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Best Gaming headsets on a budget | Your guide for 2020

So you want the best pair of gaming headphones ever, that are comfortable, won't break in a week, and most importantly sound amazing?

Nothing will immerse you deeply into the world of gaming more than a good headset will, it will put you in dreamland and make you zone out of this world.

While having a good monitor, gaming pc, and all those other stuff is cool, but nothing is as nice as gaming with a comfortable headset that puts your gaming session in the clouds and sounds amazing.

If you want to experience gaming at a new level this is where you want to be. You get to immerse into the cloud level comfort, all while playing your favorite games.

Why get a gaming headset?

The full Gaming Experience.

To dive into the comfort that they provide, without thinking back to the old days even once. Gaming headsets also provide you with some amazing features, like surround sound, good bass, and most importantly a good mic that won't get people cursing at you.

If you are looking for a simple solution for everything (without having to buy a separate headphone + microphone + amplifier and all that stuff).

Knowing where your enemies are coming from is extremely important to make sure you don't die from an enemy just because you didn't hear them, Gaming headsets have surround sound so that is your best solution.

Comfort is very important to you and you want to game for hours without having any discomfort issues, then gaming headsets are a no brainer.

Let us be honest. They also look awsome.

Why not get a gaming headset?

Sound quality is your main priority

If you care mainly about getting the best sound quality you can possibly get for your money, even if it means sacrificing a little in comfort then you should probably check out our budget headphones, or our Mid-range Headphones, as they will give you better sound for your money.

If you want to buy the best mic possible to make sure you have a good sounding mic, even if it means having to attach it to your desk or headphone with after-market solutions.

But nothing will beat the comfort and convenience a good gaming headset will bring for long hours of immersive gaming.

How did I pick you the best gaming headsets on a budget?

I researched hundreds and hundreds of comparisons, reviews, amazon reviews, and all that to find you the best of them all.

I gathered everyone's opinions in one post, so you get a multi-opinionated unbiased comparison. This way you are Guaranteed to get the best gaming headset on a tight budget.

Who said that?

Who said that in 2020 you have to spend a fortune to get good gaming headphones?

Headphones are now better and cheaper than ever! you can easily get gaming headsets these days 10 times better than you could 5 years ago while paying even less money.

There is so much competition in the gaming headset range that you can get gaming headsets with the amazing value you deserve without wasting all your money.

Before, the big companies just made their prices as high as they could. No one else was selling the gaming headsets, but now there are so many companies making gaming headsets meaning you are the winner, you get amazing gaming headsets without paying much at all!

Don't worry

My promise to you is that you will get the best gaming headset you can possibly get for your money, and won't regret it one second.

What budget are we talking about here?

I know you gamers need a lot of gear from computer mice to controllers to monitors and......... and don't have too much money to spend so I tried keeping them under 50$ making sure you get what you need.

The main priorities I used to find you the best budget gaming headphones are.

  • Price to value ratio
  • Cloud-like Comfort
  • Noise-isolation
  • Surround-sound or (Wide sound stage)
  • High-quality microphone
  • Sound-Quality
  • Durability ( won't break even if you try)

Okay, so here's the Summary of the best gaming headphones on a budget.

  • 1. Hyper X Cloud II
  • 2. Hyper X Cloud Stinger
  • 3. Mpow EG3 Gaming Pro
  • 4. Corsair HS35
  • 5. Logitech G231 

Your best Gaming Headsets

1. Hyper X Cloud II


  • USB Audio sound card with 7.1 Surround system
  • Good noise-Isolation
  • Microphone noise-cancellation (Gets rid of the microphone hiss or background noise from your pc)
  • Advanced audio control box
  • Team speak certified
  • Signature Hyperx Memory foam ear-pads
  • Removable mic
  • Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S
  • 2 Color options


  • Some people find the clamping force to be a little too high.

These are well known, and for a very good reason. A quality pair of gaming headphones, they are truly outstanding in every way.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is absolutely stellar. The bass these headphones pack is amazing, so if you are one of those people that love bass, you are gonna love these. They also okay mids and highs. And given the fact they have 7.1 Surround sound, you will have no problem playing shooters, and figuring out where your oponents are coming form.

Microphone quality:

Their microphone is pretty dope, it is crystal clear with no problems whatsoever, however it some users reported it may sound a little quiet, so you may have to speak up. But they capture crystal clear voice without any background noise.


This is a big commodity for these, their comfort is amazing. Memory foam earpads and they even include an extra set of velour ear-pads with them too if you love the velour soft feel.

Build Quality:

They have an aluminum skeleton, and they are extremely robust headphones, the earcups made out of very premium plastic, even if you throw these on a wall I don't think you can break them.

You may find these a little expensive, But they are worth every penny, you get what you pay for if not more, and not just pay for the name of the company.

Packed very well with plenty of foam and padding is just another sign they are well taken care of. And what's cool is they have a removable mic, so if u don't want to use the mic you can just unplug it from the headphone, and if you ever decide to buy a really premium mic, you can just plug that straight into the headphone.

I think this is a great investment if you want to ramp up your gaming experience and listen to high-quality audio. They are made by a reputable brand and I have absolutely no fault.

2. Hyper X Cloud Stinger


  • Cheap
  • Light-weight
  • 90 Degree rotating ear-cups for a better fit
  • Signature Hyperx Memory foam ear pads
  • Adjustable size
  • Volume control on ear-cup
  • Swivel to mute microphone, making it easy to turn off when needed fast and simply.
  • Inline digital audio converter for higher quality sound.


  • Pretty massive if that bothers you.
  • Delicate, not the best build quality you may break them if you are not very careful with them.

A very high quality pair of headphones for a good price.

Sound Quality:

They have very good sound for their price, so the sound is honestly a go for with these. Great sound quality and great bass depth that won't step over the other sounds in your music. You can easily pinpoint where your enemies are they have a good sound-stage.

Microphone Quality:

The microphone is very sensitive and picks up a lot of sounds, so be careful if you live in noisy places, but if are in a quiet environment they sound crystal clear and amazing for the price.


Very light-weight and comfortable headphones, you can easily wear these headphones for 10 hours without any problems, they have memory foam earpads and are extremely comfortable. They also provide good noise-isolation.


The plastic on the outside of the headphones is pretty cheap plastic, however the inners of the headphones are very well-built, the solder joints and everything inside are very well manufactured and won't go wrong.

They are amazing quality headphones and you can't go wrong for the price however if you have an extra $40 To spare definitely go for the HyperxCloud II, they will be worth the investment and you won't ever look back.

3. Mpow EG3 Gaming Pro


  • Stereo Surround Sound
  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • In-Line Control
  • Soft Memory Earpad
  • LED Lit
  • Amazing looks
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Metal Skeleton
  • Move around mic 360 degrees
  • Compatible with PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch
  • Comes with USB and 3.5 connection, the USB is to boost power to headphone audio-drivers
  • 2 Meter cable
  • 2 Color options


  • Not compatible with Xbox oneS
  • A little heavy

For real, if you don't have money to spend go to this without thinking for one extra second. Their price is insane, considering how good they are.

These are definitely your best budget choice.

Sound Quality:

Considering their price, their sound quality is amazing.

The bass is not too heavy. Good in gunfire games I play. The ammunition and explosions sound as they should. Noise-isolation is also outstanding on these, you won't hear a thing but your games.

Mic Quality:

The Mic is excellent if you are looking for a good Mic you have it here.


Even though they are pretty heavy, however, they are extremely comfortable with no user complaints whatsoever of them being uncomfortable.

Build Quality:

They are built amazingly well, and you honestly cannot go wrong with them.

Disclaimer: When I say everything about this headphone is amazing I mean it, but I'm not saying it beats headphones that cost $80, I'm saying Its the best you can get for its price in every way possible.

Stylishness is a 10/10, In my opinion they look better than many headphones 4x its price.

4. Corsair HS35


  • Memory foam earpads
  • Adjustable earcups
  • Detachable Unidirectional Microphone
  • On-ear volume and mute controls 
  • Discord-Certified: For crystal-clear communication and outstanding sound
  • 3 Color options
  • Good Bass
  • Adjustable Microphone


  • Headphone splitter not included, so you will need to buy that if you intend on using it on a pc.
  • Microphone-Quality could be better

An option from corsair for people who love corsairs quality.

Sound Quality:

The bass on these things is pretty amazing, and they are also a pretty good option for listening to music. If you are into shooter games they are also good for knowing where your oponents are.

Microphone Quality:

It's not bad but it could be better, I would give it a 7.5/10. The microphone is fully moveable and adjustable and is also detachable.


The comfort on these is really good considering the soft memory foam earpads they have and their lightweight design. Expect to wear them for many hours without any problems.

Build Quality:

Premium build quality, mainly made of premium high-quality plastic.

The Packaging is top-notch, as expected with corsairs high-quality standards, they are a fairly good headphone.

So for the money, I'd say Corsair has hit the nail firmly here. It's a good brand and they turn out reliable, well made and considered products. I'd say hard to go wrong with this model. Design and performance is a definite sweet spot.

5. Logitech G332


  • Flip-to-Mute Mic 
  • Big and comfortable
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pc, and Mac
  • Swivel 90 Degrees earcups
  • Extremely well known and reviewed
  • 7.1 Surround sound
  • Mic quality is good
  • Very long Cable
  • Good Noise-isolation


  • It's not that comfortable to wear

If you love Logitech's quality gaming products this one is for you.

Sound Quality:

The sound is good for the price, clear and stable. You can also adjust settings with Logitech software.

Microphone Quality:

Crisp and clear microphone quality. The microphone on these are good for the price.


Comfort has been an all-around opinion in these. Some people say they are extremely comfortable, while others say they are extremely bad. I say they are in the middle.

Build Quality:

Built extremely well, and lasted many people 4 years + of daily usage with lots of drops and harsh usage. They are all-around good headphones for their price, and they look nice and stylish. The only downside is the massive size of these things if that bothers you, everything else is near perfect.

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