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Best Gadgets to become a better Athlete | Gain an Extra-Edge| 2020

The extra edge to win as an elite Athlete
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As an athlete, You strive to become better every day.

You want every edge we can get over the competition!


Because every tiny advantage counts in sports. If you were 5% faster you could have won that race. And for martial artists, If your kick was 5% stronger it could have knocked your opponent out.

To become a better athlete you need every edge you can get.

I tried listing the Gadgets that will really benefit you as an athlete.

These are geared more towards serious athletes or sports enthusiasts, as they can get pretty expensive.

I won't be listing Sport watches, and tracking devices, or heart-rate monitors, as these don't really enhance your abilities.

Im listing the tech that will actually improve you as an athlete.

Would you prefer to watch a video instead? Click below!

I focused mainly on two types of Gadgets for athletes

Gadgets to Enhance your athletic performance

gadgets that improve Speed and give you an edge
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These gadgets will consist of anything to improve your abilities as an athlete.

They are typically used by elite athletes, but are a sure way to get on the path to becoming a better athlete.

They range from gadgets to improve your lung capacity, and gadgets to improve your brain functions.

The best athletes in the world seem to have one thing in common. They all experience being what they call "In the Zone"

To get into the zone when its needed you need to learn how to enter "The zone" state or the Zen state.

The easiest way to do that is through meditation, allowing your brain to achieve different brain-wave frequencies.

Athletes in the Zone change their brain frequency to a higher state of focused mind.

Through practice using meditation tech and devices, it becomes much easier to replicate.

There are also technologies that speed up your learning, so you can learn new skills and hone your craft faster than average.

And more important is the ability to react very quickly.

There are many tech gadgets that train your reaction speed, and Hand-eye coordination as an athlete.

Gadgets to Speed up your recovery

Gadgets that enhance recovery
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Recovery is the most essential part to improve as an athlete.

You can train as long as you'd like, But without enough recovery, you will never improve your athletic capabilities.

Thanks to technology you can speed up your recovery, so you don't need to wait as long for your next training.

That equals longer training hours, More recovery, and faster overall improvement.

There are some devices that are good for releasing really tight muscles, and others for improving blood flow.

Devices that flush out lactic acid seem to be a very good option for athletes too, like compression devices.


That annoying feeling when your legs are so tired?

It makes you feel like you weigh 1000 Kilos

Pump-up compression garments tend to be really good at alleviating those symptoms.

Now we can start with the gadgets!

What are the Best gadgets to become a better athlete and Gain an athletic Edge?

1.Halo sports headphones

Halo Sport headphones for Elite athletes
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🛒Check price on Halo sports Website

This amazing technology has become one of the most well known gadgets out there for athletes.

It works by applying a small electric current to an area of the brain, putting it into a state of hyperlearning!

Peer-Reviewed Research shows Halo sport improves sport performance by 15%

Real world tests show Halo Sport helps people see results 45% faster. So you can improve in your sport much faster!

If you are a musician? Studies show these headphones can even help your music skills 30% faster.

It just takes 20 minutes of brain priming with these headphones, then you get the benefits for 60 minutes.

This Gadget is based on Scientific research, and is not just hype like some other products. If you want something proven and tested this is the way to go.

Is it safe?

Yes. 15+ years of research and thousands of trials on subjects Validate Halo Sport's outstanding safety profile. It was built with Medical grade engineering and design.

2. Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

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🛒Check price on Amazon

A must-have tool for any athlete.

Those sore muscles and tight hips can all be solved with this device.

I find it even more effective than manual massage, as it seems to really unstick your stuck muscles. (whatever that means)

This device will help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness

It will dramatically improve your range of motion and will increase circulation accelerating warmup and recovery.

Almost all elite athletes and physiotherapists are adopting these tools because they are so effective at treating muscles.

This specific gadget has built-in pressure sensors that give you visual feedback throughout your massage.

It ensures your therapeutic are more accurate without the need for an expert.

It uses a very powerful 90W High-torque motor delivering lots of power, while also featuring Quiet GlideTM.

It isn't nearly as noisy as other massage guns there.

It has Interchangeable Head attachments and adjustable speeds for a customized massage experience for the maximum results in the least time.

Its very light-weight and features Rechargable lithium-ion batteries which will give over 2.5 Hours of use.

3. MindPlace Kasina DeepVision Bundle

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🛒Check price on Amazon

This is easily one of the best affordable Mind machines.

The Kasina MindPlace system is the most sophisticated product made by MindPlace, who has been a leading manufacturer of Audio-visual mind stimulation technologies.

It uses advanced brainwave entrainment.

It trains your mind by pulsing rythmic sounds and flashing colorful lights to your eyelids which are encoded into nature sounds, music, or others to Quickly induce Mind states.

It will help you Quickly get into states of calmness, tranquility, relaxation, meditation, and Increased focus.

This will help you replicate the feeling of being "In flow" or " In the zone" as an athlete, and will help you reach it more easily.

It will also increase your recovery using the stress relieving technology, that helps improve your brain-wave frequencies to be more calm, and to lessen the Beta waves which are associated with stress.

Overall this device will help you relax, and will also help you learn how to achieve optimum focus.

It is very simple to use, and doesn't take years of learning to master like meditation does.

You just select the program state of mind you need, and your good to go.

If you want to see other amazing Meditation devices to train your brain make sure to check this blog about the best meditation headbands and headsets.

4. Rapid Reboot Compression boots

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🛒Check price on Amazon

What is Rapid Reboot?

It is a system is comprised of a control unit and separate attachments that can go either on the legs, hips, or arms.

It is very popular among elite athletes and is used to increase recovery speed.

How it works is it increases blood flow, and helps flush out your lymphatic system.

Almost all athletes who try it are amazed from the results they get. Even if you are tired, after using them you will magically feel like you have new fresh legs.

It is most commonly used for the legs, as your body has a hard time getting rid of waste in legs, especially in athlete on their feet for very long times.

It helps the lymphatic system and helps flush out all the waste from the legs.

It is not just hype and is used by many elite athletes around the world.

5.ProNine Reaction Ball

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🛒Check price on Amazon

This is a very simple concept.

It is a bouncy ball, but where it helps is it bounces in random places and you have to react very quicky and move to catch it.

It is a very good exercise for reaction speed and training quick explosive movements.

It sharpens depth perception as it trains the eyes and tracking moving objects, and it also increase agility.

Another attribute it helps with is hand-eye coordination which is very important to some athletes.

6. BLAZEPOD Flash-Reflex training system

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🛒Check price on Blazepod's website

This is a Light-reflex system made for professional athletes and trainers.

It makes training much more fun, and gives a Challenge to reaction abilities.

You can associate colors with different actions making it also improve your Processing speed, and not only your reaction speed.

Hand-eye coordination is also improved with this product, and it can be used for tests of agility, reaction speed, and Processing speed.

It is a very good tool to have as an athlete, and an amazing tool to have as a coach.

If you are looking for that extra edge, this will definitely help with that.

7. Muse S The brain sensing Headband

If you want to get hyper levels of focus you have to train your brain just as much as your body.

When athletes are "In the zone" they become highly focused and entere a meditative like state.

The easiest way to train becoming in that state is by meditation

Meditation has been studied extensively, and is proven by science time and time again.

It is one of the best methods to improve your focus as an Elite athlete.

Being extremely calm and focused during intense moments of athletic events will be the difference between winning and losing.

The Muse S Headband will help you achieve higher states of meditation faster.

Thanks to the Neuro-feedback it provides, it will let you know when your focus drifts away instantly, and will let you Increase your focus dramatically.

It will also teach you how to achieve high meditative states. Once you can do that, achieving flow as an athlete becomes much easier.

Another way you can use this gadget is for Relaxing after intense exercice. Meditation is proven to slow Heart-rate and increase recovery after exercise.

8. POWERbreathe Plus 2

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🛒Check price on Amazon

As an athlete the most important tool you have is your lungs.

You need oxygen to use energy, without oxygen your muscles wont work!

Just like you train all the muscles in your body, Why do you neglect your lungs?

It is very important to strengthen your lungs as an athlete.

Any athlete seeking for a competitive edge should definitely seek this option. It is cheap, and is very effective at strengthening your lungs.

It is a must-have for any serious athletes.

People who used it have increased their lung force by 70% In 5 weeks!

It will dramatically improve your breathing as an athlete, and you will find yourself gasping for air much less often.

It has a variable resistance, and you can increase the Level as your lungs get stronger.

9. Video Games

Playing shooter games is one of the best free ways to improve your performance as an athlete.

This won't work for sports like long-distance running, swimmers, and some others.

Video games are amazing for any sport where extreme dexterity and Accuracy is needed, such as all martial arts, and many other team games.

They have been proven by scientists to Increase hand-eye Coordination.

There were studies that showed increased reaction time, and increased focusing capabilities.

Other studies show that they can increase Grey matter in the brain, which will allow you to become much more adaptable to situations as an athlete, and will help you adapt to situations.

They improve Brain's Speed of processing, enhance multi-tasking skills, improve social skills, improve eye tracking, and many others.

You can google Video game benefits for athletes.

10. Musical instruments

Elite Athlete playing piano with Halo neurosport
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Exercise of musical instruments has been linked to a potential improvement in the quality of long-duration performances.

Music can improve coordination in athletes, thanks to the need to use different body parts in sync with each other for musicians.

Musical instruments are known to increase brain Neuro-plasticity which is shown to be very positive for Athletes.

The more Neuro-plasticity you have, the faster your brain neurons fire, and the more adaptable you become as an athlete to situations.

What is Neuro-plasticity?

Every time you learn a new skill, whether it's shooting a basket, kicking a ball, or learning a new language your brain makes new nerve pathways or strengthens existing nerve pathways.

Every skill you learn changes your brain.

The more skills you learn in your life, the more neuro-plasticity you get.

Neuro-plasticity is linked to increased athletic capabilities and performance, as it increases your coordination and neuro connections.

To learn more about neuroplasticity, and how your brain learns new skills I suggest reading a book called The talent code.

11. Compex Wireless USA 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

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🛒Check price on Amazon

Electrical muscle stimulation is a technology that uses electricity to contract your muscles.

It has Many proven benefits for athletes.

Some of the benefits of well used EMS:

  • Proven to work by research
  • Delivers a clean, complete muscle contraction
  • Quickly recover muscle injuries
  • EMS Facilitates recovery
  • Portable EMS Devices are exceptionally convenient

The Compex Wireless USA 2.0 Muscle stimulator is easy to use.

It is not as complex as most EMS devices and can easily be used by athletes

It has many different settings that will help an athlete in many ways.

It includes 10 different programs that serve your purposes as an athlete!

4 for Strength, 2 Warmup, 3 Recovery, and 1 for Pain management.

The device will help you Increase explosive Strenght, speed up muscle recovery, and manage your pain.

It is very easy to use thanks to the easy-to-use colored display, and a Rechargeable battery.

Many users have reported very good results using this product.

It may be expensive but As an athlete trying to excel you have to invest in yourself.

I hope you found this post useful. I tried including the best gadgets possible for athletes, and I made sure not to include just any rubbish out there.

There are many other gadgets out there, but in my opinion, these are the ones that make the biggest difference for athletes.

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