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Best Sheets that don't pill in 2021 | No more pills and wrinkles

clean bed sheets that dont pill
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Aren't you just sick of the pilling that happens to fabrics after you wash them a few times?

You feel the sheet at the shop.

You buy It.

Everything is Perfect. UNTIL IT starts getting Pills all over it...

Then it just feels rough and annoying, and it doesn't feel nice and smooth anymore.

What else?

The annoying wrinkles in the sheets!

No one wants a sheet that gets wrinkled easily, and no one likes ironing the sheets everytime you stick them in the washing machine.

Getting them washed every so often alone is a job, But Ironing them too? Hell no!

We are in 2021 and you deserve a Bedsheet that doesn't wrinkle Nor get Pills!

Or as the British say Bobbles rather than Pills

So If you are looking for a bed sheets that don't bobble, or bed sheets that don't need ironing Your in the right place.

Now then.

What are the Best Sheets that don't pill in 2021?

1. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set 

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  • Brushed Microfiber 1800 bedding
  • Price: $ ( Cheap)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Pill Resistant
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Colors: 44 Different colors!
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
  • Lifetime Manufacturer GUARANTEE

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Great Price
  • Very Great quality
  • Best seller product
  • Super soft and Life time Guarantee
  • Extremely wide variety of Colors


  • Pretty Thin

So if you are a looking for a Great priced bed Sheet set with great quality look no further.

This is By Far the best Budget-Friendly bed sheet you can possibly get.

Like colors?


You can choose the color you like from between 77 Different colors! Talk about variety.

I don't know how many companies in the world actually give a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee but this is one of them.

They say that if you don't enjoy the Bed-sheet or you feel it is not for you Just send an Email to them and recieve a 100% money-back refund! Absolutely no questions Asked!

And return it?

No! You get to keep it.

Please don't abuse this fact, and get your self a free bed sheet though.

However, what this says is how much faith Mellani have in their bed sheets.

Bye Bye Pills, Bobbles, Stains, Wrinkles, and Allergies.

You Don't have to worry about those anymore.

There may be cheaper options online. But I suggest you just stick to this one with a lifetime guarantee and full refund option. You can't go wrong.


Oh. And if you were wondering about Fading problems don't. You won't be having any Fade issues.

2. Pure Bamboo Sheets

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  • 100% Organic Bamboo Viscose
  • Highest quality Bamboo Viscose and are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Colors: 11 different options
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King.
  • Gets softer every wash
  • Complete 4 Peace Bed sheet set ( 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, 2 Pillow cases)
  • Deep Fitting pockets to ensure Snug fit
  • Breathable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Money Back Guarantee if you don't like your order

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Very Durable
  • Works Great if you sleep hot
  • Fully Natural
  • Gets softer with time
  • Premium Feel thanks to 100% Bambo material
  • Moisture wicking capabilities making it great for Summer, Winter, spring, and fall
  • Durable Double stitching
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified 100% Pure bamboo
  • Durable and Comfortable at the same time


  • Not cheap
  • Get softer after first washes so will need some breaking in
  • Shrink a little

If you are anything like me and you love the feel of 100% Natural bamboo sheets this is definitely the way to go.

What else.

Ya know how the cool smooth bedsheets seem to get rougher after every wash?

Well, lol.

This one is not the same.

The bed sheet gets smoother every wash with this Bamboo sheet. Crazy right?

Despite the high price, you will love this bedsheet to bits, and you will finally be excited to go to bed every day.

This sheet washes very well and dries in a Standard washer and dryer. You can wash them once a week and they will last for years.

JellyFish's Customer service is also very outstanding. They are the ones who will supply these sheets from the link above, But what is cool is they try their best to keep you happy.

Their customer support is Top notch and responsive. So, if you were to have any issues they would be very great at helping you.

Scared from the price?

To be honest so would I. However, thanks to their Full refund no questions asked policy there is no need to be scared from that price anymore.

Just try it.

Think it's worth the money? Keep it.

Not worth? Send it back and get a refund!

Awh! and Guess what!

If you want a Bedsheet that will keep you cool at night this is also the way to go!

It seems to do an amazing job at keeping you cool thanks to the 100% Bamboo material which is known to provide you with very good airflow and a Premium cooling feeling.

3. Bluemoon Homes Luxurious - Egyptian Cotton

Best Egyptian cotton Bedsheet option

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  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 4 Piece Bed Sheet
  • Italian Finish
  • Hotel standards high quality luxury Bed sheets
  • 1000 Thread count
  • OEKO TEX 100 Certified
  • Luxury and flawless
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you have any concerns Write to them and they will help you immediately.

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • One of the world's finest cotton. Handpicked with the highest levels of purity and comfort.
  • 100% combed compact yarn
  • Long-Staple Egyptian cotton
  • Feel soft as hell
  • Stay the same even after multiple washes
  • Not hot. Not cold. Neutral
  • Amazing Price considering they are made of Egyptian Cotton. Usually, you can expect them to cost $200 Upwards


  • No cons

You have definitely heard of the Ultra-luxurious Egyptian Cotton sheets that the world is going crazy over.

But you don't understand why.

Here is your chance to finally figure out why everybody loves these Egyptian cotton sheets.

Egyptian cotton is one of the finest you can get in the world and is known for its extremely amazing quality and longevity.

For a premium bed sheet that feels so good, this is the way to go. It Is silky smooth, and at the same time, it will never develop any pills or Bobbles.

And if you hate wrinkles Don't worry. as long as you tuck this thing in well you will not be experiencing any bed sheet wrinkles at all.

The price of this bed sheet is out of this world. 100% Fully Egyptian cotton sheets are usually much more expensive than these are. They usually cost around $200+

Especially given the fact that they have a staggering 1000 thread count!

I know what you are thinking. BUT Number 1 has a 1800 Thread count!

The first Sheets are made of Polyester. It is much easier to get a high Thread count with polyester.

It is uncommon to find such great quality Egyptian cotton sheets with a 1000 Thread count at this price.

And If you are scared because of the price don't be. Send them an email and they will help you with anything you want.

Like the previous ones, these also boast a Satisfaction guarantee and will do their best to keep you happy!

4. Zen Bamboo 1800 Series Luxury Bed Sheets

Best Natural synthetic mix of Materials option

  • 40% Bamboo 60% Microfiber
  • Made in the USA
  • Colors: 12 Different Color options
  • Sizes: California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin
  • High quality brushed Bamboo and Microfiber blend. This blend makes them incredible plush and makes them more durable than standard cotton sheets.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain Resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Easy Care ( Machine washable)
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied you get a Full Refund


  • Get the best of Both worlds Synthetic and natural
  • High durability
  • Has a good amount of stretchiness
  • Great colors
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Very durable and last a long time


  • Not very breathable and tend to get hot ( Better for winter)

Another great budget option that will provide you with a mix of both worlds.

Get the benefits of the Natural Bamboo and keep the benefits of the Polyester

This blend of Polyester and Rayon derived from bamboo is Often used in luxury Cooling pillows, which makes you know it's not just some silly invention.

It has been used by many companies and is proven to be a very good formula to make great materials.

The greatest thing about this is the fact that it doesn't snag.

So if you just simply hate Bobbles and pills then you can finally say goodbye to them

No more Pills in your bedsheets from this day forth.

And If you have any issues with the bed sheet you can easily send the support and email and they will give you a full refund!

Just make sure to be quick at testing the sheet out. You have 30 days.

Why do Sheets pill? why does any Material get Pills and bobbles? Why do bed sheets go Bobbly?

Pills happen when the fibers in the cotton Break and tangle. That results in the tiny little fuzziballs or "Pills" also known as "Bobbles" that appear like they are stuck on the fabric.

Pills usually happen to any fabrics that are subject to abrasion or harsh washing.

This is what pills look like closer up.

Material used for the bed sheets
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To make sure you don't get any pills you need better quality fabrics. Fabrics with longer fiber will pill much less often than fabrics that use shorter fibers.

Pilling is usually a result of friction. So the only real solution is to freeze and not move.

That's when you have crappy materials

With good high-quality fabrics, pills are much less likely to happen, thanks to the fibers being treated and mercerized.

The best way to prevent pills is to just buy good quality fabrics.

Materials that tend to pill most are wool, nylon, polyester, cotton, and acrylic.

Okay. If you have got your self a got fabric you also have to be careful! Try not to use detergents that use Bleach.

Find a Bleach free detergent with no bleach or optical brighteners. Bleach generally weakens the cotton fibers and causes excessive wear and tear on them.

How can I prevent my bed sheets from getting pills and bobbles?

The best way is to take good care of your bedsheets.

Preventing pills is better than fixing them
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  1. Make sure to abide by the manufacturers Washing instructions!
  2. Follow them carefully, they make them for a reason.
  3. Always make sure they have plenty of room to swim around in your washer and try to always wash them alone!
  4. Don't over-dry your Bed linens! Especially at high levels of heat. This is the fastest way to ruin your bed sheets and weaken the cotton fibers.
  5. It is better to air dry your fabrics, Dryers often cause unwanted problems
  6. Use Bleach-Free detergents and washing soaps! Bleach is the recipe for disaster. It will weaken all the fibers.
  7. Don't use optical brighteners! They also usually have bleach which is harmful for your covers
  8. Try not to use strong detergents in general

How do you remove bobbles or Pills from bed sheets?

Getting rid of the Pills is Exactly like shaving. Get yourself a razor blade and shave the sheets! Go in one direction and work in sections.

Then have fun cleaning up afterwards.

However, It is only a short term solution and the fabric will usually pill again.

There isn't really any other solution. The best solution is to buy a new bedsheet and treat it well!

How often should you wash your sheets?

Most experts on sleep recommend weekly washings. However, for the sake of longevity you will definitely get away with washing them once every 2 weeks. You don't wanna kill the poor bed sheets.

It also depends on how much you sweat, and how hot it is, and other factors like damp rooms.

Why do Fresh sheets feel so good?

clean bed sheets
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It's kind of a placebo effect. Humans like to be surrounded by clean surroundings. Cleaning the bedsheets also gets rid of all the dust mites, however I'd say there is an element of Mind to it.

When you wash your car you tend to feel like everything runs smoother despite the fact you only washed the outside of the car.

However, overall washing your bedsheets definitely gets rid of the Dust mites and any smells which will help you feel fresher. Your lungs feel the difference when surrounded by dust-mites or not.

Extra Tips when washing your Sheets to prevent Pills

  1. Don't wash your Sheets with Towels. Wahs your Sheets alone! Towels are abrasive and will put unnecessary wear on the delicate fibers of your bedsheet.
  2. Don't wash your sheets in overly hot water! wash them cool and they will thank you.
  3. Try not to dry them in the dryer as much as possible, airdrying is a better option.
  4. Stop using Harsh detergents. Nothing is worse than buying a new bedsheet and blasting it with detergents.

That's all!

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