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Sports Headphones that Don't fall out | Sweat Proof - Best 5 in 2020

Running earphones, good for gym, jogging, jumping, crossfit, taekwondo, boxing, waterproof.
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So you are searching for the best running, hiking, cycling, or gym sports headphones?

But you don't want them to fall off your head while you are in the middle of your runs, or while lifting in the gym or cycling. You want them to have a long battery life, to sound crystal clear, and to stick to your ears like glue!

After a lot of research, I found what works best for sports.

Whether you like running, swimming, hiking, going to the gym, and anything really you want to hear your music to get that extra 5% out of your body, and that other extra 5% that comes with good sounding sporty headphones.

You don't want something that will fall out in your most intense exercise do you?

Okay so now let us go over the basics of the best sports headphones.

What sports headphone type will be good for you?

For sports, I will mainly be focusing on wireless headphones because who wants wires interfering with their exercise, we all know what it is like to wear wired headphones that always fall out of your ears at the worst time possible.

Prefer to watch a video?

Okay, so first of all In-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones are spread into three parts.

  1. In-ear headphones with a behind the ear wing for support, and to help keep it stable and secure.

Behind the ear Support

2. Or, you can have In-ear ones that, support and stay stable with a little flap that stays in your ear.

In-ear Wings support

To be honest, I've tried both types and they are both very secure and stable.

If you want to do any serious exercise, like playing tennis, yoga or lifting weights, you need your workout headphones to stay put. They have to stick to your ears like glue to withstand the strong forces during a workout.

And they do. They do their job properly. They will rarely if ever fall out. They are also usually you're cheapest option.

But if you are doing very rigorous exercise or activities, I recommend you stick with the first ones so they don't fly out your ears, as they are clipped behind your ears.

I used to think that the ear-phones with in-ear wings would be really bad, and won't stay in your ears, but I was wrong the wing they provide is really good at securing the earbuds into your ears.

3. The third type of in-ear headphones you could go for is the Truly wireless choice.

These have no wires ( Truly wireless )

The truly wireless type, are typically the best choice as they don't have a wire flying around that will try to yank the ear-buds out of your ears. Other than that they are Extra comfortable, as they don't have any wires trying to drag your ears down.

What's cool with these is usually you tend to forget you are even wearing them. And if you are doing vigorous exercise and always changing directions these are an amazing choice, as they are the least likely to fall out of your head.

If you are the type that is always worried you will drop them, A cool life hack with these is you can always wear a beanie cap over them. Also, they are also usually waterproof so even if you drop them in a puddle while cycling or running they should be fine.

The next choice is Over-ear or On-ear Headphones

Okay so over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones are not made for sport.

They are made for listening to music at home or stationary, or while walking, not while doing sports!

They are always going to fall off your head or come in your way while doing sports, so I do not recommend them.

So basically I would recommend you stay away from these, as they are bulky, and will always annoy you. If you want something to warm your ears just get in-ear headphones and stick a beanie on your head.

The only exception to this is the HALO NEUROSPORT HEADPHONES 2.0, these headphones are for any athlete who is really serious, and wants to become exceptional in his sport. They use Neuro priming ( they help your brain dive into a state of super-learning using electronic brain stimulation ) and they aren't fake hype, they are proven to work by scientific studies I definitely recommend you check them out.

Okay, now that we have the basics in the bag, I will tell you how I chose the best sports headphones on the list.

I chose them based on tons of reviews, to make sure I don't give you a bad or biased opinion, and to make sure they are well-tested and have no problems. I put all my effort to find you the best, sounds, comfort, battery life, issueless headphones for your sport.

My promise to you is that you won't regret buying any of these headphones.

Here is your summary of the best headphones.

  1. Letscom Wireless Headphones
  2. Boltune Bluetooth Wireless headphones
  3. TBI-Pro Sport Bluetooth Headphones
  4. JBL UA Flash-True Wireless
  5. Bose SoundSport, In-Ear Sports Headphones

1. Letscom Wireless Headphones


  • Extremely cheap
  • Very Light-weight
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Best bang for the buck
  • Well-Built
  • Superb sound, crystal clear.
  • 15 Hour battery life
  • Best reviewed sport headphone yet
  • Blue-tooth 5.0
  • Carry case included
  • Extra tips for all sizes
  • IPX7 Waterproof


  • At this price there are no cons

If you want the best option without putting a hole in your wallet id recommend these every day. They are extremely cheap and have everything you need.

The battery life of these things is amazing, I don't even know how they can do it at this cheap price they are definitely worth having a look at. Very light-weight you will even forget you are wearing them at times.

It produces a nice clear sound that can be easily heard over external noises although to call them noise cancelling would be a bit extreme perhaps but if you are in the market for truly noise-canceling earphones, you should know that at this price point you won't find any that properly do the job.

Compared to other wireless earphones in the past, they definitely feel more comfortable and stay in well, even when you try to shake them loose. So they are good for running, cycling, jogging or the gym.

The bass isn't overwhelming but neither would I say it is underwhelming, they have a balanced bass. Just perfect

2. Boltune Bluetooth Wireless headphones


  • Extra cheap
  • 16 Hours battery-life
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • IPX7 WaterProof
  • In-ear Wing style
  • Very fast charging
  • Magnetic design ( clip them together)
  • Powerful Realistic Sound
  • Amazing noise-reduction
  • 3 pairs of ear tips, and 3 pairs of ear securing wings
  • All sports friendly


  • No cons, they are amazing at this price.

These are pretty cool, they arrive with a full battery and you are able to set them up and use them without even needing to look at the instructions. their technology is easy to use!

They come with a nice mesh carrying bag, a charging cord (micro USB), and extra earbuds and hooks so you can adjust for comfort. Even though cheap headphones are usually uncomfortable, these ones are actually really comfortable! The cord is a good length too.

They stay in really well, even when doing jumping jacks, shaking your head, and running around. they are magnetic and attach to each other at the ends wich is a pretty cool feature, you can wear them around your neck without losing them while you are not using them. An amazing pair of running sports earphones.

Overall, I would say that you get more than you pay for! Their battery alone justifies that...

3. TBI-Pro Sport Bluetooth Headphones


  • 12 Hours Battery life on max volume
  • Very comfortable
  • Very loud
  • Rich and clear sound
  • Include memory foam set of earbuds
  • Good bass
  • Very stable and secure
  • 3 pairs of different size ear-tips
  • Light-weight
  • Stylish
  • Noise cancellation


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Not available in Amazon Uk and CA yet.

Yet again, another awesome pair of Bluetooth headphones, they are a very amazing option.

Very well-priced headphones that give you anything you need, they are very stable they fit amazingly well, they are glued to your ears and don't even move. They sound rich and clear and have good energetic bass. Making them amazing sports Earphones.

The fact that they are light-weight makes them even more comfortable, and they are waterproof so even if you sweat 100 liters per hour you should be fine with these. They even have noise cancellation, and it does the job.

ATPX Codec for efficient music transferring at high quality.

Arrive with 3 pairs of different sized ear tips, the clip band for the ear is very comfortable and fits easily and securely on any head. making them good for running, gym, cycling, tennis, and workouts. (all sports)

The only sad thing with these is you will have to order them from the US, as they are not yet available in Amazon UK, CA.

4. JBL UA Flash-True Wireless


  • High-Quality product
  • Best one in the list
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Light-weight
  • True wireless ( no wires at all)
  • Made by JBL Sponsored by Under Armour
  • Forget you are wearing them
  • Good noise-isolation
  • Amazing carrying case
  • Stylish
  • 25 Hours battery life


  • Pricey

I would have definitely put these in 1st place if it wasn't for their price, they are the best option to go for if the price isn't a problem and you want the best thing you can get.

No wires meaning you won't ever catch the wire on anything and throw your earbuds off your head, and it also means that they won't weigh on your ears and drag them down. Amazing sports headphones

Use these for anything, airplane rides, walking around in town, the train however, they are well designed for sports which are their main purpose. They are waterproof so don't worry about ruining them with your sweat. They will be your favorite workout companion.

They are the best looking in this category, the best sounding, and the most convenient. they fit in your ear well and won't fall out, as they are lightweight and are secure.

Don't worry about charging because they last 25 hours, so you won't need to charge them every day and will easily last you a week. Unless of course you're a beast that trains 5 hours a day.

5. Bose SoundSport, In-Ear Sports Headphones


  • Sound amazing (bose sound quality)
  • Comfortable
  • In-ear Wing design
  • Waterproof
  • Look very cool
  • Come with 3 wing sizes
  • Carrying case included
  • In-line mircophone, take phone calls while your exercising.
  • Many different stylish colors


  • Wired
  • Some people complain they don't have good noise-isolation

If you are an audiophile, and you want the best music quality possible, these are your best deal as they are wired, so they invested their technology in the sound rather than the batteries and Bluetooth.

The only downsides with these are that they are wired and don't have amazing noise-isolation. But in my opinion, they are amazing, because you don't need to remember to charge them, and sound quality is the number 1 priority for me, so if you are like me don't hesitate to get these amazing sounding sports earphones.

Fit is extremely good, they will not fall out of your ears no matter how hard you try, they also come with different size ear hooks so they will easily fit on any ears no matter how big or small. These are premium top-notch quality sport in-ear earphones.

Best sounding sport earphones for running, tennis, gym, and any workout hands down.

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