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Best Printers for Canvas in 2021 | Perfect for DIY or Photo Prints|

Printers for Canvas
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You are looking for a canvas printer but are confused. I don't blame you...

There are so many printers out there these days it's overwhelming. I know how you feel looking for a Canvas printer, the options are very confusing, and the lack of information out there on this subject makes it even harder to find.

I did hours and hours of research reading tons of blogs, reviews, and frequently asked questions, and I found exactly what you need as a DIY Person, Artist, Or photographer.

Maybe you are trying to replicate the look of an original acrylic painting or oil, Canvas printers are what you need to make large products or artwork, great for interior design.

Now before we dive into the best printers for canvas, I have to ask you some common questions to make sure you get the right printer for you.

If you are a professional photographer and have some awesome moments captured on your camera, there is no better way than to print it out, put it in a frame and mount it on your wall.

Another thing is if you are a photographer, investing in better professional printers for canvas is a necessity. Especially if you use a high-end camera.

Even though you can easily walk to the nearest convenient store and print your photos from your phone or SD-Card, investing in a wide format printer will give you the freedom to print them from home with your own desired format and settings. Saving you time and money.

You also usually get higher quality stuff because you tailor them to your needs, as you know about what you need better than a shop owner would.

And maybe you want to sell art prints, which is definitely a good reason to invest in a good printer that will last, and provide you with high-quality prints.

Prefer watching a full video covering The best canvas printers? Click below!

What is the size of the prints you would like to do?

The measures of canvas that you might need
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Different printers have different minimum Small prints, and different max size prints so this is definitely something you should look out for when finding the right canvas printer for you.

If you are confused, a safe bet is usually to have a printer that can print 13"x19" This should print most projects. However, you know what you need better than I do.

This is the most basic and important question for you to think about before you go on to the next step. I suggest you get a tape measure and try to get an estimate of what size you will be needing.

Nothing is worse than finally getting that canvas printer, only to find out it won't print the size you need.

Can any plotter or large-format printer print on canvas?

Sadly, No. You will usually have to find the right type that will work with canvas, as they are usually built for thinner artist papers, but no worries because I found them for you already. As a general rule don't buy anything that no one has tried to print on canvas with.

The most common canvas Weight is between 280 GMS and 430 GMS. A printer set up for lighter materials like CAD Paper or Plotter paper won't be able to process those weights of Canvas material.

Printing on a heavy material with the wrong type of printer is not recommended. It blunts the cutter and wears out the cutter motor, which might cause the non-canvas printer to break down and stop working. That's why you will need the right printer

So, instead of paying for repairs all the time it is recommended to get a printer or plotter which is designed to print thicker media like canvas.

Will you need any special inks for the canvas printer?

Pigment based inks that are usually preferred for canvas
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Canvas prints or graphic prints are usually printed to be displayed in a place where they are going to be exposed to sunlight, and many other elements like humidity.

They are supposed to withstand the elements and stay looking good and fresh.

Pigment-based Inks are usually the preferred type for canvas as dye-based Inks don't usually work well with canvas. Pigment Inks are waterproof and Ultra-Violet stabilized, making sure they won't fade away when placed outside, or in the sun.

The quality of the inks from different manufacturers differ, as some will use water-based inks which only look good in the short term, while others will use high-quality durable inks that will last long term.

Is resolution important when picking your canvas printer or plotter?

Print resolution is the same as screen resolution, it is the number of dots of ink in every inch. It definitely is important but it is not the most important factor.

Usually, you will be looking at most canvas prints from a distance, so having a little extra resolution won't really matter because from a distance you won't be able to see it anyways.

However, if for some reason you are printing on canvas that is to be viewed from a close distance, then it would be more important for you.

What else should you look for in a canvas printer?

The canon 105 is a good printer
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Size, make sure you have enough space because some of these printers are big if you need to print big canvas sizes.

Think about how many times you are willing to print a day, and how often you wish to use it. If you will be needing a lot of printing in the near future, or are selling canvas prints, you will definitely want to make sure your canvas printer or plotter is capable of speedy and powerful printing and processing.

For intense use, you are going to want something that will be fast, and something that can hold more ink in it, with larger ink cartridges. Otherwise, if you will be printing less often, you can go for small ink cartridge volumes to keep the cost down.

However, getting the larger ink cartridges is usually better as they have much more ink for less money if you calculate it. If you want to make sure you are getting a good deal try this:

Ink cartridge size (ml)/ price = How much ink you get per dollar or whatever currency you are using.( The higher the number the better)

Also keep in mind that faster printers that hold more ink are usually built to be used more often, meaning they will last longer and will have better future-proof durability.

Having a Pigment-based Ink machine is definitely important, as dye-based prints usually look terrible on canvas.

How much will you be spending on the plotter or canvas printer?

It honestly depends on what kind of quality you are looking for, and how serious you are about your prints.

If you will be using it a lot for professional quality, and photographic printing, you are going to need to invest for a printer designed for that.

Getting a high-quality printer for professional use will definitely be a little expensive, but is usually worth it. It means you will always have better quality prints and are less likely to run into problems in the future.

Otherwise, if you just want to use it very sparingly and don't care too much, you can get along with a more budget-friendly option.

TIP : Always Make sure to Drain your nozzles and keep them clean to prevent them from clogging up, and to maintain the printer long term. That will also make sure you don't run into any future problems.

Now I can start with the best 5 canvas printers and plotters for DIY, artists, sellers, and photographers.

  1. Epson Artisan 1430
  2. Canon PIXMA PRO-10
  3. Epson Stylus Pro 3880
  4. Epson Surecolor P800
  5. Canon IP8720 (Budget Option)

What are the Best printers for Canvas in 2021?

1. Epson Artisan 1430

Good for home-use and an amazing mid-range option


  • Wide-Format, prints as large as 13" x 19 Inches
  • Borderless, HD photos up to 13 Inch x 19 Inch
  • Photo prints are stunning
  • Epson inks last a long time
  • Wide carriage allows for producing larger prints
  • Very nice printer control panel
  • Wireless printing through wifi
  • Wifi connection that works flawlessly and is easy to set up
  • Pretty good speed for printing regular documents
  • A perfect option for home users
  • Bundled Photoshop elements
  • Magnificent color detail
  • Prints are water, fade, smudge, and scratch-resistant and they usually don't require any extra layers of protective spray after they are printed.
  • You can also print onto CDs or DVDs directly, eliminating the needs for labels.


  • It is rather slow when printing High-resolution photos, it won't be the best option when used in a production environment, but perfect for home use.
  • The printer software doesn't remember last settings and goes back to default
  • Not pigment-based
  • No Roll-media option

This workhorse will print anything you need. You will fall in love with the color quality, and it will never fade, it will remain your best friend and tool.

Don't worry about reaching the end of its life cycle, as it is built extremely well and should last you a long time without any issues.

The nozzle heads don't clog up often and require much less cleaning than many of the other options. The Epson inks are reasonably priced and produce a good dense black for the film positives.

Although the Claria inks are dye-based, they aren't too bad. They look very good and have good longevity to them.

The photo quality prints are also very bright and accurate, and it has been used by many people to print on canvas, and they haven't reported having any problems with it.

It doesn't seem to like the extremely heavyweight canvas, so stick with the lighter GSM weights.

2. Canon PIXMA PRO-10

An amazing Higher-Mid-range option


  • 13 Inch x 19 Inch maximum print size
  • Up to 4800 DPI Print resolution, highly detailed and grain-free.
  • Uses a Combination of Pigment-based inks and chroma optimizer which adds uniform glossiness, and a wide color gamut with intense blacks for the satisfaction of professionals
  • Reproduces colors extremely accurately
  • Compatible with individual PGI-72 Ink tanks (Matte Black, Photo Black, Gray, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Yellow, Red, Chroma, Optimizer)
  • Only replace the inks that run out!, If you use 1 color dominantly you won't need to swap all the inks.
  • Three dedicated monochrome inks for amazing black and white.
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity. Perfect for home-based photographers, artists, or small studios.
  • Print photos directly from smartphones using Canon's Easy-Photo print
  • Tested with canvas without any reported problems
  • CD/DVD Printing
  • Borderless printing
  • Super easy to refill cartridges from compliant inks from refill markets. Which will save you money


  • The wifi feature sometimes has some simple problems if you don't have a strong wifi connection to it.

Canon is increasing in popularity in the professional photographer printer world, and for a good reason, they are building amazing machines.

This is an example of that, it has great quality and detail. One of the best things about this printer is how you can replace whatever ink color finishes separately, and don't need a full set.

The ink cartridges are also easily refillable manually using compliant inks from refill markets, definitely give that a try as it will save you lots of money.

Pigment-based inks are usually more preferred for canvas, and this is pigment-based so expect amazing color quality on canvas that will last you a long time, and will be very durable.

The brother of this printer, the Canon Pro 100 is also a very good option, however, it uses Dye-based ink which is why I didn't include it here.

Setting the printer up is easy and intuitive, but is also time-consuming. It also uses a 10-Ink base system meaning better colors overall. The blacks when using this printer come out amazing, thanks to the 3 black ink cartridges.

It can also be used on-demand using your phone without any problems, with Bluetooth connectivity. Or using other devices on the Wireless LAN.

One common problem with photo printing is the phenomenon of the finished prints looking different from what the user sees on his monitor screen. The finished prints are typically darker and trying to get matching prints that match the screen color is usually a problem.

Canon solved that problem by including a program called optimum lightroom. It helps the prints to come out exactly as you see them on the screen without any tweaking, meaning it will show you what your print looks like before you even print it, making sure to give you room to fit it to your likes.

Printing time for a size 13" x 19" will be around 5 minutes which is honestly not bad for the quality you get.

I definitely recommend this one if you can afford it, it will be good in the long run as it's built extremely well.

3. Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Best High-end option


  • Prints size up to 17" x 22"
  • World-renowned for professional printing applications
  • Advanced MicroPiezo AMC print head
  • Gallery-quality color and black-and-white output
  • The best option for Serious people looking for the best
  • Prints fast, with amazing print quality, and has many features that outshine the competition
  • One of the best printers out there right now
  • Industry-leading pigment ink technology
  • Optimal black-density and quality
  • Advanced image quality architecture
  • Designed without compromise
  • Engineered for professionals
  • Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta Ink Technology
  • AccuPhoto HD2 Technology
  • Specialized support by an expert team at Epson


  • Some people complain about bad customer support from Epson

This is a great option for photographers, artists, and any enthusiasts who are looking for a good high-end printer that will get you results fast.

Many people use this printer for printing canvas, and you will easily find multiple videos regarding how to print canvas using this printer. It takes a while to set everything up to work correctly, but after that, it shoots out amazing prints with the best quality possible.

Make sure to read all instructions thoroughly while installing to make sure you set up everything correctly and don't fall into any problems. After you have all the basics and set up down, everything is easy after that.

It uses Pigment-Ink which is considered best for printing on Canvas, and it even has roller support which is definitely a good option for printing canvas. Just make sure to watch youtube videos and read some articles about it, and you are good to go. This applies to all printers on this list.

So this will deliver you stunning canvas prints once you get used to using it properly, and it will last you a long time and is built to last. The fact it can print up to 17 Inches is also pretty good meaning it should print most of the things you need.

Keep aware it is pretty large and is considered one of the larger printers for canvas, but that allows it to print the larger canvas prints you would want to print.

4.Epson Surecolor P800

Another great High-end Option


  • Pigment-Based inks
  • Epson UltraChrome HD Inks
  • Up to 17 Inches by 22 Inch prints good for large canvas prints
  • Optional Roll feeder lets you print from roll-based materials
  • Superior black-and-white prints using a three-level black ink technology and an advanced black-and-white mode for professional-level black and white prints
  • Uses Nine 80 ml Ink cartridges with auto-switching photo and matte black ink.
  • Optimal operating temperatures are between 50 to 95 Fahrenheit (10 to 35 Celsius) Storage from -4 to 104 Fahrenheit (-20 to 40 Celsius)
  • Professional black and white prints
  • High capacity 80 ML ink cartridges
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Has two younger brother versions, the Surecolor P600, and the Surecolor P400
  • Uses Wifi, USB, or Ethernet
  • Epson MicroPiezo AMC Print head
  • You can print CDs or DVDs with it but you will have to make yourself a tray, which will take some googling


  • Make sure to get it from Reputable sellers, as others bought from some vendors and found troubles ( Make sure to buy the ones intended for use in your country to make sure you have full support and warranty)

It is a Great printer, many professional photographers use it to print and sell fine art prints. Extremely positive reviews on this printer and many people found the printing quality outstanding and had no trouble printing on canvas.

An extremely well-known printer for good reasons has many people using it which is very good for you because that means you will get better customer support and can solve your problems easily as you will find the fixes easily.

Printing large canvas photos has never been easier, can print on many different materials and papers other than canvas too. There are also metallic, glossy, and thick fine art options and they all look astonishing.

Given the fact it uses a roller makes it easy to use for loading in roller type canvas or other materials. It doesn't use as much ink as other printers and is very ink efficient.

5. Canon IP8720

Best budget canvas printer


  • Pigment Inks
  • It can produce prints as large as 13 Inches x 19 Inches
  • Color resolution of 9600 x 2400 DPI
  • 6 Color Ink System
  • Ethernet, USB, And Wi-Fi Connectivity options
  • The printer can handle different weights and sizes pretty well
  • It does not use too much ink
  • Extremely compatible with Windows, and MAC devices
  • Fine nozzle
  • ChromaLife 100+ Making sure photos can be stored up to 300 years


  • Prints are great but not extremely accurate
  • Pretty loud
  • Does not come with an automatic document feeder

If you want an entry-level printer for canvas printing and aren't willing to spend so much this will be your best option.

It produces prints as large as 13" x 19" and has an amazing color resolution, the colors it reproduces are extremely good for its price, it's definitely the best budget canvas printer.

However, if you need very accurate colors and are looking to sell canvas prints, I would definitely recommend you go for the other printers on this list, as they are better suited for professional quality and use.

If you will only be using this printer sparingly and won't be using it every day, and would just like a nice tool to complement your hobbies, then this is an amazing choice for you and will definitely pay its dues.

It will not disappoint and is built amazingly well for its price, I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cheap canvas printer.

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