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5 Best 12-hole Ocarinas in 2022 l Zelda additions included

Best ocarina in 2020
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Ocarinas are becoming more and more known and common and have been starting to attract peoples attention.

But, sadly not all ocarinas are made out of the same quality.

It can sometimes become confusing finding out which ones are the best options.

There is about 4 reasons why anyone would want to buy an ocarina.

  1. Your kid plays a game called The legend of Zelda: ocarina of time, and they really want the ocarina edition, whether it is to stimulate their imagination, for cosplay, or to try learn how to play the instrument. If this is the case, then your kids will love you for it, they will get so excited and will learn a new skill at the same time.
  2. You have been watching anime, and you got touched by one of the characters who played the ocarina, and now you want to try it yourself.
  3. Somewhere, you heard someone play the ocarina, and it sounded so amazing. And you wondered, " It doesn't look too complicated, would I also be able to produce such beautiful melodies?" If this is you, then you will most certainly not be disappointed with what you will learn here today.
  4. You are crazy about instruments, and impressing all of your friends, followers and fans. So you thought, " I will challenge myself and see how fast I can get good at this instrument and see how good it can sound". For impressing people this instrument will prove to be very useful and effective.

Which ever the reason.

Buying an ocarina will not disappoint.

best ocarinas in 2020
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Whether you are here as a beginner, a professional, whether you want a high quality ocarina, or want one just for the looks.

You have come to the right place.

I have searched the whole market and found the best ocarinas available for each of these criteria.

First of all, let's explain what an ocarina is.

What is an ocarina?

The ocarina is a relatively old instrument that was known to be played in some tribes long ago, although it was not introduced into the mainstream until the 21st century when it started to emerge in different movies,games,anime and other areas.

It plays in a similar way to a flute, but is held differently. It can have a different number of holes (notes) between 5 and 12.

The more standard version is the 12 hole ocarina as it allows the player to create more music.

It is a relatively easy instrument to learn, but hard to master.

Ocarinas take quite some practice to produce the right notes.

The main emphasis is on the breathing technique that is required along with it.

If you are curious about why these were the options:

Normally, the reason I make these reviews and conduct all the analysis on them is, to make sure that no one has to go through this cumbersome task personally.

My goal is to make it as easy and clear as possible for you to find exactly what you are looking for without much effort.


When searching for these ocarinas, there were a lot of options, and many of them were similar.

Meaning that it was not easy to deduct which ones were the good original ones, and which ones were fake and not so premium.

After a lot of research I found 80 reasonable options.

So, I took these options and did further analysis, and ended up with 5 Final options.

The criteria that I used were:

High sound quality, aesthetic looks, correct positioning of holes, ease of playing, excellent customer satisfaction, presence of required add-on options, nice colors and it had to be in an easy scale to play.

So, let's get started

First of all let me say.

Once you decide on which ocarina to go for, I strongly suggest you continue afterwards to find more details about the produce.

That way you can know for sure that you have chosen the right one that is perfect for you and your tastes.

Also, if you are interested in other musical instruments that are not so common these days, then feel free to check my post on Tongue drums, and Panpipes.


What are the 5 best 12-hole ocarinas available in 2022?

  1. Best Zelda 12-hole ocarina: Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina
  2. Cheapest 12-hole ocarina: Cheffort 12 Hole Zelda Ocarina
  3. Professional 12-hole ocarina: Forest Whisper 12 Hole Ocarina
  4. Beginner 12-hole ocarina: Focalink 12 Hole Ocarina
  5. Best colored 12-hole ocarina: Lotmusic 12 Tones Alto Ocarina

I have also prepared a nice table that can give you the quick overview to make things easier for you to compare them with one another.

(If you are on a phone you might need to scroll to the right) ????

Table of the 5 best 12 hole ocarinas in 2022

Best Zelda ocarina
Cheapest ocarina
Professional ocarina
Beginner ocarina
Best colored ocarina
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NameOhuhu Zelda OcarinaCheffort 12 Hole Zelda OcarinaForest Whisper 12 Hole OcarinaFocalink 12 Hole OcarinaLotmusic 12 Tones Alto Ocarina
Luigi's rating out of 108.7/10 8.4/10 9.4/10 8.8/10 8.3/10
Size5 x 3 x 5 Inches6 x 3 x 4 Inches6.7 x 3 x 4.2 Inches7 x 2.5 x 5 Inches7.5 x 2 x 5 Inches
Weight0.5 pounds1 pound1 pound0.5 pounds1 pound
Customer satisfaction★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Holes/ Notes1212121212
Additional materialMusic Book (Zelda)
Music Book
Music Book
Music book
Neck strap
Music book
Neck strap
For further informationClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here
Price linkCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

If you are interested in one of these options and would like to see more details, make sure to check the more in depth description below.

I'm sure you will be satisfied with what you see.

1. Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina

Best Zelda ocarina

The Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina is one of the most realistically shaped ocarinas that looks exactly like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina times. And has a huge fan base who absolutely love it.


  • Perfect replica of the Legend of Zelda ocarina
  • Relatively cheap
  • Comes with a music book containing (Zelda) songs to learn
  • A strap is also included
  • Bag for transporting it without scratching
  • Comes with a stand to show the beautiful piece off to others


  • Sound quality isn't as high as professional ocarinas
  • Takes some practice to learn how to play


If you have been looking for a nice replica of the Ocarina of times for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Then you should most definitely check this option out.

I have searched through all the Ocarinas of time.

And this one was the one that I found most realistic and most similar to the original replica.

Not only does this Ocarina provide you with the beautiful aesthetics.

But, it also has many other things going for it.

It is pretty cheap, but still maintains enough quality.

It looks great, and isn't just built for looks.

In fact, you can play it and make it sound good as well.

If you are interested in playing some Zelda songs, then worry not!

The Ocarina comes with a music book which contains some of the best Zelda songs in it as well.

The music:

As for the sound quality of this instrument, it isn't Amazing.

But it does the job, and can make some very pretty melodies.

As it is not designed specifically to be played for beginners, it means that it will take some training to get used to it.

This is because to make the proper sounds required, you must blow in the ocarina and certain strengths.

The ocarina has 12 holes, and is designed in the C scale.

With the C scale you can find many songs to be played, another reason the C scale is a good scale, is because it is considered to be the happy scale.

So you will be able to give a nice happy vibe when playing it.

The Additional components:

Once you are done playing, you can place the Zelda 12-hole ocarina on a stand that comes along with it.

The stand is in the shape of a hand holding it upright, so that it can be seen by all the eyes around it.

With such visual effects, you can definitely make some people around you jealous.

If you wan't to take it with you somewhere to a friends place, a party, or a cosplay event, you can place it in it's accompanied bag.

The bag is nothing too fancy, but it does the job of preventing your instrument from getting damaged.

It comes with a strap to make sure it doesn't fall and fall and break while you are using it.

Keep in mind:

The Ocarina is made out of Kiln-fired ceramic, which means that if you drop it, it will break.

Make sure to handle it with care.

Who is this for?

This Ocarina is best suited for anyone who is a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda and would like to have the amazing instrument/weapon that can do so many things at once.


2. Cheffort 12 Hole Zelda Ocarina

Cheapest ocarina

The Cheffort 12-hole Zelda Ocarina is yet another ocarina based on the Legend of Zelda game. However this one is even cheaper, in fact it is the cheapest ocarina on the market. It still has reasonably good sound quality. And it also resembles the game artifact nicely.


  • Cheapest ocarina available
  • Looks like the legend of Zelda edition
  • Comes with a music book with simple songs
  • Comes with a strap to hold and not drop
  • A bag available so you don't scratch it


  • Lowest sound quality
  • Takes time to practice how to get the sounds out


With enough wisdom, power, and courage. You can do anything.

You can play an Ocarina in no time, as long as you put some time and effort into it.

If you are still not sure if playing an ocarina is your thing however, you might want to go for a cheaper option for starters.

That's why I have included the following Cheffort 12-hole Zelda Ocarina option in the list which is the cheapest option currently available.

It will take you some practice, however once you get the hang of it you will be able to play many many songs with ease.

As a bonus, this ocarina comes also in the legend of Zelda replica style.

The music:

In the C scale with 12 holes, this ocarina provides you with a high number of notes that you can play on it.

With enough finger technique you will be able to understand ocarina scales and tabs and then play many many notes.

With this product, you will receive a music book.

In this book, it will teach you how to play some common songs that we all learned as we were kids.

It's a perfect way to start learning an instrument, as you will know how it is supposed to sound, and will be able to compare with how it is sounding.

Additional components:

The 12-hole ocarina also comes with a strap to prevent you from dropping and breaking your Ocarina.

The final add-on component that comes with this ocarina is the bag.

With the bag you can place your ocarina and strap inside to make sure the instrument doesn't get scratches and looks brand new all the time.

Keep in mind:

Some ocarinas are harder to play than others ones and take a longer time getting used to them.

This is also the case with this option. As it is in the cheaper price section, you can also expect a small drop in quality.

However, you will still be able to get the right notes out of it with enough repetitions.

Who is this for?

If you just want a Zelda ocarina quickly and want a reasonably cheap one, then I suggest you go for this ocarina option.

You wont' regret it, because even if you stop trying to play the instrument, you can still hand it somewhere for its visual effects instead.


3. Forest Whisper 12 Hole Ocarina

Professional ocarina

The Forest Whisper 12-hole ocarina is one of the higher end ocarinas in this list. It has high quality, both in sound and in the build. It is designed to work for professionals, both for aesthetics and for the enhanced positioning of the holes.

  • Scale: C
  • Notes: 12
  • Color: Black straw fire
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 3 x 4.2 Inches

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  • Tuned by a professional tuner
  • Notes double checked to prevent loss of quality in high notes
  • The instrument was smoked, which will give a smoother sound
  • Does not require hard blowing to hear instrument properly
  • Comes with a strap
  • Comes with a Protective bag
  • Comes with sheet music including the legend of Zelda music
  • Easy to learn music tab


  • It might have a smoky smell as it was slightly smoked for the colors


The Forest Whisper 12 Hole Ocarina

Here is what it sounds like!

Sounds super smooth right?

Makes sense it costs a little more than the previous options.

However, it doesn't just sound good.

It also looks quite appealing as well.


With 12 holes in this ocarina you will be able to make a lot of sounds which will be very clear.

This is because the manufacturer made sure to double test the notes so that they sound crisp and clear.

Furthermore, they have smoked the ocarina to make it provide a more smooth sound.

The high holes don't require as much effort to produce the sounds necessary either.

It is also in the C major, comes with a music book which shows you how to play the ocarina.

The book also has some songs that will help you have a more full experience.

Some of the songs are in the Legend of Zelda pieces, and there are some other more traditional songs.

Additional options:

With the strap on that comes with the ocarina, you will be able to carry it without worry.


You can also insert it in a bag as a quick portable option as well.

With the bag you can go around wherever you would like with no troubles and worries at all.]

Keep in mind:

Over the time, this ocarina has been getting better and better, the manufacturer is now able to make the tones sound accurate and nice.

So you won't have to worry about the ocarina being out of tune.

Who is this for?

If you are willing to spend a little more on your ocarina, to have a much higher quality than the previous options then this is the perfect choice for you.

Also, if you are not so interested in the blue finish resembling the legend of zelda ocarinas, then you should definitely go for this option instead.


4. Focalink 12 Hole Ocarina

Beginner ocarina

Focalink produced a 12-holy ocarina that will give any beginner the ability and advantage to play the ocarina and still sound good. It requires less skill to be able to still produce clear sounds with this instrument.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to learn thanks to the nice guide
  • Notes are not hard to hit correctly
  • with the 12 notes you can produce 21 different sounds
  • Good customer service
  • Less chance of breaking if it falls
  • Easier shape to hold it with


  • Doesn't come with a bag
  • Plastic ocarina, gets moist when playing


It is true that this ocarina looks pretty simple, one color, plastic.

On first glance one would think not to go for this option.

However lets see hat you think after you listen to this.

I'm sure you changed your mind didn't you?

It was the case for me as well.

Actually, this ocarina has a lot of positive reviews and all of the users were happy with the quality.

It was not so difficult for the beginners to learn how to play some simple songs either.

So let's talk about the highlights shall we?

The Music:

This instrument is made out of plastic, which means that it will be more durable and last longer without having to worry about nature running its course on the instrument.

However, as I will mention later, it does retain some moisture when played for longer durations.

Nevertheless, with the way the notes are positioned in this ocarina, as well as the C scale it is in, you will be able to enjoy it quickly.

Additional components:

As for the add on options, you get a sturdy neck strap, and a music book containing instructions and some simple songs to play.

Sadly, there is no bag coming with this option, if you are moving around a lot then this is one of the downfalls of getting this option.

As it is made out of plastic, it is less likely to be scratched, and if it gets scratches it won't be as noticeable.

Keep in mind:

Altough this is a perfect beginner options, when playing it for a while it will get moist and might become a little harder to produce the notes.

Then you would need to wait a while until it dries up to play it again at full quality.

Who is this for?

If you have never played the ocarina before, and want to learn how to make the best sounds possible fast, then you will have to go for this 12-hole ocarina option.


5. Lotmusic 12 Tones Alto Ocarina

Best colored ocarina

If you are looking for a flashy instrument, than go no further than Lotmusic's 12 Tones alto ocarinas. They have 4 different available colors which all look great. The sound quality is also maintained.

  • Scale: C
  • Notes: 12
  • Color: 4 Colors available
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2 x 5 Inches

⬆️Click here to go back to the table⬆️


  • Looks amazing
  • Has many cool color options
  • Good sound quality
  • Good shape for easier use
  • Comes with a nice strap
  • Comes with a music book and a bag


  • Not the highest sound quality in the list


Lotmusic 12 hole Alto Ocarina is a great way to end this list.

It looks so memorising, you just end up wanting one right away.

If that is the case, then I allow it.

With the quality it has, you can get it and still be happy without a problem.

It comes in 4 different color options:

Blue/ Brown/ White/ Orange

The music:

12 Notes, in the C scale.

You will be able to play around 21 different sounds and will have high enough quality to make you satisfied.

It will take some practice to get the correct sounds however, that is also the case with most of the other ocarina options well.

And with the music book, you should not have a problem learning either.

Additional components:

A neck strap, with beautiful beads and a nice texture.

And with a neat bag that is a little more fancy than the other bags in the list.

You will be able to have a stylish look with this ocarina option all the time.

Who is this for?

If you are loving the looks of this ocarina, and you are looking to add some more beauty to your collection, this is the best option for that.

You can find exactly the color you are looking or as well.


Now that your done I had to include this piece of Sadness and Sorrow being played on the ocarina.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you were hesitating about getting an ocarina, I think that this will convince you.

Finally, you are almost ready to go through your journey.

However, there is are still a couple more things you should know before you get the ocarina to make sure you can get the best out of your purchase.

What to know when getting a 12-hole Ocarina

How much should I pay for my ocarina?
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But, which ocarina is going to be best for me?

1.Sound quality

Ofcourse in most cases when buying an instrument, the sound quality is going to be the number one top priority.

Generally, wood made ocarinas tend to sound the best, however are not as common nor are they feasible in terms of durability.

Therefore, ceramic options are the most common known ocarinas for sound and visual quality.

After that comes the plastic ocarinas.

Of course, each option has its pros and cons therefore it will be up to what you find most important in your ocarina.

2.Visual quality

The best colors for your ocarina
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In terms of visual quality, you will have to decide for your self.

Some users look for legend of Zelda ocarinas and different replicas that resemble it as much as possible.

Others look for steamed and smoked ocarinas for the more dark feeling.

There are many ocarina color options, I have tried to make a variety of options in this list.


For durability the material is the most important factor.

Plastic is the most durable, and won't break if you drop it.

Ceramic is durable, but is fragile.

If you drop a ceramic 12-hole ocarina, you can consider it broken.

So make sure to always be careful when using it.

I won't tell you to wear the neck strap all the time you are using it, but at least try be in a comfy area so if it drops, it drops on a pillow or couch.


What is a cheap good 12 hole ocarina?
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As for the price options, normally this is something that is quite important to look at and take into considerations.

However, for ocarinas it is not the case.

Basically there are around 3 budgets for ocarinas.

the 15 dollar area budget, the 30 dollar area budget, and then professional range.

If you are on a budget and can't spend much, then the first 2 options will provide you with just that.

otherwise, the 30 dollar budget range will have higher sound and visual quality as well as durability.

5. Notes

For most ocarinas, they come in similar shapes.

The ones in this list are all in the C major scale.

Below, you can see how a general ocarina would play all of the 21 notes including the major and minor notes.

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credit to Oliver Welham

Although it looks a little complicated here, you won't have to memorise all the 21 sounds. You will only need to learn around 8 to 12 combinations to play all the songs you will need.

Frequent Questions:

1. Is it hard to play the ocarina?

Playing the ocarina is not hard, but comes in different level stages. You can quickly learn how to play the basic notes and songs in a matter of days. However, the higher skill levels such as getting the perfect pitch out of your breathing, and finding the extra octaves requires more time,skill, and dedication.

2. Are ocarinas real?

Ocarinas are real, in fact they came before the movies and anime that they are now very common in. The ocarina is a mystical instrument that was created in 1853. The name was given by an Italian teenager which came after the meaning of "little goose" which it looked like.

3. How many notes can a 12 hole ocarina make?

A 12 hole ocarina can make 21 different notes which can be reflected in a little less than 2 octaves. However, it is possible to reach the higher and lower octaves depending on how you place your fingers and on how you breathe into the ocarina.

A C major ocarina doesn't specifically mean that you are constricted to songs in the c major. In fact you can play any scale and any song on it.

4. Which ocarina is the best for beginners?

The best ocarina to use for a beginner is one which doesn't require a lot of effort in terms of breathing and hand placement to get the notes out correctly. One of the best beginner ocarinas is the Focalink 12 Hole Ocarina which is available at a relatively low price.

5. Are ocarinas loud?

Ocarinas are loud, and it is not easy to change how loud they are. This is because to produce sounds in an ocarina, it is required to blow into it at a certain strength and degree. If you blow too strong or too weak, then the sound doesn't come out clear enough.

PS: Final note:

If you are looking for ocarina scales to learn, there are around 7 different ocarina scales, that you can find here

You can also find the tabs and finger charts for many different songs by searching for them on google.

Thank you for reading up to here. I hope you can now find the best ocarina for you. If you found this post interesting, and know someone who might also be interested, please forward this to them.

Have a nice day!

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