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Best Taekwondo Shoes in 2020 | Great shoes for Martial arts |

Taekwondo flying kick
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That annoying feeling.

You have a blister...

You just finished an Intense taekwondo session full of kicking, and now you look at your feet...


What have you done to yourself...

Now you have to train lightly for weeks until your feet finally recover so that you can train properly. Or even worse, You have an upcoming tournament and you keep training hard and it keeps getting worse every day...

As a taekwondo athlete myself who has competed at an international level, I can safely tell you that the best decision you can ever make in Taekwondo is to invest in a pair of taekwondo shoes...

Some coaches will tell you things like NO! DON'T WEAR Taekwondo Shoes!!! Do you wear taekwondo Shoes on the Mat while competing? No! GET USED TO IT.

While that wisdom has some weight to it.


Hell no.

If you are taking taekwondo seriously and you are training as much as possible please take care of your feet.

Your feet will thank you and you will be able to get more Exercise done.

If you decide to go Yollo and train bare footed you will end up with trapped toes, twisted toes, Many Foot injuries from kicking elbows, and.... AND.... BLISTERS

Nike Discontinued taekwndo shoes
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Nike's Discontinued Legendary Taekwondo Shoes

Ever since I have started training in Taekwondo shoes I have never looked back. LONG GONE are the days where I twist my ankle every month and stub my poor little toes.

What coaches fail to notice about taekwondo shoes is they protect your feet so much!

You can kick elbows, knees, and hands without hurting your Feet. The biggest bonus to me is I rarely twist my ankle while wearing taekwondo shoes. Taekwondo shoes offer a Flat surface on the bottom of them which makes it less likely that you twist your ankles.

Or at least that's what I noticed.

And of course... They help you prevent Blisters which will result in you taking a lot of time off.

And No.

Don't worry

If you play sparring while wearing taekwondo shoes you aren't more likely going to hurt your opponent. IF anything you are less likely to hurt them. The most annoying thing possible in taekwondo is getting Cut from other people's toe nails. With taekwondo shoes that doesn't happen.

And usually the base is very soft and smooth, making them perfect for sparring.

Oh right!

Another benefit of taekwondo shoes? You don't get weird things stuck in your feet from a not fully cleaned Floor.

So now that we covered Why you would want to get some taekwondo shoes, Il cover Which taekwondo Shoes are the best options to go for.

And please stay away from the Cheap taekwondo shoes. THEY Won't last. and won't fit. AND Won't give you a good experience.


What are the best taekwondo shoes in 2020?

1. Adidas Contestant Martial Arts Taekwondo Shoes

Best overall Build Quality Taekwondo shoes


  • No Laces
  • Very good breathability
  • 3 Different Colors
  • Looks amazing
  • Very good Airflow
  • Great build quality
  • Sizes from 4 to 13 with Half sizes
  • VERY Good Ankle stability and support
  • Materials : Micro fiber PU, Mesh, EVA


  • The aggressive Rubber Base may graze your sparring partners
  • Kicking elbows may hurt a little thanks to the Ultra Light-weight Upper material

These taekwondo shoes are by far the most popular taekwondo shoes in 2020. Almost all of the best taekwondo athletes in the world wear these.

The Adidas contestant martial arts shoes have the best build by far.

They will usually last the longest and are very hard to destroy thanks to their good build. The good thing is that the bottom sole of the Shoe has 2 separate pieces which allow the shoe to bend very easily and comfortably

The only con about this shoe is you have to get the Perfect size because there are no laces, Which means if you don't get the perfect size for your Foot you will suffer.

Now. I can't speak for everyone but I usually get a Size smaller when buying taekwondo shoes because I prefer a Tight-fitting shoe. It may be painful when you first get it but it will become a perfect fit to your foot very fast.

That's just my personal preference. But this shoe has a True Size so you shouldn't worry about that Unless you prefer very tight-fitting shoes like me.

2.Adidas Adi-Kick 2 Tae Kwon Do and Martial Arts

Best priced Premium taekwondo shoes


  • Very light weight
  • Smooth rubber sole which makes it a Better option for sparring so you don't hurt your partners
  • Extra cheap
  • Laces for Tightening and better fit
  • Updated version of the Original Adi-Kick 1
  • PU Leather Material
  • Has a Pivot point on the Sole for better spinning kicks
  • Great build quality


  • The laces only attach from 1 hole on each side

A Classic standard when it comes to taekwondo shoes.

If you want the most well tested and best-priced taekwondo shoe this is the way to go.

Adidas seems to be the best out there when it comes to taekwondo shoes, and this is a Classical example of that.

You can't really go wrong with these taekwondo shoes thanks to the lightweight and the laces for a better fit they have.

The Adi Kick 2 Shoes have been around for a long time thanks to their great quality and Lightweight design. These shoes will be by far one of the lightest shoes you can get.

Thanks to the thick PU Leather on top, they also provide some protection when kicking peoples Elbows. The rubber base also provides a Good friendly material for sparring, and will not hurt your sparring partners in any way.

It is also a great option for any martial arts. Their light weight and protective design will work like a charm for any dojos and martial arts

3.Mooto Taekwondo Spirit 2 Fighter


  • Extremely light weight
  • Very good build quality
  • Perfect for any martial arts
  • Great Glove-like fit
  • 2 Different colors
  • Materials: Upper-Nami PU / Outsole-Rubber, Color: White/Black


  • Not cheap
  • Very narrow design ( People with Wide-Feet should order a larger size)

If you have narrow feet then this is the perfect option for you.

It has a very narrow design, and Fits very tightly with a Very nice grippy feeling to it.

Aesthetics on these shoes are awsome. The Mooto Taekwondo spirit 2 Fighter shoes look remarkable.

Mooto Are well known for making the best taekwondo gadgets and are a well trusted brand in the taekwondo world so you can expect very high quality from them.

Their materials feel very premium and don't break down fast. My brother uses these and he has had them for a Year now and they are still perfect.

They are also built for Sparring and taekwondo fighting so don't worry about that. They will protect your feet very well, and they have a Good base which will prevent you from twisting your ankles.

Kicking elbows is also Painless with these shoes.

4.Mooto Wings Korea TaeKwonDo Shoes TKD Competition

Most Comfortable Taekwondo shoes


  • Comfortable Design
  • Synthetic leather
  • 2 Different colors (Black and White)
  • Many Sizes available
  • Made in Korea
  • Lightweight
  • Popular option
  • Very good protection from foot injuries


  • Fit becomes looser with time ( Make sure to Get a slightly smaller size)
  • Stiff Sole of the shoe

Another great option straight from Mooto

This is another very popular taekwondo shoe which is used by many athletes successfully.

If you want Taekwondo shoes for protection these shoes will offer the most protection thanks to their Thicker materials used. They aren't as light weight as the previous options but they are still definitely a great pair of taekwondo shoes.

The Build Quality on Mooto's shoes is superb and you can expect these taekwondo shoes to last a very long time.

Stylishness is a Bonus as these shoes look pretty good, and they have 2 different colors.

The shoes do get more loose with time so make sure to get a Perfect fit or slightly smaller because they will definitely change throughout a year.

5.Adidas Contestant Pro Ultralight


  • Ultra thin
  • 3 Different Colors
  • Sleek looking
  • Tight-Fitting
  • Ultra light weight
  • Official Shoes for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Fits perfectly like a Sock
  • Very good looking
  • Works well for Taekwondo, Karate, and other martial arts


  • Because of the very light-weight design, they won't last as long as some of the other shoes mentioned on this list

This is one of Adidas's Newest taekwondo shoes.

They are supposedly the official taekwondo shoes chosen for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

No. They won't be used for the Fights, But they will be used in the Warmup areas.

The Contestant Pro UltraLight Martial arts shoes from Adidas are a Great option if you want the Lightest weight taekwondo shoes possible.

If you want a True Barefoot feel but with the added protection that taekwondo shoes give, This is the way to go.

They aren't the easiest to get onto your feet, but once they are on they fit perfectly. But as all the taekwondo shoes on this list, they are Narrowly designed to give a Tight Fit. If you have wide feet you may need to go up a Size.

Frequently asked Questions about Taekwondo shoes:

What size should I get when Buying Taekwondo Shoes?

Taekwondo shoe size
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It depends on your feet. IF you have narrow Feet I would suggest that you go for half a size smaller. On the other hand, if you have very wide feet it is recommended that you go for a Half size bigger than Normal.

I personally prefer going Smaller in size because I Prefer having very tight Fitting taekwondo shoes.

Nothing is worse than having your feet slide all over the place when doing footwork, or during sparring.

It is also not cool to have your shoes flying across the Dojo

How long do Taekwondo shoes last?

It depends on How long you usually train. If you train once a day you can expect them to last from 1-2 Years. If you train More than 1 hour a day you are looking at 6 Months +. For the Average person training 3 times a Week they can last up to 3 years.

Mileage will vary depending on How Serious you are in training, and how often you train. If you just train for Fun usually they could last up to 3 years. If you train competitively they will usually last less.

Where can I wear my Taekwondo shoes?

Martial arts dojo
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It is preferred not to use taekwondo shoes outside and to keep them for the Dojo. That way you will keep your dojo clean and you will prevent any Unnecessary wear on the shoes.

You can also wear the Taekwondo shoes at Tournaments and competitions where the warmup Venues may be overloaded with people, and the Mats usually get very Messed up in Warming up Areas.

It is usually better to warm up In taekwondo shoes to prevent any unnecessary injuries right before your fight in warming up areas because someone left a Bottle lid on the floor. Or even worse.. a Soda can's metal ring or cap.

Are taekwondo shoes allowed in Dojos?

Every Dojo is different. You will have to ask your Coach. But if you are worried about injuring your feet, and you constantly Stub your toes you should definitely try and talk to them, and tell them that you are scared of getting injured and you want extra protection during sparring, and kicking people's elbows.

It is also Good if you constantly Twist your ankles. I find my self rolling my ankles much less often when I wear a good pair of taekwondo shoes.

Are taekwondo shoes worth it?

DEFINITELY. In my personal opinion, Taekwondo shoes are as essential as protective gear. They will provide you with Fewer injuries in the long run and will keep you training hard without any Letdowns from some annoying blisters.

They will also protect you from breaking your toes or kicking people's elbows. You can't really go wrong with them.

What else?

They look cool. Let's be honest. They make you feel like some kind of Hero when you wear them.

Who makes the Best taekwondo shoes?

The main most popular taekwondo shoe Brands are.

Adidas, Mooto, Tusah, Kwon, KPnP, Daedo and PineTree.

Nike used to make the best taekwondo shoes around, but they stopped the production of taekwondo gear. Sadly.

Should I get Cheap taekwondo shoes?

No. Stay away from them like the Plague. You don't want cheap taekwondo shoes. They are built very badly and will break apart Extremely rapidly. They also don't fit well and will be a pain to deal with.

Stick with the well-known brands, Unless you can go to a store and see them physically and inspect them, No. Stay away.

Why should I get Taekwondo shoes?

That's easy.

  1. Fewer Toe injuries
  2. Ankle support and fewer ankle injuries
  3. Foot protection from kicking elbows and bones
  4. To eliminate the Dreaded BLISTERS
  5. Added Confidence thanks to the Extra protection and style
  6. Because I said so.

Can I wear taekwondo shoes for Karate?

Definitely. Taekwondo and karate are very close sports and the taekwondo shoes work perfectly for karate, Kungfo, Krav maga, Any Martial arts.

The only time where taekwondo shoes don't work well is in martial arts that include stepping on feet. Because they will slide off.

My taekwondo shoes are small, Should I Return them?

It depends. If they are Very small, Yes return them. If they are Tight? No. Taekwondo shoes are meant to be tight, and even if they feel a little too tight they will usually stretch out with use. You can expect your taekwondo shoes to Stretch a little after a month of use.


That's it for taekwondo shoes.

If you found this Post useful make sure to share it with your Taekwondo Friends and buddies below!

Have a nice day!

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