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Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming |2020 Best 5|

best swimming headphones top 5
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Need an extra push to the next level while swimming?

Sick and tired of training alone in the swimming pool, and pushing yourself hard without anything to make your swimming sessions a little more fun?

You want Headphones that you can wear while swimming that will stick to your ears like glue. You also want to make sure that the headphones sound good, and let you push yourself that extra 10% while you are swimming. If that's you, you're in the right place.

Sometimes swimming can get boring, especially if you are training hard every day and don't have training partners or you all have different training schedules. You want to listen to some amazing music to push you through your workouts. And to make sure you can squeeze out that 10-20% of extra work that you wouldn't have without the music.

You are in the right place because in this roundup I will be showing you the best swimming headphones that keep all the water out and stick to your ears like glue. And don't worry they are fully waterproof and won't get destroyed by swimming in them.

Who else?

I don't think the headphones on this list will only benefit swimmers. They are a good choice for any sport that deals with a lot of water such as kayakers, rowers, paddle boarders, surfers, and Triathlon athletes. So basically they are the go-to choice for anyone that deals with a lot of water.

Sometimes challenging yourself and pushing yourself is near impossible on those days where you just don't feel like working out, that's exactly when these waterproof swimming headphones will come in handy. They will become your new best friends in the water.

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Do I really need swimming headphones?

Even the best swimmer in the world Michael Phelps uses swimming headphones so in short yes.

Not only is swimming physically demanding, but the only motivating sound is the sound of water lapping against your ear. At the gym, we have the bright lights of TV screens and thumping dance music, in the swimming pool it's just you and the water, trust me on this Headphones will make all your swimming workouts 10 times better and more fun.

If you have an exam or need to study for something, you can always do that while swimming, just pop a podcast or your favorite mentor and swim while learning! that way you get to swim and learn at the same time. Saving you tons of time and making information stick in your head better, as it's always recommended to change your scenery while learning new things.

Proven by science.

How music can help exercising better
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The benefits of listening to music while working out are scientifically proven and not just a placebo. So if you want to be competitive and get every Benefit you can, this is one of those things that will do the job. While some people go for stimulants and supplements, the best free supplement you can take is actually music.

There are studies that show it can even increase recovery time, so if you listen to chilling music after your workout during your recovery swim that will help you lower your heart rate and get your body to start recovering faster.

How are swimming headphones different than other headphones?

Waterproof Rating Okay so basically when you are looking for waterproof headphones for swimming the minimum requirement is IPX7, anything less than that just won't do the job, they won't do the job. So make sure you look out for IPX7 or Higher

Their Fit Underwater They have to be built to fit very well underwater, which is why you should make sure they are built specifically for swimming and not just for the gym, otherwise you will have problems with them and they may fall out of your ears. The ones in this list are all built for swimming

Corrosion proof You generally want to try to find headphones with anti-corrosion plugs, (gold plated plugs) are usually a very good option for preventing corrosion underwater. As there is no Bluetooth underwater. And if you can, try to go for the ones without any plugs, with a built-in battery and mp3 player.

High Quality Usually you want the swimming headphones that you picked to last you a long time, and not just break within the first month of use. Try going for the high-quality options in this list, that also may have a 1 Year warranty to make sure that the company trusts in their products and can bet a replacement if they go wrong

Sound Quality Okay I have to admit, you aren't going to get the best sound quality in your dreams underwater, as the process of make the headphones waterproof reduces their sound quality. That's why some companies came up with an alternative called bone-conduction technology, which has no problems whatsoever underwater and even works better in the water than out of it.

How do I know these are actually good?

My promise to you is that I researched everything like a mad maniac, making sure I can find you the best swimming earphones possible.

I also made sure to collect many opinions to make sure you get an unbiased opinion, collected from hundreds of tests and people. This way you don't regret your choice.

I know you hustling athletes don't have all the money in the world to spend on swimming headphones so I included all budget options here to make sure you find what you need.

Bluetooth underwater?

No, sadly Bluetooth doesn't work underwater, but they have your solution as swimming headphones usually have a type of mp3 player in them. They usually hold 2-4 GBS of songs which is plenty of space just for music. And the other type which is the more budget-friendly is wired waterproof headphones, but then you will need to get a waterproof case for your phone or a water proof mp3 player.

But honestly it's even better, you can store your music onto your headphones. so you don't have to worry about buying a waterproof mp3 player or anything.

Will I lose them?

I tried finding you swimming headphones that will stick to your ears like glue, to make sure you don't ever have to dive to the end of the ocean to find them. The ones I picked will surely stick and shouldn't fall off and drown to the bottom of the pool.

I also know that there are hundreds of headphones you can find, that's why I narrowed them down to the best 5 that you will definetly be happy with.

My promise to you is, I put all my efforts to make sure I find you the best of the best.

Heres the roundup of the best swimming headphones.

  • 1st Place: AfterShokz Xtrainerz Open-Ear MP3 Swimming Bone Conduction ( Best all-around)
  • 2nd Place: Tayogo Waterproof mp3 Player swimming Headset ( BUDGET-KING)
  • 3rd Place: Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player (Best mid-budget option)
  • 4th Place: Swimbuds Sport Headphones with SYRYN waterproof MP3 player ( Amazing option)
  • 5th Place: Tayogo 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones (Cheapest Bone Conduction choice)

1.AfterShokz Xtrainerz Open-Ear MP3 Swimming Bone Conduction

(Best option for serious swimmers) - Best Bone conduction option


  • Best Bone Conduction headphones available today
  • 8 Hour Battery life
  • 2 Hours to fully charge
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very high quality underwater sounds using Bone to transfer audio
  • Light-weight
  • Come with a swimming cap
  • 4GB Of Music storage space


  • No cons

Okay whats awsome about these is the Bone conduction technology.

So basically Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums. In bone conduction listening, the bone conduction devices (such as headphones) perform the role of your eardrums. These devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved. The “sound” reach the ears as vibrations through the bones (or skull) and skin.

So basically they vibrate and produce amazing sounds transferred by your bones, pretty cool huh?

Do they sound good?

They definitely do. Some other headphones tried making this device and failed miserably, however, Aftershockz did an amazing job here. These sound awesome, stay stuck to your head, and they even come with a Swimming cap.

They even have good bass and have equalized settings for amazing sound underwater. Crystal Clear Sound and sound even better underwater.


They have an IP68 Waterproof rating, meaning there is no way you can damage these with water. They are even salt-water proof, so feel free to swim with these in the sea. And really don't worry about them they are made specifically for swimming and withstand anything.

Do they stay put?

Given the fact they come with a swimming cap, yes they stick to your head like glue, so you don't need to worry about that, they have very positive user experiences and no one has any problems with them. And don't worry even if you swim extremely intensively or aggresively they will still stay put securely. it's near impossible to get them off your head by mistake.

They also come with a Swimming cap, to make sure they stay put in their place and don't move away while your swimming.

Do I need anything to play music into them?

No, They have a built-in mp3 player themselves and they have a whopping (4GB of space support MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC audio formats) . So you can easily fit thousands of songs on it without any problems. All you have to do is charge them up and use them, no need for a phone or an mp3 player or anything. They have an 8-hour battery life on a single charge, and they take 2 hours to charge up fully.


Simply put, You would forget you are wearing them if it weren’t for the music.

They are the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear, as they don't Squeeze into your ear canal and cause pain, no. They just rest on your head causing them to be extremely comfortable, many people say these are the most comfortable things they ever wore even out of a swimming pool.

They cause no discomfort whatsoever and that's what makes them so great

How do I add music to them?

Simple Just plug them into any computer with a USB port and copy, paste your music into them.

If your music is on a phone, don't worry you can transfer music from your phone to them easily as long as you have a USB port for your phone so you can plug them into your phone.

You may feel they are a little pricey, but I assure you they are worth every single penny you pay. They are Extremely High-Quality Stuff.

2. Tayogo Waterproof mp3 Player swimming Headset

Best Budget option


  • Very cheap
  • Built-In MP3 Player
  • Shuffle Feature
  • 8GB Storage capacity
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Warranty and 30 days No-questions-asked full refund and Replacement parts provided free the 12 months
  • Up to 7 Hours battery-life


  • Some users got defective products, however they have a warranty with no questions asked, and replacement of parts 12-months. so that shouldn't be a problem
  • Not as good as Number 1

Your best Budget-friendly option on this list. Thus the name (BUDGET - KING)

So look, if you want something that will last you your whole life and you will enjoy it until you die with amazing sound quality and everything, definitely go for the first one. But if you are low on money now and need something fast that works, go with these without a second doubt, they are your best bet for this price.

Do they sound good?

Okay look, you can't have everything at a low price like this, they have an mp3 player with waterproof and 8GB of Capacity in it. So know that you get what you pay for.

But at this price you honestly can't go wrong with these they have amazing sound.

Water Proof?

Yes, they have an IPX8 Waterproof rating which means they are pretty good waterproof headphones and you can go 2 meters underwater with them for 2 hours at a time.

So unless your scuba diving in them for 5 hours they will be a good choice. Many people swim with them for 2 miles multiple times a weak and they have no problem, so don't worry they are very good.

Do they fall out?

No, they don't fall out. and you can always wear a swimming cap over them to secure them well, their in-ear tips are designed to fit your ear well, and they have many different sizes and types to suit your needs.

How do I play music on them?

They come with 8GB of memory, so expect to put thousands of songs without any problems. You connect them to your pc via-USB or to your phone if you have a USB dock, and transfer music to them.

They also have a Shuffle feature so you don't need to worry about clicking next, however, if you want to you can easily access controls on the headband that's at the back of your head.


Yes, they are comfortable, however giving the fact they are in-ear headphones, some water may seep into your ears sometimes, but it won't bother you much. however usually they stay put and have no problems.

They are very well-reviewed mainly positively and have no known problems whatsoever so don't worry about them, they won't fail on you.

3.Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player

Best Mid-Range option


  • 4GB Space
  • Comfortable
  • Salt-waterproof up to 2 Meters
  • Built-In Mp3 player
  • Quick charge feature 3 minutes = 60 Minute of battery life!
  • 12 Hour-Battery life
  • Sony's High-quality standards
  • 8 Ear tips sizes and shapes


  • Many users report getting defective products and are having to replace them

An amazing product from sony as usual.

Sony is always hitting the leader-boards in all types of headphones reviews from all types, whether its monitoring headphones or whether its noise-cancellation headphones. They are very well-known for making the best products.

However this time, Aftershockz Beat them.

These headphones are your Best Middle-High-Budget option for swimming.

Best-battery life on this list. A whopping 12 hours of battery life and a Fast charge feature included too, 3 Minutes of charging gives you 60 minutes of battery life!! Also, come with a 4GB Storage space for storing music on. More than enough for most people, you can easily put a thousand songs on it.

How do they sound?

The sound quality with the non-swimming buds installed is very good. Nice and clear with reasonable bass and soundstage. It also goes plenty loud.
Sound quality with the swimming buds on is still in the good range, compared to others I have heard. It's not as loud or clear as the non-swimming buds, as they come with 2 types of buds for swimming and for non-swimming.

All-around their sound is pretty good.


They are extremely good water-proof wise, they have saltwater proof. You can also buy 3-Years amazon waterproof warranty to make sure you don't worry about it. However, there are no complaints regarding their waterproof so they are awesome waterproof wise.

Will they fall out?

Due to the headband design, they stay extremely secured into your ears, and you can always wear a cap over them for extra stability and security. And no they won't fall out, they are very secure and are made for vigorous exercise.

They also look awesome which is nice.

How do I play music?

Just connect them to your pc or phone, and transfer your music to it. It holds 4GB of space which is more than plenty.


They are comfortable headphones without any doubt, sony always put a lot into the comfort of their headphones, and this is just another example of that.

These are definitely a good investment if you like sony's high-quality standards.

4. Swimbuds Sport Headphones with SYRYN waterproof MP3 player

Best budget In-ear option


  • IPX8 Water-Proof ( submersion to 10ft )
  • Comes with Waterproof Mp3 Player
  • Comes with 10 Different size and shaped ear tips
  • Supports MP3 and WMA
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • FREE Audio Workout from Rebecca Soni, National Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist (2008, 2012)
  • Comfortable
  • Sound good
  • Include sealing gel to make sure they dont leak any water!
  • Use your goggles to keep them strapped


  • Not extremely comfortable
  • Sometimes water could get into your ears

Another very good pair of swimming headphones that you can't go wrong with.

They include so many different gadgets that you can be 100% sure that you will find one that is comfortable and fits well, which is very good. So they will definitely fit you and be comfortable

Waterproof on these is very good, an IPX8 rating, nothing will top Number one's IPX68 rating, however, IPX8 is more than amazing they will never get ruined by water. You can submerge them to 2 meters underwater without any problems.

The sound quality is very good on these, you can finally have fun in your workouts rather than listening to boring water waves lashing on your ears all the time.

Swimming will be fun again without paying too much, they are definitely worth it for the amount of money you pay for these.

They attach to your swimming goggles making them a very convenient option for any swimmers, you could also use a swimming cap o keep them attached well. Their battery is very good, they will surely last more than any swimming session you would do. unless you swim marathons or something.

All the swimming headphones on this list are very good and you can't go wrong with any of them to be honest, its just a matter of personal opinion on looks, and how much you are willing to pay.

5. Tayogo 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

2nd Best Bone Conduction option


  • Cheapest Bone conduction
  • 8GB Built-In Mp3 Player
  • Water-Proof
  • Heat-Proof Up to 60 Celcius!
  • Comfortable Wearing - Made of soft silicone material fits snugly, especially underwater.
  • Built-In FM Radio
  • One Year Warranty 
  • Reduces strain on the ear by using In-ear headphones


  • Radio doesn't work under 50 CM and only picks up a few frequencies. But it's okay you have 2000 song capacity on them you don"t really need the radio.

Okay Since they do not cover the ears, you can enjoy the music coming from the headphones and still hear sounds from the surrounding environment. This feature reduces the strain on the eardrums as compared to ordinary headphones that cover the ears.

They also have an FM Radio feature in them, however, I wouldn't build up my hopes for it if I were you. It only works up to the first 50 CM of water, as water then distorts the Radio, and it only picks up a few of them.

But you don't really need the FM Radio feature anyways, As you have 8GB Capacity of music, meaning it can hold around 2000 music files. The bone Conduction feature works very well and they sound amazing.

They are very very very comfortable headphones, you will forget you are wearing them. and you can always strap them to your swimming goggles to make them 100% secure. And you don't have to worry about Waterproof because their water-proof is very good as all on this list are.

The One-Year warranty on these means you no longer need to worry about the headphones going wrong or breaking because you can always replace them, and that shows how confident the company is with their headphones! a sign that they will be perfect for swimming.

You will fall in love with swimming again with these, and what's cool is you get Bone conduction technology that actually works well without paying a fortune as in number one.

Number one is the best in this industry but these don't fall far behind! they are a very good-quality choice.


Why avoid Bluetooth Headphones for swimming?

Because Bluetooth does not work underwater or works very badly. Do not believe anyone who says otherwise, if you want to get the right choice make sure to get waterproof earbuds that have an mp3 player built in them. as that's the only way you can get a solid connection underwater.

Don't get Bluetooth headphones for swimming!

Can I Swim in the Sea or Ocean with swimming earbuds?

You definitely can but saltwater is very aggressive and abrasive, so make sure to wash your waterproof earbuds after every use to make sure you get the longest life out of your headphones. So, Always rinse your swimming headphones after you are done It Only takes a minute of your time, and makes sure you prolong the life of your Bluetooth headphones as much as possible. This must become a part of your routine, always rinse them when you are done.

All waterproof headphones will work in the sea, but some aren't built for it, but you can get away with it as long as you don't forget to wash them after every swim. Some other of the headphones on the list include salt waterproof capabilities, meaning you don't need to wash them, but it's still a good practice to do.

An investment in any of the headphones mentioned in this roundup will change your swimming for good. You can finally have fun and push yourself to new limits.

My promise to you is all these products were picked carefully to make sure you won't regret one thing!

Looking for sport headphones? Check this out!

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