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18 Best Yard solar lights in 2022 | Everything you will ever need

Best Yard Solar Lights
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Solar lights are becoming more and more common nowadays.

You decided it is finally time to test solar out!

And Yard solar lights are a very good start.

Let me guess.

You are looking for some lights that can help illuminate your yard or garden for long periods of time.

Like at least 6 hours.

Maybe, you like spending the nights out, weather it's just to hang out in the yard, or for having parties from time to time.

But at the same time you don't want to pay an extra 20 bucks per month on electricity bills.

There are some other possible reasons, such as the need for security lights to make sure you can sleep safe and sound.

Or, you are looking for super decorative lights to have a very vibrant and unique yard look.

One that will catch the eyes of everyone who passes by.

Well, whatever the case is.

Solar lights will provide you with pretty much any service you need.

In fact, they are so good, you can literately not go wrong.

What do I mean?

If you are still not certain whether you want a solar light for your garden or not, then I suggest you check the example below.


On average,10 light bulbs will use 6 cents per hour.

Imagine you wanted to use normal (non-solar) lights in your yard. After going through the hard and long wiring process, you will most likely decide that you want to have the lights on for around 6 hours during the night.

If you had 10 normal lights around the yard, or a couple strong lights, it means you will be spending 36 cents a day (6 cents per hour multiplied by 6 hours).

Now multiply the 36 cents by 30 and you will get how much extra you will spend on your electric bill each month.

And that is about 11 dollars a month from a non-solar set of 10 lights.

The average cost of 10 solar lights is around 30 to 60 dollars, and once you buy them you pay no electricity fees.

Meaning that , in 3 to 6 months, you have already covered the cost of buying the solar light in the first place.

That is a great deal!

Let's calculate the Worse case scenario:

In worse case scenarios (almost all of the solar light manufacturers) give you a 1 year free warranty.

Meaning that just by buying the solar light set it will most likely survive for 1 year.

Because if it breaks down you can replace it.

Meaning that by buying a 30 to 50 dollar yard solar light set, that survives a Minimum of 1 year, you already saved 80 dollars a year on electricity costs.

And that's just calculating 10 light bulbs.


For some of these products you could even throw a pumpkin on them and make it glow!

Imagine how creative you could get.

creative yard solar light ideas
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After many days of research on every solar light I could find (around 300 different solar lights), and after performing in-depth analysis on all the characteristics, pros, and cons of each of the items.

I ended up with 18 different products.

Normally I go for only the 5 best products.

But this time, to make sure that I will cover every need you might have, I had to increase the number.

Because in the end.

My goal is to do all the research for you so that you can enjoy the results, without having to spend so much time wondering about all of the options.

Let's get started.

I categorized the solar lights in to 6 different genres, each should cover one of your needs.

Table Of contents:

What are the best solar lights for your yard?

By the way.

While you are reading you might hear some terms you are not used to like, Lumens, mAh battery, LED lights or other terminology.

To understand these terms you can quickly check my guide below where I also highlight the key factors to look at when buying a yard solar light.

To get there you can click Here.

To make things easier for you, I prepared a Table giving you the the all-round summary. (scroll to the right for more)

Table of Best Yard Solar Lights

Best battery yard solar lights /Option 1Best battery yard solar lights /Option 2Best battery yard solar lights /Option 3Brightest yard solar lights /Option 1Brightest yard solar lights /Option 2Brightest yard solar lights /Option 3Best Motion sensor yard solar lights /Option 1Best Motion sensor yard solar lights /Option 2Best Motion sensor yard solar lights /Option 3Best colored yard solar lights / Option 1Best colored yard solar lights / Option 2Best colored yard solar lights / Option 3Best lamp /Lantern yard solar lights /Option 1Best lamp /Lantern yard solar lights /Option 2Best lamp /Lantern yard solar lights /Option 3Best yard solar lights with special features / Option 1Best yard solar lights with special features / Option 2Best yard solar lights with special features / Option 3
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