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The Best Meditation Headbands and Headsets | 2021 Guide

Best meditation headbands and headsets in 2020  Hack your brain
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Best meditation headbands in 2021

So you have heard of Meditation and the holy grail of meditation benefits. But you are confused. How do I Meditate!?

Thanks to advances in technology you can learn to meditate faster than it was ever before possible.

With the use of meditation headbands, everything becomes easier.

If you want to get better at meditation faster and are trying to achieve calmer levels in your meditation then this is the way to go.

Heres my story about why I decided to get my first meditation headband.

I used to play Martial arts at a very competitive level, and I always loved reading and learning new ways to improve. I was always seeking an extra edge over my opponents!

Through tons of research, I noticed that the best athletes in the world achieve this state of mind they call " In the Zone ".

This is where athletes claim they are so focused that time passes by slowly and they have insane reaction speed and make perfect plays.

Searching about how to become "In the Zone" I noticed that many people in the world achieve this state where hyperfocus is required.

But if you want to achieve this state at will, and be hyper-focused whenever you want, it will take a lot of practice.

Practice makes perfect.

How do I Practice going "In the Zone" or being Really conscious, Being in the moment?

I found that meditation is the fastest route to teach me how to enter that state of mind.

I discovered two main ways.

The first way is, Put in thousands of hours of meditation like Munks, so I can easily achieve this state of focus.

I wanted to get a mental edge on my opponents, but who has 1000 hours to spare on training for it.

I needed a way to make my progress faster.

So the second way is, I had to find some sort of technology that would speed up the process.

In the seek to finding the best device that would help me achieve higher levels of consciousness, and better meditation, and becoming a Muse as fast as possible I found these devices.

If you aren't an athlete like me don't worry, It will also help speed up your meditation and will teach you how to achieve deeper levels of meditation in less time.

Prefer to watch a video? Click below!

Before we start with the best Meditation headbands, I'm going to give you a brief explanation about how they work and what you need to know.

What is a Meditation Headband?

Components of a meditation headband
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It's a Device that you wear which monitors your brain-waves or helps you achieve deeper meditation by brain stimulation.

They are a very good tool to enhance your meditation sessions.

The headbands are usually very easy to use and make meditation much more simple and easy.

They also monitor your brain-waves and tell you if you are thinking too much. They also constantly remind you to relax and let your thoughts flow by.

They come in different forms. Some will help you monitor your progress, others will stimulate your brain to achieve deeper levels of meditation, But both are known to be very helpful.

If you buy gear for your running, why don't you do the same for your meditation?

Do I need a meditation headband?

Well, Yes and no.

Is it a must for meditation? No.

Will it help you tons? Yes

Unless you want to wait years upon years to become really good at meditating, a meditation device will be a faster and more efficient route.

It will help you track your goals, and push your self to reach deeper levels of Introspection.

So, a Meditation headband will be helpful to you in two cases.

The first case is, You want to get the most out of your meditation session, and want a tool that will help you achieve that.

The second case is, You are not very good at meditating and need a device to coach you, and help teach you how to meditate. And you like constant feedback so you can improve.

What are the Benefits of buying a Meditation HeadBand?

Benefits for meditation
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They help you track your goals, and help you challenge friends and remind you to do your daily meditation sessions through the handy apps that come with them.

I want to give you an example:

Runners need to always track their Lap times so they know if they are improving or not. Weight-lifters always want to try and lift heavier weights so they know if they are improving or not.

When you are meditating, It's very important to have a tool to measure your progress and to help you know if you are improving or not.

Meditation without a headband is like walking in a maze, You never know if you will get to the destination that you want to get to.

Experienced meditators like Munks easily know if they are achieving the state of mind they need or not. But as a beginner, it's very hard to do so.

The health benefits are countless.

  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Meditating more easily and deeply
  • Sleep more deeply
  • break undesirable states like anger and shift to a positive mood
  • increase your focus and attention
  • facilitate accelerated learning
  • get access to altered states of consciousness
  • lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • boost your immune system
  • reduce anxiety, stress, and tension

Meditation HeadBand types:

1.Brain-Wave Monitoring Type

Brain-wave monitoring using EEG
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This type is like a Brain EEG Device that you can use at home.

Basically it measures your brain waves and lets you know that your off track.

When you enter deep meditative states your brain goes into different Brain-wave frequencies

The brain-wave frequencies are Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma, and Delta.

So, Depending on what you are thinking about, your brain produces different frequencies of electricity.

As an example, While you are in the deepest levels of sleep, your brain is in the Delta Frequency.

When you meditate, your brain is typically going to be in the Theta-wave frequency.

The meditation headband will know what state of mind you are in, and will help guide you to go into the desired frequency when meditating.

That will help you achieve deeper meditation levels, and know you are on the right track.

2. Neuro-Stimulation Type

Halo sport Neuro-stimulation headphones
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This type of meditation device will try to electrically stimulate your brain so it enters the state of mind you want to go to.

So when meditating it will help you enter deeper levels of meditation without any prior experience!

The only con of this meditation type, is you are relying on the tech to get you to the deeper meditation, rather than your self.

But it will still help you learn what it feels like to be in the deepest state, and will help you reach it more often.

Once you know how it feels to be in deep meditation and Zen, it will be easier to re-enter it again.

The Neuro-Stimulation type of headband can also be used to increase your productivity and focus during your work.

If you wear it while working you can let it try and boost the Frequency associated with focus, which will, in turn, increase your productivity.

Or if you just have a very stressful day, it will help you achieve deep relaxation quickly and easily.

3. Light and Sound-Stimulation Type

Light and sound stimulation meditation session
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A new upcoming very popular choice.

This device uses glasses that give off lights, and sounds that help you get into brain states

Are meditation headbands worth it?

Girl wearing Muse headband
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The question of the century.

Is it worth it!

To be totally honest, it depends on your priorities in life.

I like investing in things I need, that will help serve me through the future.

A meditation band, in my opinion, is an investment in my mind.

The same way you invest in buying your next phone, buying new clothes, or even buying decor for the house applies here.

When you buy those things, you are trying to keep your brain happy, and entrained.

Meditation is the easiest way to relax your whole body and mind. It's like hitting the reset button.

Why not invest in your brain!? Its the controller of your life.

People have many different experiences with these headbands, But I found they definitely help me get into deeper states of meditation.

How much should I spend on a meditation headband?

confused about prices
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Meditation headbands are not cheap.

If you want a solid meditation headband that does the job you are looking at around $200.

The higher you go, the more accurate and better the EEG will be.

There are definitely some budget options out there too, but I recommend you save up a little and go higher.

Just like anything else in life, You get what you pay for.

But I will mention the best options next, and they are all good options to go for.

I will try my best to give you all the cons and pros I have found about these.

What are the Best meditation headbands and Devices in 2021?

1.Muse S Headband

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🛒Check price on Amazon

The newest Muse gadget Released in 2021

Muse is a company that has been making meditation devices since 2013.

Their devices are well-known and test, and all their products are amazing.

They promise to calm your mind by reading your brain wave frequencies in your head.

So basically you put them on, open the app, Wait for it to calibrate, and you are good to go!

It is very simple and easy to use, and the app is definitely the best on this list.

The app is very well-built and features many different modes of meditation.

You can meditate to Decrease heart rate, you can do Breathing meditation, body movement meditation, and Normal meditation!

It guides you through a step to step process on each stage and lets you improve every day.

And the more you improve, the harder it becomes because as you improve at meditation, calibration Puts your base higher.

So when you improve and do a calibration, the Headband Senses that your Brain waves are Closer to target, so they make it harder for you to reach the target again.

This makes sure it always stays challenging and never gets too easy.

The Muse S Headband is built using flexible materials, and fabrics so that you can wear it while sleeping!

So you can finally use your headband to fall asleep.

How does it work?

The way the Meditation app works, is You pick a sound theme at first.

wether its the Beach, Jungle, or waterfalls.

As you go deeper into meditation, sounds become more relaxing and calmer. If you start thinking too much and stop focusing then everything goes crazy.

Depending on the Sound theme, Sounds become more intense when you think too much, and more relaxing when you are chill.

This is a very good practice because it teaches you when your brain is in the optimal state, and when it's not.

It's also very distracting which makes you better overall at meditating!

When you hear the Birds or the Relaxing sounds you get excited! YAY IM Doing Well!

Then it goes back to Intense Rain or intensifies depending on what you chose.

It really challenges you and teaches you how to ignore the exciting sound and stay focused.

When your calm you will hear birds, and when stressful you hear Rain

The more birds you get the better your meditation is getting!

The longer you keep focused, the more the birds increase. You start hearing lots of birds at the same time.

If you get distracted? You lose all your birds and back to intense rain.

It also has Heart-rate Sensors


A very good overall Meditation headband with a top-notch App that is well supported on all phones.

Works very well for sleep, and is mainly used for relaxation and Meditation.

If you are interested in EEG Data you will have to download an app made by other developers that will also allow you to access your brain activity levels on the different frequencies.

2. Muse Headband 2

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🛒Check price on Amazon

The Muse Headband 2 is an Improvement to the previous Muse Headband 1.

They added Heart-rate Sensors which didn't exist on the muse 1 headband.

They also changed the looks a little, improved the quality of the overall product, and added a white version.

How does this Headband work?

It works exactly like the Muse S headband

The only difference between this headband and the Muse headband is the Skeleton.

This headband is made of Plastic, The Muse S headband is made of Fabric.

They are both very comfortable, however, with the Muse S-band you can sleep in it.

This Muse Headband 2 is well tested and well regarded as one of the best Entry-Level Meditation headbands. For the price, it provides an Amazing performance.

If you take good care of it, it will serve you a very long time.

In order for it to be very light-weight and comfortable, it's not the Most sturdy thing you will ever see.

It is very delicate and requires that you don't misuse it, or sit on it by mistake.

It won't withstand a beating, so don't give it to kids that might break it.


Best selling Meditation headband out there, And is well regarded as one of the best.

A very delicate, but amazing device that will challenge you and your friends to become better at meditating.

It will also track your goals and you can compare your results with friends.

It always challenges you, because before every session it Calibrates based on your brain frequencies, Making it get harder as you get better.

3. Brain TAP Headphones

Brain TAP Headset headphones with meditation app
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🛒Check price on BrainTAP Website

These Headphones from Brain TAP use unique frequencies of light and sound for optimum brain performance.

In just 22 minutes of deep relaxation, your brain will be guided Relax, Reboot, and Revitalize.

It lets you easily reach deeper meditative states without the years of disciplined practice required to achieve such states.

It reduces stress, enhances sleep, and makes sure you awaken every day feeling Rejuvenated and energized.

The coolest feature about these is they do the meditation for you. You don't need to do anything. It's designed to do everything.

How does it work?

It is a Portable device that is driven by specially encoded guided visualization audio-sessions.

These are uniquely encoded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms (NSAs) made to gently guide the user from the wide-awake state into the state you desire.

A mini-computer inside the Headset converts the NSA encoded signal, guiding the user through Brainwave entrainment processes designed specifically for your session.

With nearly 700 sessions from more than 50 categories, there is simply no limit to what you want to achieve.

It works with any smartphone, tablet, apple phone, or android phone.

It helps train your brain to generate more alpha and theta waves. It also tries reducing Beta waves which are associated with stress and anxiety.

And it has many apps that will help you achieve many things.

The apps

Sleep RX: Helps provide you with better sleep quality, and waking up rejuvenated.

Weight Wellness, which helps you prime your brain to make weight loss an easier process.

It also trains your brain to like healthy foods.

Optimal Health: Makes sure you are always positive and primes your brain for health.

Stress-Free Me: Helps you reduce stress very quickly when needed

Worry-Free Me: A very good option if you worry a lot, and have an upcoming event.

It will help you get rid of your worrying.

Children And learning: This will help you or your children achieve deeper levels of focus through optimizing the brain frequencies to the ones associated with High-focus and faster learning.


A device that will Boost your brain with technology that helps you reach certain brain frequencies easier and faster.

The good thing about this device, is it assists your brain to achieve the state of mind you want.

That helps your brain understand what it feels like to be in that state, helping you naturally go to that state.

4. Emotiv EPOC14+

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🛒Check price on Amazon

This is the best option for enthusiasts.

If you are seriously interested in EEG and know how beneficial it is to optimize your brain, then this is for you.

It has an amazing 14+ Channels of EEG Data collection probes.

The award-winning EMOTIV EPOC+ 14 channel mobile EEG is designed for scalable and contextual human brain research and advanced brain-to-computer interface applications.

It provides Professional grade brain data quickly and easily with the easy to use design.

To access High-quality raw EEG Data you will need the pro license.

How does it work?

It uses 14 channels that detect brain activity, and frequency from various points on your head.

Thanks to the 14 channels, it gives much more accurate data than the previous options.

It also includes games to control a moving box using your mind.

It includes performance metrics for Engagements, Relaxation, Interest, Stress, and Focus.

The sensors used on this headset are Dry-Probe sensors, so you will have to add a little of a conductive solution prior to use.


Overall very good product for enthusiasts who want more accurate data.

This will provide you with very accurate brain EEG Data, However, for publishing studies and research there are more advanced options out there.

For consumers, this is a perfect option.

5.MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle

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🛒Check price on Amazon

This is one of the best affordable Mind machines.

The Kasina Mind Media system is the most sophisticated product made by MindPlace, who has been the leading manufacturer of audiovisual mind stimulation technologies.

The Kasina mind machine uses advanced brainwave entrainment

It does so by pulsing rhythmic sounds and flashing colorful lights which are encoded into music, nature sounds, and others to Quickly induce mind states.

This will quickly get you into states of calmness, tranquility, relaxation, and meditation increased meditation or Increased focus.

How does it work?

You select the appropriate program, with the desired effects and hit the play.

Basically this device helps you get into meditative states of mind without years of practice.

Thanks to the science about Brain-waves, it can help your brain seep into the desired brain-wave frequency which will let you enter the state of mind you desire.

This is definitely the Best affordable Visual audio brainwave stimulation device out there.

It isn't Mad-expensive yet its very effective.

It opens up a whole new world of brainwave entrainment.

It makes meditation an easy experience. You don't even have to try, it does it for you.


An amazing option for those who don't want to wait years to get the benefits of learning how to meditate

Outstanding visual and audio stimulation help your brain become entrained to certain brain-wave frequencies.

It becomes easier to re-enter the brainwave frequencies as you get to learn how they feel.

You just pick the Mode you would like to enter, and it will help your brain get into the Brain-wave frequency required.

This device will definitely blow out your mind.

How to take care of your meditation Headbands and Devices

You will have to take good care of your meditation device. It is a very fragile and delicate device.

Broken meditation device
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  • Make sure to always clean it properly after use
  • Keep it in a protective box to make sure no one breaks it
  • Don't let kids play with it because it will definitely break
  • Store it away from direct sunlight
  • Don't keep it in a damp garage, you don't want its metal parts to rust
  • Try not to sweat on them, and if you do wipe the probes dry to prevent oxidization

Is the Muse Headband worth it?

The Muse headband in my opinion is worth every penny. It will Improve your meditation sessions and will challenge you to become better at clearing your thoughts.

It will also help you refocus much more often than without it, which will mean more efficient practice.

That said.

It is only worth it if you actually use it. Nothing is worse than buying something that you just stick in the cupboard without using.

How long do meditation headbands last?

Meditation headbands last anywhere between 1 to 5 years. They won't last forever. If they are maintained well you could easily have them last up to 5 years.

The answer to that question isn't super clear and simple. Meditation headband devices deffer heavily from one to another.

Depending on the technology used they will vary in how long they last.

Typically meditation headbands that depend on electrical probes won't last forever as with the sweat your body produces, and with constant exposure to sweat they will get oxidated over time.

Other ones that depend on lights seem to last much longer and can easily last upwards of 5 years.

The types that rely on sound also tend to last very long and can easily last upwards of 5 years as speakers don't tend to wear out.

What part of the brain is active during meditation?

The parts of the brain active during meditation can deffer widely depending on the type of meditation you are doing.

Different meditation types result in the activation of different parts of the brain.

However usually the part of the brain that usually processses the world arround you tends to shut down "The frontal cortex"

Can Meditation change my personality

Meditation can help change your personality in many ways.

It will increase your mindfulness, and increased mindfulness will help you be more conscious of what you say, and do Result in more mindful actions.

This could reduce issues like being stubborn, or fixated on thoughts, or always being stuck in a pattern of thinking as you can now notice your actions better and work on solving them.

This is why meditation and mindfulness is so great for you. and it can easily help someone transform their personality substantially.

Is the Muse app free?

The muse app is a free app with paid subscriptions inside.

You can pay monthly payments to get access to extra features within the app for different types of meditation and for different background music.

If you found this helpful make sure to share it with your friends and challenge them to meditate every day for a month!

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