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Kettles that are Quiet in 2020 | These won't make you deaf

Best quiet kettles in 2020
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So you are sick of that annoying kettle in your house. It sounds like a Leafblower.

Or even worse... It almost sounds like a Vacuum cleaner...

Every time you turn on the kettle In the morning you wake up the whole household.

Your family is having a nice time talking at the breakfast table?

Kettle: "Oh Hell NO! Lets ruin that."

Talking on the phone?

Kettle: "Oh Hell No!"

Trying to wake up early in the morning without waking up everyone in the house?

Kettle: "Nonono EVERYBODY Must rise and shine".

Basically these are the troubles you are facing with that noisy old kettle of yours.

But the kettle noise is only ONE of your many issues. Your kettle is always getting Limescale.

Like it literally takes 1 day for it to be full of limescale...

It's even getting so loud its beginning to annoy your neighbors too.

You don't want to be obnoxious.

You want a kettle that Won't get scaled up, and one that will stay QUIET.


I got you.

So let me get things straight.

You want an Affordable kettle with the following specifications.

  1. Quiet
  2. Quick Boiling
  3. Doesn't develop limescale
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Looks Neat
  6. BPA-Free and healthy?

Okay. Is that all?

I got you.

Now that we are done with talking behind the kettles back we can get to the main plan.


Hopefully your kettle doesn't hear you reading this because if it does, It will panick and then it will suddenly stop working.

(Try not to read this out aloud)


What are the Best kettles that stay quiet in 2020? - Noise Free Kettles

1.Breville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter Kettle

Lowest noise-Kettle on the list


  • Great Kettle
  • Variable temperature
  • Breville are a Well known company based in australia which make amazing products
  • 1.8 Litres water capacity
  • 1500-Watt for fast boiling
  • 360 Degree rotational base
  • Well built
  • VERY Quiet - Quietest kettle on the list
  • Boil-Dry protection
  • BPA-Free


  • Not Cheap
  • Some people had quality issues but the majoriy were happy
  • Temparature settings are only in Fahrenheit

If you want a one of the quietest kettles you can possibly get on this list this is the way to go.

If you watch the video I attached below you will see what I mean by how quiet this kettle is.

The only issue with this kettle is the company seem to have quality control issues, and some users get deffective products.

However, the overall ratings of the users are extremely positive and only a few customers had problems. The majority had a Great experience.

The kettle is backed up by a 1 year Warranty which means you don't really have to worry about having any issues.

You will get a full year With full support and backed up by warranty making this a Great option to go for.

2.Electric Kettle, Miroco 1.5L

Highest Overall quality Quiet Kettle


  • Great Price
  • Double-layered for Keeping your hot water hot longer ( Anti-Scalding)
  • Cool to touch thanks to double layering
  • Lower noise thanks to Double layers
  • BPA-Free
  • 100% Stainless Steel inside
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Great option if you have kids thanks to the anti-scolding feature
  • 1.5 Litre Capacity
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • 1500 Watts for fast boiling
  • Automatically Turns off boiling when Done
  • Very easy to clean


  • No cons. Great kettle

Okay so if you want to go for the best overall kettle on this list this is the way to go.

Miroco have killed it with Quality on this Kettle.

It is by far the most positively reviewed kettle on Amazon, and thats for a Very good reason.

The kettle uses an Extra-safe double wall design which gives it all it's amazing Benefits.

A double-walled design Keeps the temparature of the water inside hotter for longer.

It helps to reduce noise levels thanks to the extra insulation layer in the kettle.

The double-walled design helps increase the safety of the kettle and makes it great to use around kids.

It is made using a Good-grade 304 Stainless steel inside, and the plastic is 100% BPA Free making it a very healthy option for a family.

If I were to buy one of the choices on this list This is the one I would go for. You get the Best quality possible at an amazing price.

The kettle will hold up to 1.5L (8 Cups) and will boil in only 6-7 Minutes When Full.

This will help you conveniently prepare your hot tea, or instant soup and save time for more important things.

Cleaning has also never been easier thanks to the 75 Degree opening lid which will provide you a lot of space to easily clean out your kettle.

Miroco promise an 18 Month After-Sales Service Warranty!

3.COMFEE' 1.7L Double Wall & Low Noise Electric Kettle


  • Low Noise
  • Double wall
  • Cool to touch ( Great for kids )
  • BPA Free
  • Double wall Decreases the amount of noise significantly
  • Very easy to use
  • Auto-Shut Off
  • 3 Different colors
  • 1.7 Litre Capacity
  • 1500W for Fast boiling
  • Pours water very well


  • Some users reported bad customer support when they needed help

COMFEE have made a Great kettle here.

It is also double walled like the previous kettle, but this kettle has a 1.7 Litre water capacity.

So If 1.5 Litres of Capacity aren't enough for you, you should definitely consider going for this option.

The Stainless steel has a premium 304 Food grade rating meaning it is Fully safe for your family and won't be causing any health issues.

You get a 1 Year full warranty from Comfee which means if you have any problems with your kettle you can easily get it replaced or fixed.

The outer exterior of the kettle is also 201 Series BPA Free meaning Even the plastic on the outside is Safe and produces no chemicals.

If you have any kids in the house who might scold themselves when touching the kettle, or if you have someone who constantly scolds them selves this is a Great option for that.

Another great use for Double-walled Kettles is they make a Great kettle for people with arthritis.

People with arthritis in their fingers tend to have trouble picking things up with one hand, and usually, kettles are too hot to handle with both hands

With double-walled kettles which are cool to the touch People with arthritis in their fingers may find it Easier to use thanks to the ability to use both hands when pouring the hot water.

It is still recommended to take Extra care because Boiling water can cause Serious health risks and damage.

4.Primens Electric Water Kettle Automatic Shut off

Best affordable Low-Noise kettle in 2020


  • Double layered Kettle
  • 1500 Watts for Fast boiling
  • Designed to Endure up to 12000 Boiling cycles which will definitely outlast other options out there
  • Boil-dry protection for reduced scaling in the kettle
  • Turns off the Kettle automatically once it reaches a boiling level which reduces waste of electricity
  • 1.5 Litres ( 8 Cups ) Of water capacity
  • Noise-Free kettle thanks to double walled design
  • Well-Designed spout
  • Kettle that pours water very well
  • 2 Different Colors ( White or Black)


  • Kettle is pretty heavy. It weighs nearly 2 pounds without any water ( A little heavy for elderly)

Another great kettle with a double layered designed for Extremely low noise.

If you want an Affordable kettle that is also very quiet Primens have your back.

Their kettle boasts a Solid construction that is tested to work for up to 120000 boiling cycles which lasts far more than other kettles out there.

It also uses an Advanced British Strix controller and a concealed heating element which will add to the longevity of the kettle.

For a long lasting kettle that looks classy and simple this is definitely the way to go. Whith a capacity of 1.5 Litres and up to 8 Cups of water that makes this kettle a Great option for most people out there.

The only concern whith this kettle is it weighs almost 2 Pounds without any water which may mean it would be too heavy for the Elderly to carry, but the average person would be more than happy with this kettle.

I love the simple design and color scheme on this kettle and im sure you will love it too.

If you are worried about your health, then don't be. This kettle has a Food grade 304 Stainless steel inner body, and the plastic on the outside is BPA-Free and uses FDA-Approved materials in the construction of the kettle.

Enjoy drinking safe and healthy water with uncompromised Quality.

This kettle also has one of the Best Manufacturer warranties out there with an outstanding 2-Year warranty.

The design is by far my favorite as it has a Stylish, and easy to clean design with a Shiny exterior and a Classic White or Black color.

The opening on top is extra large and makes cleaning the kettle very easy.

5.Russell Hobbs KE5550CRR Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle, Cream

Best Retro-fashion old style kettle that isn't very noisy


  • Classical Retro-design
  • Has a Mechanical Thermometer (Much better than digital thermometers and less prone to faliure)
  • Best built kettle on the list
  • The water temperature guage will also allow you to achieve the optimal temperature for all varieties of your tea.
  • Quick Boiling
  • Removable and washable Filter
  • Drip free Pouring Kettle
  • 1.7 Litre Capacity


  • Not very quiet

If you want to go for a Trusted brand with World renown quality Russell Hobbs is the way to go.

They have been well known for making house appliances and kitchen appliances for Decades now.

When it comes to quality Russell Hobbs have Extreme quality standards and they don't practice shady things like Getting people to review their products for a Free kettle.

They are confident that they don't need to bribe their customers for great reviews, and they have very great overall quality.

This kettle just like the others has a 1500W Design which allows it to boil water very quickly.

If you give this kettle as a Gift to any elderly they will love it. It has a Fashionable but Retro look at the same time, and is Built the proper way.

It's built to last.

Just like the other kettles on the list, this kettle will turn off automatically once it reaches boiling temperatures and If you'd like your tea at a Specific temperature you can easily monitor the temperature on the Guage and stop it when it reaches your desired temperature.

Another reason you might want to go for a Russell Hobbs kettle is that you already have another appliace like a Toaster and you want to get a Great matching looking kettle.

This is the way to go if you want a High-Quality option from a trusted brand.

This kettle is also known to pour very well, so you won't be having any issues with that.

What are the things to look out for when buying yourself a Quiet Kettle?

  1. Double Walled design ( Having a double sided wall kettle will drastically reduce any noise created by the kettle and will result in a calmer overall kettle)
  2. Not too thin. ( Thin kettles will do a very poor job at reducing sound coming out of the kettle.)
  3. Look for Low-Noise Labels on the desired kettle
  4. Look for a Steel kettle. ( Plastice kettles and glass kettles tend to be noisier overall)
  5. Make sure the kettle has a well designed spout for a good pouring experience
  6. Look out for Variable temperature options if you like drinking Green tea and a variety of Teas.

Why is my kettle so noisy?

Very noisy
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Your kettle could be noisy for a multitude of factors.

Thin kettles that are built from plastic are usually the noisiest kettles out there. The noise comes from the Bubbles that rise up and smash into each other causing the bubbles to explode.

This produces the noisy kettle sounds you usually hear.

Another common reason for a noisy kettle is because it has an Air-leak in the lid or somewhere that is either too small or too big that may let it sound like there is a Thunderstorm inside your kettle

How Often should you Buy a new kettle?

Buying a new kettle
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The fact that you are asking such a question is concerning because kettles are built to last a long time. However, if you live in a Hard water area any kettle is going to get ruined Sooner rather than later.

As a general rule of thumb Kettles should last anything between 2-5 years.

If you live in a very low Hard-water area they can even last longer then that. However the heating elements in the kettle won't last for ever and will slowly break down with time.

Make sure you buy a Good quality kettle from the get-go then you will less likely have to replace your kettle too often.

Good cleaning habits will definitely help your kettle last longer, because if you never clean it, The limescale will make it deteriorate faster.

Is it okay to leave water in a Kettle?

Experts say you should Never reboil the water in your Kettle. According to some experts " The chemicals in the water become more concentrated and things like nitrates arsenic and flouride can build up in concentration"

Learn more here

Always boil the correct amount of water you will be using.

That's why kettle manufacturers Include CUP Signs on their Capacity gauges.

Besides, Boiling too much water will also cause you to use more electricity than necessary! If you are boiling twice the amount of water you need you are using twice the amount of electricity to boil that water too.

Should you Descale a kettle?

Definitely. Descaling your kettle will help prolong the kettle's life and will keep it easier to clean. Always Descale your kettle as soon as you start seeing any signs of scale that way you will prevent the kettle from developing Heavy deposits of lime-scale which become harder to remove and may damage your kettle.

Why shouldn't you reboil the kettle?

reboiling water
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If water is left boiling too long or is reboiled the chemical compounds in the water tend to change for the worst. The compounds of chemicals increase and concentrate increasing the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals into your body.

These chemicals like nitrates can turn into nitrosamines which can become carcinogenic. These chemicals have been linked to diseases like Leukemia and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma as well as various types of cancer.

To learn more on this topic Check out the article published by The Sun by clicking here

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