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Best 5 Zafu Meditation Cushions | Guide for healthy meditation

I am sure you have heard a lot about how meditation will solve everything.

It will keep you focused , help you reach your dreams, help you forget bad memories, and fix problems.

It's even proven by science to work.

In fact, the longer you meditate the better!

But, sometimes sitting down for a meditation session can get a little discomforting.

You might feel like your feet go numb after a while, or you are trying to keep your back straight and therefore you can't relax.

Well, one very effective solution to this is a zafu.

Here is an example of what a zafu looks like
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What exactly is a zafu?

A zafu is a circle or round shaped cushion with curved edges. It is a cushion designed specifically for the act of meditation. The zafu helps users sit down in a comfortable position, while also providing support to attain a straight back without extra effort by keeping the hip joints higher than the knees and preventing a posterior pelvic tilt.

It is also very nice to have a zafu to sit on instead of the ground, it will help you relax faster and enjoy what you are actually trying to do.

That's one less distraction to think about.

And we all know, distractions are the last thing we are looking for when meditating.

a zafu in a monk temple
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OK, since you are here.

It means that you already know the benefits of meditation, and you have most likely already tried it.

So, I will skip the part where I start explaining how freaking amazing it is.

But if you are interested in finding out about how to hack meditation and get the benifits much faster, you should check these meditation headbands.

They make everything so much easier for you, check this link here.

Why did I pick these 5 zafu meditation cushions?

After extensive hours of research, I narrowed down around 200 zafu brands down to these 5.

I am confident that these 5 are the best for each of their different qualities.

That's because I dug deep into all the zafu cushions and made sure to remove all of the ones that had faults.

Then I analyzed the rest based on every possible detail I could get, from price, to size, to customer support and customer opinions.

By the way.

There are different variations of inside material and fabric used in a zafu

Such as buckwheat, cotton, kapok, and others.

Although when first created, it was common to have kapok inside the zafu.

However, lately buckwheat was found as a great alternative at cheaper prices.

I will cover more about this later.

So let's get started!

Here is a list of the top 5 zafu meditation cushions:

  1. Best quality: AjnaBuckwheat Meditation Zafu Cushion
  2. Cheapest: Waterglider International Cotton Meditation Cushion
  3. Best set: Leewadee Meditation Cushion Set of Zafu and Zabuton
  4. Best colors: Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion
  5. Coolest feature: Body Quiet Stress Relief Acupressure Meditation Cushion

To make things easier for you.

I have prepared a table with the most important features.

(I still suggest you check the detailed descriptions for the zafu that you find appealing, just to make sure you are 100% satisfied with what you get).

(you might have to scroll to the right to see more of the table)

List of the best zafu meditation cushions in 2022

Best qualityCheapestBest setBest colorsCoolest features
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NameAjnaBuckwheat Meditation Zafu Cushion
Waterglider International Cotton Meditation Cushion
Leewadee Meditation Cushion Set of Zafu and Zabuton
Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion
Body Quiet Stress Relief Acupressure Meditation Cushion
Luigi's rating out of 109.7/10.0 8.4/10.0 8.8/10.0 7.8/10.09.8/10.0
SizeDiameter: 16"
Height: 5"
Height: 6"
Zafu Diameter: 16"
Zafu Height: 8"
Zabuton Length: 31"
Zabuton width: 27"
Zabuton height: 2"
Height: 6"
Diameter 13"
Height: 6"
Quality/ Comfort★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Colors available2421363
Weight6.6 pounds3.85 pounds5.6 pounds for both5.5 pounds6 pounds
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If you are interested in one of these and would like some more details regarding their pros and cons, then you should check the more in-depth description below.

1. AjnaBuckwheat Meditation Zafu Cushion

Best quality

The Ajna buckwheat meditation Zafu cushion is a perfect example of a maximum quality zafu that you could easily add to your arsenal. It is also easy to carry and looks very cool.

  • Size: Diameter: 16" xHeight: 5"
  • Colors: 2 colors available
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Material: Buckwheat and lavender hulls inside material ,cotton outside material

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  • Extremely comfortable
  • lavender scent
  • Very good customer service
  • Ajna plants a tree for every product sold
  • The outer cover is made from 90% organic cotton and 10% poly base for stability
  • Washable
  • The inner cover is 100% organic
  • Even the pets love it
  • Cushion fits even for larger users
  • Comes with a cute carry on bag


  • In some rare occasions there were bugs spotted inside


This meditation cushion is great!

I tried to get deep into the details to find its faults.

All I could find was a couple of users from thousands who reported that their cushion had a couple insects inside.

If you are willing to take the 99.5% chance of it not having any.

Then you might want to know why its so good.

Firstly, it is one of the only zafu cushions I found that has an aroma to it.

The lavender aroma goes off when you sit on it. Not too strong, and not too weak.

All the customers went crazy over the smell and were very satisfied.

Lavender Aromatherapy has been shown in studies to have impressive relaxing effects and can be used to fight anxiety insomnia, and depression. And guess what? meditation does that as well, so imagine a two in one.

Faster results!

If you are interested in such studies feel free to check them out here.

Second, The Anja group are very dedicated towards customer satisfaction as well as giving back to the community and nature.

Whenever they sell a product, they plant a tree. Meaning, if you bought a zafu, you are indirectly planting a tree somewhere in the world.

They even tried to be as organic and nature friendly as possible with a 100% organic inside and a 90% organic cover.

The other 10% are poly based to make sure the zafu is stable and can be washed when necessary.

I'm not sure why, but it seems that pets really like the zafu as well, they just find it and chill on it.

Who is this for?

If you are someone who is getting more serious about meditation, and want to be able to go into different poses such as the lotus or half lotus poses with ease. Then this option is the best option for you,

2. Waterglider International Cotton Meditation Cushion


The Waterglider is a very good cheap option for a zafu pillow in this list. It provide good stability and will provide you with all the basic needs from a zafu.

  • Size: Diameter:14" x Height: 6"
  • Colors: 4 colors available
  • Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • Material: Organic cotton outside material ,organic cotton inside material

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  • Very light
  • You can open the zipper and add/remove cotton as needed
  • Holds shape and doesn't flatten out
  • Vibrant colors
  • Very cheap


  • Since it is not buckwheat it might not survive as long in the longer term
  • Not removable and washable cover


As for this pillow,

It might not be as perfect as the other ones, but it is half the price.

The inside material is made out of cotton.

Cotton normally provides less durability for the long run, but is still very firm and will hold the shape of your cushion nicely.

However, having a cotton zafu could be a bliss in disguise.

Since the cushion is a little softer you might feel a little more comfortable when sitting on this pillow.

Also, you don't have to worry about having any insect problems with cotton.

What's nice about this pillow is, you can remove the cotton and add it to make it perfect for you.

The pillow has 4 different color option, all of which are very happy and vibrant colors.

Keep in mind:

This zafu is sadly not washable in the washing machine.

And it doesn't have any handles to hold it from if your taking it out.

Nonetheless, it is extremely light so transporting it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Who is this for?

If you are still not entirely sure about getting a zafu, and don't want to spend much to test it out.

Then this is a great cushion to test your meditation skills out on.

It will provide you with enough support and height without losing shape.

3. Leewadee Meditation Cushion Set of Zafu and Zabuton

Best set

The leewadee Meditation cushion set provides nice extra comfort and stability if you are having knee pain or numbness whenever you meditate.

  • Size: Zafu Diameter: 16" x Zafu Height: 8" ,Zabuton Length: 31" x width: 27" x height: 2"
  • Colors: 21 colors available
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds for both
  • Material: Cotton made covers, kapok made inside material

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  • Made out of new untreated kapok
  • The zabuton provides comfort and stability for knees
  • Easy to transport and light weight
  • A lot of colors
  • Very durable for the long term
  • Doesn't get dirty easily


  • Not removable covers


With the Leewadee meditation cushion and mattress it is hard to go wrong in the sense of comfort.

The material that is in the cushion and zabuton is made out of kapok.

Which is what was first used by the Buddhists who used the zafu.

Meaning that you are getting the original quality and feel that you should get.

Sometimes when performing the lotus pose or half lotus pose, you may notice some knee pain or difficulty in reaching the positions properly.

With this set you will be able to more easily get into the position and stay in them for longer thanks to all the support.

The zabuton mattress can be folded easily and the zafu has a handle to carry it from.

All in all, the option is fantastic. Especially with all the colors available to choose from.

The downfall about this zafu set

Is that you can't wash the material easily.

You would have to wash it by hand if you found it necessary.

Some users reported having the set for a couple of years now, without the need to wash it though.

Who is this for?

This zafu is for people who are looking for extra comfort and stability to relieve pain during their meditation sessions.

4. Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion

Best colors

Bean products have been selling a crazy amount of zafus, and most customers are satisfied with what they get.

  • Size: Diameter:14" x Height: 6"
  • Colors: 36 colors available
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Cotton outside, Some colors come in hemp, buckwheat inside

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  • Easily removable buckwheat fill
  • Crazy amount of colors
  • Even cats love this zafu
  • Made from buckwheat to provide long term durability
  • Outside layer can be from hemp for anti-microbial properties
  • Zipper for easy emptying of bag
  • You can choose between round or oval sizes


  • Low chance of containing mites inside
  • The buckwheat might want to slowly leak out from the zipper
  • A little more on the expensive side


This cushion has a lot of interesting details that I have to mention.

Let's start with the amount of colors.

Personally I found 36 different color options for this set, even though they claim that there are 44.

But anyways, all of the colors are different and interesting to look at.

The material that is inside the zafu is buckwheat hulls.

This is both good and bad.

The good news is they are very stable, provide good comfort and support, and are durable.

But the bad news happen if you don't keep the hulls dry.

If you get it wet, then you should try to immediately place it under the sun .

Otherwise you might end up with buckwheat that is rotting from mite infestations.

The outer cover however is made out of hemp.

It is believed that hemp has anti-microbial properties and will be beneficial for health.

Cats and different animals seem to also like the zafu. If you are an animal lover you might want to hope they don't just take the pillow for themselves.

And finally, the zafu can be easily washed by zipping it open, removing the content and washing it.

Who is this for?

If you have acknowledged that there is a small chance of there being insects in the pillow, but want a pillow that is already tested by thousands of users for its quality. Then this option is for you.

5. Body Quiet Stress Relief Acupressure Meditation Cushion

Coolest features

We can finally talk about the coolest featured Body Quiet Stress Relief acupressure cushion. This pillow is great in so many ways and is my favorite in the list.

  • Size: Diameter 13" x Height: 6"
  • Colors: 3 colors available
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Material: Outside cover is cotton , inside is buckwheat

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  • Acupressure for Stress Relief (or flip for a normal cushion)
  • One of the taller options that can be reduced in size also
  • Comes with 2 covers, the outer cover and a cover for the buckwheat
  • Made from buckwheat to provide longer durability
  • The zafu is built to last
  • You can return your zafu for a full refund when not satisfied
  • The cover is removable and washable


  • A little expensive


When you see those spikes you get a little curious right?

What if it's too much?

Well, the cool thing is that these spikes go to your pressure points and help release tension and stress to provide more energy flow through the body.

And the great news is, if you are still not used to having these spikes.

You can easily turn the pillow around and use it like any other zafu.

Another great feature in this zafu is, it has layers inside, meaning that if it is a little too high for you.

Then you can easily remove a layer or 2 to adjust height.

The pillow is washable, but you should turn it inside-out first to protect the spikes from scratching other things in the washer.

Customer service is superb.

They tell you you, if you don't like the zafu.

Then you can return it and get a full refund!

Seems like they are very confident with their product.

In fact, I couldn't find any cons for this product besides that it is a little more expensive than the average zafu.

Who is this for?

If you aren't trying to buy zafu on a budget. I would strongly recommend you chose this option as your go to. It has almost every good quality of all the zafu cushions in this list combined.

Hopefully this helped inform you about the best zafu cushions out there.

If you are still not sure about which one to pick.

Then worry not. I have prepared a quick guide below to show you exactly what you should be looking for when buying your zafu.

example of people getting ready to meditate in the mountain
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How do i choose the right ZAFU?

When getting ready to pick out the right ZAFU, you should look at the following core criteria:

1. The size of the ZAFU

A zafu can come in a variety of sizes, most commonly between 12 and 16 inches in diameter and 5 to 8 inches in height. The right zafu size depends both on the the experience of the user and the waist size . A rule of thumb is to go from 14 inches in diameter or greater.

For users with more experience, a lower height zafu will provide less assistance and make the meditation more natural, but for users with less experience in meditation then it is advised to go for a higher height zafu to provide more assistance and less pressure on the knee joints

As for the waist size, you can always go bigger, but you can not always go smaller.

Because, if it is big, you can just sit more to the front of the zafu and it will provide you with the same qualities.

2. The form of the ZAFU

There are multiple forms of zafu.

There is a round form, crescent form, oval form and others.

Generally the different forms don't make too much of a difference.

The crescent form is supposed to allow for more support for your legs as they go to the ground.

I would suggest sticking to the normal form or the oval form as they are the most common and tested.

3. The material in the ZAFU

There are around 3 different types of inside material for the zafu.

Buckwheat hulls, Cotton, and kapok.

Buckwheat provides good stability, it is very durable for the long term, and is quite comfortable to sit on.

Cotton is not as hard as buckwheat, meaning that it could be a little more comfortable, or it might sink too much, depending on the zafu.

Kapok, is very sturdy and is what used to be originally used in zafus when they were created. It is becoming less popular, as buckwheat provides similar qualities for lower prices.

Is buckwheat better than cotton
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Is cotton better than buckwheat
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4. The cost of the ZAFU

how much the zafu costs is important
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When buying a zafu you should know that the average cost is going to be around 20 to 50 dollars.

I would avoid lower prices, because that's where the quality drops significantly.

And above 50, is more likely going to be due to the brand name, but no enhanced quality.

Depending on your budget you could opt for any range, generally speaking zafu pillows around 40 and higher are top quality cushions.

5. Personal preferences

Some zafus come with different characteristics.

Such as different material for aroma, like lavender.

Different cover material like hemp.

Or different qualities such as providing anti-stress spikes.

You can find a variety of options in this list, and then chose what you find most satisfying.

Well, that's it from my side, I hope I was able to help you in making a better decision.

Thank you for reading up to here, I try to always provide you with the best quality products available to make it easy for you to find without the need of doing extra research. If you know someone who might also be interested in a zafu, make sure to forward this to them below!

Have a nice day!

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