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Absolute Best headphones for Sleeping in 2020 -Top 5

So you want headphones that you can sleep in without any problems?

Best headphones for sleeping
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Well, you're in the right place because I found you the best headphones possible for sleep through extensive research. I really tried my best and I promise these are the best headphones out there right now.

So you're probably sick of your snoring spouse, or maybe you are sick from the traffic in the street which is stopping you from getting the deep sleep you deserve. You think a pair of sleeping headphones are a good choice, to be able to sleep deep n sound, and maybe you want to brainwash yourself with binaural waves while you sleep to reprogram your mind.

Those are all good reasons to get a pair of sleeping headphones, and they will turn your life for the better because sleep is the most important factor for a human's recovery. And if you do get yourself a pair of sleeping headphones I highly recommend that you look into binaural beats.

Binaural beats use certain frequencies that are transmitted into both your ears at different frequencies, causing your brain to enter deep sleep states or anything you need honestly. There are some for increasing deep sleep, some for programming your mind, and some others for increasing your focus.

Another good option is white-noise, some people love listening to white-noise and its the only way they get to fall asleep, which is another great option for you if you were wondering what you could listen to. White-noise is usually a background noise, like a waterfall or the sound of the ocean, or the sound of the wind, and maybe the sound of the rain. Anything you can think of really.

Do you prefer watching a video? here you go!

What types of sleeping headphone options are there?

Headphone types

Here are the main 3 types of headphones

  1. Over-ear headphones: these are typically the largest and they cover your ears, resting on your head. and they usually surround your ears fully. The downsides with these are they are usually very bulky however some companies made solutions for this problem as you will be seeing soon but they are the least common type.
  2. On-ear headphones: They usually rest on your ears and they are not very large, and for some people, these are the best choice as they don't cover your ears all around but they just rest on your ears and usually tend to be comfortable and very suitable for sleep.
  3. In-ear headphones: These are the very small types of headphones that go in your ear canal, they are usually not the best type to wear while sleeping because they may cause discomfort from them digging into your ears, however, some companies innovated a way around them to make them work.
  4. Sleeping masks: Some innovative people came up with sleeping masks that also rap behind your head and have headphones built into them, they are extremely comfortable and also serve two purposes; A. They block out the light, helping you achieve your deeper sleep levels, B: they also serve as headphones and can even warm your ears up if you hate having cold ears.
  5. Sleeping Headbands: These, In my opinion, are the most convenient. They are not bulky and they don't cover your eyes they go from your forehead to the back of your head and the headphones are inside the material of the headband, and usually, they are the most comfortable type of all and most convenient and easy to use.

Are there any alternatives to sleeping earphones?

If you don't like the idea of wearing headphones while you are sleeping there are plenty of alternatives.

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White-noise machine

  1. In-pillow speakers: These are a very convenient option you stuff them into your pillow and they play music into the pillow where your ears are resting, and they are a very good option, as you need to wash them because they are deep inside your pillow. Just make sure not to forget them in a washing machine with the pillows.
  2. White-noise machines: Built to put in your room and sleep with, they usually come packed with tons of different background noises, from waterfalls to rain, to waves to anything you want really. And they are usually designed specifically for helping you sleep. what's cool about these is you don't have to go through the trouble of setting anything up or syncing them to your phone. They usually come ready to use.
  3. Running beanie: Okay these aren't designed for sleep, there are running beanies that have Bluetooth headphones into them, and they are usually very comfortable and warm you up if you prefer keeping a warm head while you sleep and like covering your head and ears.

Will the headphones really help me get more sleep?

They surely will, it is proven by science that some people sleep much better and go into a deeper sleep when using certain relaxing sounds while they are sleeping. It helps you feel more relaxed and thus increasing your deep sleep.

Binaural beats are another way to hack your sleep, if you feel that you don't get enough deep sleep and never get enough sleep, there are some binaural beats you can find on youtube designed to simulate your sleep cycles and help you achieve the brain state of deep sleep and all the other sleep phases, using brain wave stimulation. Alpha waves, Beta waves, Gamma waves, Theta waves, and Delta waves.

You should definitely look into them, they are new technologies made to improve sleep and all sorts of things.

It's also a matter of personal preferences, some people hate listening to anything while sleeping and makes them stay awake. But in my case, I love listening to things to fall asleep and I always find that it helps me sleep better.

Are they comfortable to wear throughout the night?

I made sure to pick you ones that will be comfortable to wear all night long, most of them are very comfortable and designed to be slept in, so don't worry about it. I won't be adding headphones that are not specifically designed for sleep to make sure you won't have any problems whatsoever.

They are tested through hundreds of people and I found you what's proven to work.

Sleeping Life-hack!

Okay so if you want a solution to try without buying anything you could try stuff a Bluetooth speaker if you have one in your pillow, and that might do the trick for you, you can even stuff your phone in the pillow.

Is it bad for your health to sleep in headphones all night?

 Multiple studies have shown that listening to music while trying to fall asleep can be used as an alternative treatment for those who suffer from PTSD and insomnia. Another study showed that classical music improved the quality of sleep in those who suffered from various sleep problems.

On the other side, some researchers suggest that falling asleep to music has been known to cause an increase in heart rate resulting in waking up. But really, it just depends on the person listening to it and the type of music they are playing, if you play relaxing tones they will help you relax, but if you play heavy metal, obviously it will wake you up with a higher heart rate.

So the bottom line here is that it is far from bad to fall asleep while listening to music. If anything, you may wake yourself up when your favorite aggressive music comes on. So make sure you only have calm music in your mix.

And then you also have the people saying that Bluetooth and wifi and all these stuff are bad for your brain. But the only way around that is to go live in a deserted island without any radio, Bluetooth or wifi, or 4G And that's not proven by science yet to my knowledge.

How did I pick these headphones?

I went through as many reviews and round-ups I possibly could. To make sure I find you what's proven to work by many people, and give you a universal opinion rather than one biased opinion.

This way you can make sure it didn't just work for Me or just one person, no they are tested and work with Hundreds of people without any problems. If they have any problems I will make sure to list them in the cons section.

I picked them based on Comfort, Durability, and sound. I also made sure to include many budget options.

I tried making sure I include one headphone for each version of sleeping headphones to make sure I find what suits your needs and likes. And most importantly I made sure they all work very will with sleep, and will not be an ornament in the house, you will actually use them every day.

Here is the summary of the top 6 Best.

  1. Bose QuietComfort 20--> (High-end Choice)
  2. Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k Slim Clip On Earphone --> (On-ear Clip)
  3. Lavince Bluetooth Sleep Headphones--> (Budget-Sleeping headband)
  4. Joseche Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for sleeping--> (Budget-Sleeping mask)
  5. Envel Sleep Earphone--> (Budget In-ear sleep headphones)

1.Bose QuietComfort 20

Best high-end In-ear option for sleep


  • Noise-cancelling
  • Superb sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Not only for sleep, works for everything
  • Exclusive TriPort technology and Active EQ
  • Aware-Mode if you need to hear what's around and don't want to use the noise-canceling, good if you have kids
  • Stay Hear+ tips provide long-lasting comfort plus stability
  • Best on this list
  • 3 Different sizes to make sure you have a comfortable fit
  • Comes with a case


  • Wired (but that also means you don't have to charge them)

Okay if you have really noisy and annoying neighbors, or all the storms annoy you and wake you up, you definetly want to invest in these noise-cancelling earbuds.

They are the best noise-canceling earbuds that actually work for sleep right now. Your best bet to get rid of the noise of your annoying neighbors and what's cool is they can also be your daily use headphones. The best thing about them is their sound quality is the best you can get for a noise-cancelling earbud, they have Bose's incredible sound signature.

They are tested by many for sleep, and all find them very comfortable for that, so comfort is not an issue. really the only issue is that they are wired, but that also means you don't ever forget to charge them. You just plug them in, and you don't have to worry about the sound-quality of Bluetooth because wired is usually better.

They also have an Aware mode for safety, if you have kids and you want to make sure you can hear them, that's when you would use this option. You can also use the Aware mode if you use them in the streets and are crossing the road and stuff. They also come with a nice carrying case to take them around with you, and they come with 3 extra ear-tips making sure you get a perfect fit.

They have a built-in active equalizer and Tri-port technology. Expect amazing sound quality.

And most importantly, their durability they are built to last so you should surely consider investing in your self so you can finally get the sleep you deserve without worrying if they will break in a week or not. If you are like me and can't sleep in the airplane they will also serve you in all those long disgusting airplane trips, making sure you don't hear the engine roaring and hopefully you can get some sleep.

The best all-around pair of noise-canceling earbuds. Expect to use them all the time.

2. Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k

Best on-ear option for sleeping


  • Extremely cheap
  • Very slim ensuring it doesn't annoy you
  • Fairly good sound-quality
  • On-ear headphone meaning it won't irritate your ear canal
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Very durable, and well built
  • Very good for sleeping.


  • The Earpads come off easily

Ultra-Compact Compared To Many of the Clip Earphones, The Panasonic Rp-hs46 Clip Earphones Have an Extremely Slim Housing, With A 30mm Driver Unit Offering Powerful Sound For Your Heavy Beats. Comfortable And Stylish In High Gloss, Making Sure Can Listen To Your Favourite Tunes In Style For As Long As You Want to.
However, be aware they don't have the best noise-isolation, and they may bleed out the sound so people around you will probably hear them if they are too loud. But for sleep, these are the perfect option and are very comfortable, even for side sleepers too. They are very compact and slim, you will usually forget you are wearing them, and you can easily sleep in them without any problems.

They are very durable so don't worry about them breaking down, the cables they use will take a beating without any worries. and be aware that the cable tends to tangle up, but that's not really a problem considering the price you are paying.

 For their price, they're hard to beat.

3. Lavicne Bluetooth Sleep Headband Headphones

Best Budget-Sleeping headband


  • Cheap
  • Most comfortable
  • Fits all head sizes
  • Perfect for Workout, Jogging, Yoga, Insomnia, Side Sleepers, Air Travel, Meditation
  • Ultra-Thin flat headphone speakers
  • Block out ambient noise without using earplugs 
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Pretty fashionable
  • Washable
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology


  • Covers your ears, so could be annoying for some people
  • Not best for hot weather

When these things first came out they were selling at around $99, but you are in luck as they are very cheap now.

They are good for use in many situations, in the plane, while working out, while doing yoga, while meditation, and most importantly while sleeping. The washable headband means you never have to worry about them going stinky and dirty, you easily remove the headphones from them and wash them. Their headband is made of special fabric, compressive to protect your ears and great breathability.

If you always have cold ears then that's another great reason you would go for these, they are suitable for use anywhere which is why they shine. They look pretty stylish so don't worry about wearing them outside too. And they are mainly built for sleep meaning they will provide you with the deep sleep you have been looking for. They Last 10 hours on a single charge and take only 2 hours to charge fully, meaning even if you sleep in for 10 hours they will still serve you the whole duration.

They even have a built-in mic and can be used for taking calls and talking to people without having to remove them. The build material is very Soft, comfortable and breathable, you will love wearing these everywhere. and the Ultra thin and slim headphone drivers means you will never be irritated when sleeping on them, you will barely feel them.

Given the fact that they are Bluetooth 5.0 means they use extremely efficient coding to transmit the music to them, and they are the newest most efficient technology for Bluetooth in 2019, meaning they don't waste any extra battery life due to the extremely efficient 5.0 version. And don't worry that doesn't mean they won't connect to your older devices it works with any Bluetooth device.

Price is also superb on these! Extremely valuable and cheap.

4. Joseche Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for sleeping

Best Sleeping mask headphones


  • Mask covering eyes
  • Blocks out light ensuring deep sleep
  • Has controls on it
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (newest technology)
  • Extra thin Headphone drivers ensuring comfort
  • Warms your ears and face
  • Suitable for use in flights
  • The extra cushioning makes eye mask extremely comfortable
  • Made from velvet and elastic cotton
  • 9 Hours + of music playback
  • Washable, just make sure to remove Bluetooth module
  • Help keep you warm in cold nights
  • Very breathable and won't make you sweat


  • Given the fact they cover eyes means they can't be used for jogging or workouts and for other applications.

Your new best friend to take on all flights, and your new sleeping buddy. If you hate all the blinking lights from today's technology, or the light seeping through your curtains, then these are an amazing choice for you. Block out all light, and give you the music you need to fall asleep using the newest most efficient Bluetooth 5.0 Technology.

They are made from cotton and velvet and have a lot of cushioning in them meaning they are very comfortable for sleep and will give you the best sleep that you have been looking for. Given the ultra-slim headphone driver design, that means you can sleep on your side without worrying about feeling any type of discomfort.

If you live in a very cold area and hate having a cold face and head in the morning, this will do the trick helping you warm your face eyes and ears. And don't worry they won't make you sweat, they have very breathable materials and design features. They have very positive reviews and are tested from thousands of people all satisfied with the quality of this amazing product

The 9 Hour + battery life means you can enjoy a full night's sleep without any interruptions without running out of charge. Best for sleep and frequent flyers trying to sleep on long flights or sensitive sleepers (insomnia) who dislike glaring lights on any occasion. Sleep in a light blocked world whenever and wherever. Perfect for air travel, relaxation, meditation, insomnia.

5. Envel Sleep Earphones

The best Budget in-ear sleeping headphones


  • Very cheap
  • In-ear headphones for people that prefer that
  • Built-in mic
  • Controls for music and volume
  • Built for sleep
  • Comfortable design
  • Soft silicone earbud tips
  • Built for Insomnia, Side Sleeper, Light Sleeper, Air Travel, Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation


  • No cons for this price

Okay so if you can't afford number 1 and your looking for a budget option and you prefer in-ear headphones, then these are definitely the right choice for you. Their price is amazing, given their sound quality, comfort, and noise isolation.

They block out a fair amount of noise, which is good for sleeping and they are very comfortable even if you sleep on your side. They have very soft silicone earbuds making sure they don't irritate your ear canals while you sleep. they also have control options on them for convenience while you're trying to get your sleep.

A built-in Microphone ensures you could even answer phone calls without having to take them off which is pretty good if you are using them for your daily activities too other than your sleep. Looks are fantastic on these you can wear them anywhere.

They are well tested and tried, all reviews are extremely positive with no problems whatsoever, so if you can't afford an expensive pair you should definitely go for these. But if you want to change your life for the best, you should definitely think about investing in noise-canceling earbuds with amazing sound and build quality like the number 1 choice. Because it will serve you for the rest of your life and you won't regret it.

Honorable mention

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine

Best White-noise sleep machine


  • Buy with confidence. LectroFan is designed in the USA and backed by a 1,000-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Precise volume control allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environment
  • Helps to mask the disruptive environmental noises so you or your little one can fall asleep with ease
  • 20 Sound settings to match your environment and preferences
  • Good for sleep, studying, and meditation
  • An extremely good option for kids that can't sleep or babies


  • Could annoy people who don't prefer it

LectroFan is ideal for relaxation, study, speech privacy, or any situation where you'd like more control of your audio environment. It's also your personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night's sleep and peaceful rest. The LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise. It also has a volume slider to change from a whisper to other volume levels.

It is the most well known and reviewed white noise sleep machine available right now, with the least negative reviews, all customers happy with their purchase. They are a golden standard machine that will withstand the test of time and will prove itself valuable for many situations

They are extremely good for studying, or for speaking privacy, or Mainly sleep. If your toddlers have trouble sleeping due to a noisy environment or noisy neighbors, this will definitely help them get the good night of sleep they deserve. It's proven to work for many applications and will always be useful

It is extremely power efficient and barely uses any electricity, so you shouldn't worry about adding an extra device to your electricity bills. So if you are sick of Anxiety from the noisy neighbor, or sound pollution this is your best Cure. In my opinion its a better option than headphones.

I hope you found what you wanted, I tried listing every type of headphone and device to make sure you get the best choice possible for you.

If you are looking for headphones that are good for sports make sure to check this list out it will suit you more.

And if you are looking for the best wireless and noise-cancelling headphones you can get check these!

If you enjoyed this review and it helped you find your favorite sleeping headphones don't forget to support us by sharing this page below!

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