that are made with much less quality but look like the original.

And they are catching customers by surprise, and when they notice, it is already too late.

Therefore, finding the right hammock for you could take quite some time and could be frustrating.

That is the main reason I have created this post.

To make it easier for you.

I have already thoroughly gone through all the market's options and studied more than 80 different Hammock chairs thoroughly.

After around 8 hours of research, I was able to knock out all of the fake options, all of the options with unexpected malfunctioning and low life duration hammock chairs.

When conducting my research I focused on the following criteria:

Best prices, lowest amount of malfunctioning, hammock chairs with the highest customer satisfaction, manufacturer credibility, and comfort.

Therefore, I am confident in the items that have been chosen and hope you like them as well.

Before you want to get started on buying a  hammock chair let's get the basics over with
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Let's get started.

First of all let me say,

If you still don't know what characteristics a hammock chair should have, then I strongly suggest you check the quick guide I have prepared below.

Also, an important note: All of these 5 reviewed products don't come with a hammock stand, therefore you should either search for one stand separately, or attach your hammock chair to a sturdy wall, ceiling or tree.

If you want my quick option for a hammock chair stand, then click here to check the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock C-Stand for Chairs.

However, I strongly recommend for safety reasons, that you hang the chair elsewhere instead, more on this in the guide below.

OK here are the 5 Hammock chairs:

  1. Best Hammock chair: Y-STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing
  2. Cheapest Hammock chair: Blissun Hanging Hammock Chair
  3. Most comfortable Hammock chair: ONCLOUD Upgraded Unique Hammock Hanging Sky Chair
  4. Top Hammock chair For Kids: CO-Z Kids Pod Swing Seat Child Hanging Hammock Chair
  5. Special feature hammock chair: Chihee XXL Hammock

And I have prepared a nice table to help you compare between each of the options more easily.

List of best Hammock Chairs

Best Hammock chairCheapest Hammock chairMost comfortable Hammock chairTop Hammock chair For KidsSpecial feature hammock chair
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NameY-STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing
Y-STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing
ONCLOUD Upgraded Unique Hammock Hanging Sky Chair
Chihee XXL Hammock
Chihee XXL Hammock
Luigi's rating out of 109/10 7.8/10 8.5/10 9.5/10 9.3/10
Max user Weight320 pounds265 pounds250 Pounds170 Pounds330 Pounds
Colors available13327
Hammock total size50 x 18 x 18 Inches40 x 16 x 16 Inches62.3 x 18 x 18 Inches29.5 x 21.7 x 59.1 Inches73 x 59 Inch
For more informationClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here
Price linkCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

If you found a hammock chair that you are interested in, make sure to check the Pro's and Con's and other information I have highlighted below.

Each hammock has different Pros and Cons, so checking them will help you figure out exactly what you need.

1. Y-STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

Best Hammock chair

The Y-STOP Hammock Chair Hanging with ropes is a wonderful and super comfortable Hammock chair that is built to last. Customers love it and keep buying multiples of it.

  • Size: 50 Inches between chair and wood
  • Material: Material and fabric of polyester/cotton
  • Weight: Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Weight limit: Can carry up to 320 pounds
  • Color: Beige color

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  • Comfortable and durable thanks to the polyester and cotton base
  • Holds up to 320 pounds
  • Comes with 2 pillows
  • Designed to allow you to lean back and relax
  • Easy to hang anywhere
  • Comes with a rope and hook to for placement


  • Has no stand
  • Warranty unclear


With all of the qualities on this Hammock chair, it should be able to last you for quite a while.

As for size, the Wooden piece is around 40 Inches long, then dangling from it to the chair, the support rope is around 50 Inches high. The chair itself is almost 18 x 18 Inches.

It is wide enough to fit almost anyone in it. And surprisingly it can hold up to 320 pounds of weight.

So that is almost like, you and your pets, or you and your kids together no problem.

I suggest you stay within the limits of the prescribed weight. That way you can stay safe and enjoy a longer life of your Hammock chair.

As for the material that the Chair is made out of.

It is a combination of both Polyester and Cotton. Polyester is to make sure that it is durable and doesn't tear or snap.

Cotton is to make sure you get this soft and cozy feeling.

To give an extra boost to your comfort levels, it even comes with 2 pillows which allow for maximum comfort.

So much comfort, that half of the users end up sleeping on this chair by mistake.

That might also be thanks to the aerodynamics that has been used on this chair to make it more reclined and easier to lay back instead of sit up straight, which is also always an option as well.

All in all, this product at this price is a catchy product.

Keep in mind:

The company instructs that If you need a return, do not remove the tag from the hammock.

Which means, that if you want any hopes of returning the product if you find it defective at some point, then you should keep the tag.

However, it might be hard to get in contact with customer support regarding warranty (sadly warranty on this item is unclear).

Also, the Hammock chair, doesn't come with a stand, so you will have to place it somewhere, either by buying a stand separately, or finding a tree or wall that is strong enough to carry around 400 pounds of weight. (shouldn't be too hard).

Although the stand sounds like the easier option, I would highly recommend you take a little more time and effort to drill the right holes in your ceiling, or hang it on a tree. It will be much more sturdy and safe.

Here is a link of the best Drills and a guide of what to know when drilling into your walls, (It will definitely have information that you will need if you are planning on doing the job yourself).

Who is this for?

If you are looking for a very comfortable Hammock chair at a medium price, and are happy with the beige color and the shape of this chair, then it could be a great option for you. You could buy one and test it out, and then if you like it, you could go for more.

2. Blissun Hanging Hammock Chair

Cheapest Hammock chair

The Blissun Hanging Hammock chair is another great option for a budget Hammock chair that still has quality and durability.

  • Size: 40 Inches between chair and wood / Chair diameters are around 16 x 16 Inches
  • Material: Material of sturdy cotton and polyester fabric and UV resistance
  • Weight: Weighs 5 pounds
  • Weight limit: Can carry up to 265 pounds
  • Color: Available in 3 colors

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  • 3 nice color options
  • Holds a nice amount of weight
  • More spacious seat
  • Cheap
  • Combo of Cotton/ Polyester for a comfortable durable Hammock
  • Comes with 2 pillows


  • Has no stand
  • No warranty


Overall this Hammock chair has good specs.

It has the same qualities as the last option in the list, all except for a few differences.

The material is made in the same format of Cotton/ Polyester ratio.

However, the total distance between the wood and the chair that you can get with this Hammock chair is a little less than the other option.

The same applies to the weight limits as well.

With this Hammock chair you get up to 265 pounds of weight as a maximum, which is also still very convenient.

It is unlikely that one person will exceed this limit anyways.

If you do, then the first option is a better option for you and a safer option as well.

A thing this product has over the last one is its colors.

It comes in 3 different available color options which are:

Cool breeze/ Blue & green stripes/ Seaside stripes.

Of course, the Hammock chair comes with 2 pillows to provide you with the extra comfort that you will need to doze off during the day.

Keep in mind:

As this product doesn't come with a stand, you might want to buy a Tree hanging straps kit for around 20$ from amazon.

That should provide you with the right stability to prevent any injuries, and enjoy the Hammock chair to its maximum potential.

Also, since the product is a little cheaper, it also means that there is a higher chance of something breaking in it, and unfortunately there is no warranty on this Hammock chair either.

As long as you are careful and don't add too much weight onto the chair you should be fine.

Who is this for?

If you like the idea of this Hammock chair that comes with 2 cushions and is comfortable and durable, and you are on a budget, then this option is all yours.

3. ONCLOUD Upgraded Unique Hammock Hanging Sky Chair

Most comfortable Hammock chair

ONCLOUD have been producing some interestingly designed Hammocks lately. This one focuses on maximum comfort and the ability to feel like you are floating.

  • Size: 36.3 Inches between chair and wood. Chair diameters are around 18 x 18 Inches
  • Material: Material is made out of 600D nylon
  • Weight: Weighs 9 pounds
  • Weight limit: Can carry up to 250 pounds
  • Color: 3 colors available
  • Warranty: Satisfaction of money back guarantee policy

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  • Quite cheap
  • Material is made to be weather resistant and soft
  • Comes with extra chain ring for height adjust-ability
  • Arm rest, leg rest, neck rest. Maximum comfort
  • Comes with all necessary tools to assemble
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Has no stand


This product is a very interesting one.

It has a cool concept.

And astonishingly, the concept works exactly as planned.

Just about all of the customers who used this product were extremely satisfied with how comfortable this chair was.

Some even got addicted.

For the price of this chair, it has everything you would expect, and even some extra features too.

The size of the top wooden bar holding the chair is  36.3", the arm rest wooden bars at 30" and the leg one is 11 to 13" long.

And the whole height of the chair is around 62.3" high, the chair diameters are big enough to fit pretty much anyone in it.

So no worries there.

As for the material.

The Hammock chair is made of 600D nylon fabric, which is a material used for medium water resistance and comfort.

It comes in 3 colors which are:

Green/ Red/ Tan

The thing that makes this item cool is the arm rests, leg rest, neck rest, and cup holder that it comes with.

The leg rest is a perfect option to keep your body in a leaned back position to further relax your body.

With the adjustable height of the chain, you shouldn't have problems finding the perfect place for your Hammock.

ONCLOUD has always been very confident in its products.

So confident that it always gives its customers their maximum support.

If you buy the product and are not satisfied, then you can return it to the manufacturer and get your money back.

Keep in mind:

There were some cases, in the customer review section where this Hammock chair wasn't strong enough and ended up breaking, although not very likely, I am just pointing it out.

Also, again this product does not come with a Hammock stand, and therefore you will have to get some straps to place it on a tree, or install a secure carabiner to your ceiling to attach it to.

Who is this for?

If you are trying to find something that can make you relax every muscle in your body while outside, then this Hammock chair might just be the option for you. Whether it is to take a nap or to just sit down and watch your surroundings, this option will do you justice.

4. CO-Z Kids Pod Swing Seat Child Hanging Hammock Chair

Top Hammock chair For Kids

CO-Z, heh what a catchy phrase huh? Well their Kids Hanging Hammock chair is quite creative as well. They made a Hammock chair that is colorful enough to get the attention of the kids, and then made it super comfortable and stable to keep them lured in.

  • Size: 29.5 x 21.7 x 59.1 Inches
  • Material: Material made from Cotton canvas
  • Weight: Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • Weight limit: Can carry up to 170 pounds
  • Color: 2 colors available
  • Warranty: There is warranty, however it is unspecified

Click here to go back to the table


  • Ultrasoft PVC cushion
  • Perfect size for a couple of kids and their toys
  • Carries up to 170 pounds
  • Great to keep kids occupied
  • Easy to clean


  • Has no stand
  • Hanging hardware not included


The CO-Z kids hammock chair is a wonderfull option for children who are active and have a lot of energy.

With this stand, they will always find differnt ways to spend all that energy on doing something fun and productive.

In fact, this could also be a great chance for your kids to further understand how gravity works.

Maybe you could place the swing low to the ground at first, in case they fall they will learn about height and gravity in a more safe manner.

The components of the purchase are:

A Hammock, a cushion , and 2 carabiners, all that's left is something on the wall/ ceiling to attach them to.

And the chair comes in 2 different color options to work better with the design or your children colors.

The options are:

Blue+purple and green+brown.

For the price of the chair it provides a lot of quality, especially with the PVC cushion which makes sitting on it even more amazing.

Some kids spent their time in this swing playing with each other, their toys, or their electronic games.

Keep in mind:

As this is designed for kids, make sure to have everything as secure and safe as possible when assembling it.

And check on this hammock chair every once in a while to see if it is getting any wear or tears, that way you can make sure that your kids don't have any accidents while playing and swinging on it.

Also, I am just pointing this out one more time, this item doesn't come with a stand, so you have to hook it up to something yourself. (If you have high walls, you might need to get some chains).

Tips from a previous user:

Don't turn the chair and twist it, it will cause faster rate of wearing out for the material, and make sure the pillow doesn't lose too much air, otherwise the bottom stitches of the swing will suffer as well.


In terms of warranty, I was not able to figure out how it works. I know that some users had their Hammock chairs replaced, however I apologize as I couldn't get you this information.

Who is this for?

This item is designed for kids. If you are looking to treat your kids to an awesome toy, swing, or place to calmly sit in, then this could be the option to go for.

5. Chihee XXL Hammock

Special feature hammock chair

And for the Final option, the Chihee XXL Hammock, which is basically a hammock chair that is designed to be a little larger and incline you to a more relaxed position.

  • Size: The spreader bar is 40 Inches, The Hammock is 73 x 59 Inches
  • Material: Material ratio of 70% cotton and 30% polyester
  • Weight: Weighs 4 pounds
  • Weight limit: Can carry up to 330 pounds
  • Color: 7 colors available, and also available in normal size
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty

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  • Has reinforced stitching for more durability
  • Carries up to 330 pounds
  • Made out of cotton for comfort
  • Gives health benefits
  • Very relaxing and comfortable
  • Great 1 year customer support


  • Has no stand


One of the reasons why this is a great option is because of the health benefits comming with it.

In fact, since this chair bends to how your body would like to be, it allows constant blood flow even after long duration of sitting in there.

Therapists sometimes advise different patients to use Hammock chairs when they are having lower back pain, or upper neck pain.

You can check the study out by clicking here.

As for the specs, the Hammock is quite large and can hold up to 73 Inches in length and 59 Inches in width. It hangs nicely from a wooden bar that is 40" long, and is made out of both cotton and polyester for both the perfect ratio of comfort and durability.

Which is a reason why the chair can handle loads up to 330 pounds easily.

In fact, I hardly found any complaints from the customers about this Hammock not being able to support enough weight.

This hammock is also a perfect alternative to a normal chair, you will be able to sit somewhat upright, but at the same time the feeling of being elevated will calm you down more.

It comes in 7 different possible colors:

Red/ blue/ creamy/ ice blue/ light grey (in the normal hammock chair size) , and creamy white/light grey (in the XXL hammock chair size).

Each of the colors look very nice.

It comes as an all in one package all the way up to the hanger.

After that, you will need to get the equipment to complete the hang up process.

Who is this for?

You need this chair If you are planning on relaxing to the max when deciding to lay down and enjoy the moment.

Final conclusion

That's it for the top 5 options.

Hopefully the options were able to help you out in finding exactly what you want.

If you are still confused about the options, then I suggest you quickly read through the guide below on what to know when buying your Hammock Chair.

A guy holding a light to conclude the idea
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What to know when buying a Hammock chair:

When deciding to go for a hammock chair option, you will have to focus on some main criteria. When these criteria are followed properly, you will be able to get a hammock that will last you for a longer time and you will be overall more satisfied.


Comfort is one of the most important factors when looking at which hammock chair to get. If you plan on sitting in it for a long duration, then it only makes sense that you will be relaxed, calm, and happy. One of the core factors for comfort is the size, height, and used materials in the Hammock chair.

When looking for the size that will provide you with the highest amount of comfort, the general rule of thumb is, if you are unsure, then the bigger is better.

The options in this list are all perfect sizes for their users (except number 4, it is designed for kids) so in terms of size you shouldn't have to worry about it.

Also since it is a chair hammock and not an actual hammock, you won't have to worry about your feet dangling out, as that is the purpose.

As for height, the higher you go, the more comfortable you are, but at the same time the riskier it gets.

Because if you fall, or if your Hammock gives out.

Then your next best friend is going to be the floor, and that won't be very comfortable will it? ????

As for the material, the manufacturers have to come up with differnt ratios to find the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Normally cotton is a great material that will provide you with a lot of comfort, however it is not strong enough on its own to withstand high amounts of weight, and therefore some manufacturers use Nylon or polyester to compensate.

If you are a light person, then going for a high ratio of cotton will be totally fine, the heavier you get the more you will have to rely on polyester.

Don't get me wrong, polyester isn't discomforting or anything, it's just not as comfortable.

Which material is best?
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2.Durability and longevity

In terms of longevity of your Hammock chairs, you have to focus on a couple of factors. The main factors are Climate, Hammock material, and how you use them.

If you have your Hammock chair outside, then it is most likely that it is going to be affected by the Climate. generally speaking, cotton doesn't really like getting wet much.

So if you are leaving your hammock out in the rain, it is going to make the material stretch, become weaker, and maybe even become moldy.

To make a more durable Hammock chair you will need as said earlier more polyester.

But the main criteria, is how you use your Hammock chair.

If you are constantly swinging the chair you are halfing the life of the chair (which could be totally fine, but you should just know what to expect).

Also the more weight you use the more likely that you are going to stress the material, and either slowly stretch it out, or tear something.

So try stay under the weight limits instructed by the manufacturer as much as possible.

How durable is the hammock chair
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Size matters more when you are on the tall side. Because, Hammocks and Hammock chairs in general can fit smaller sizes without any issues. So when you are getting a Hammock, you should make sure that at least the area of fabric on the Hammock is as long as you are tall. If there is extra, that's a bonus.

As for Hammock chairs, the width isn't going to be a problem, as for the length, unless you really want to be able to lie down in the hammock chair then you should be fine.

The main thing you should make sure of, is that you place the chair high enough, otherwise your legs will be dangling on the floor, maybe a little too much.

Well that's it from my side.

Thank you for reading up to here, and I hope I was able to help you out in choosing the best Hammock chair ever! If you found this helpful and know some friends or family members who might also be interested in a Hammock chair, feel free to forward this post to them.

Have a nice day!

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