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Best 5 Cheap pull up bars in 2020 | These won't break your bank

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So you want to pump out some pull ups. But you don't want to break your bank. You want a Pull up bar that is cheap and Effective.

You want to pay the least amount of money and get the best pull up bar out there.

But why a bar?


Pushups don't Build BICEPS and They Don't exercise your Back.

Pushups don't work the Posterior Chain.

What else?

You want to look like a badass who can do pull ups.

And maybe you have read that you need to exercise all muscles. If all you do is pushups then you will have a very weak back and a strong chest causing muscular imbalances.

Then you look like one of those Rounded shoulder pumped up guys with terrible posture.

Ain't no one wanna look like that.

To maintain optimal health and perfect posture you need to maintain Balance! Everything in life is about Balance.

If your muscles go out of balance you are going to prone yourself to overuse injuries, or many other injuries that are caused by muscular imbalances.

Think of it this way. IF you get two rubber bands. One is very strong, and one is very Weak.

Pull on them both very hard.

What will happen?

THE WEAK Band will snap!!!

Ain't nobody wanna let their muscles snap.

Or do you?

If you do, that's up to you...

But this is how Muscular imbalances can cause Injury.

Another way muscular imbalances aren't good for you is they can also wreak havoc on your joints thanks to Unequal opposing forces in your muscles. It pulls your joints out of whack.

Anyhow, Pullups are a great tool to add to your workout routine to maintain balance when exercising at home. It's very hard to find a Real alternative for pull ups. They are a Very great workout for your Posterior Chain.

So you didn't come here to read some boring facts, did you?

Get to the Damn Point!


By the way.

I will try to include one Cheap option and one Medium-priced option for every Pull up bar type, and let your budget decide what you can get.

But know that the cheaper options will never last as long as their more expensive counterparts

What are the Best Cheap pullup bars in 2020?

1. ONETWOFIT Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best overall affordable wall mounted pull up bar

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  • Maximum Weight 440 Lbs / 200KGItem 2
  • Wall Mounting requirements: Concrete Brick/Solid cement wall/ Solid red Brick wall/ Solid tile wall.
  • Do not install on a honeycomb brick wall/ drywall/ sandwich panel
  • Stable 6 Hole design
  • Durable and Black powder-coated to prevent from rusting
  • Cushioned for extra comfort
  • Punching bag/ resistance band hanging hooks.

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Best overall pull up bar on the list
  • Works Outdoors or Indoors
  • Great quality
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Great Secure and Stable design
  • Wide Work area with many different Exercise options available. Suitable for a Wide-Grip, Narrow grip, and a Hammer grip.
  • Cross strutting for extra stability
  • Most Secure and stable option
  • Extra hooks for Punch Bags and Resistance bands


  • Requires drilling holes
  • Requires a Strong wall
  • Not made to be removed constantly
  • Not cheap

This is my overall best recommendation on this list for Price to performance ratio.

You don't have to risk messing any door frames and most importantly you don't have to risk your health or your children's health on a Device that might fall off and cause injuries.

If you care about safety and want a stable and secure option for you or your family this is the way to go.

The multiple Grip options on it make it a great option for all sorts of different exercises.

Another great way to use this Pull-up bar is you can easily hang Rubber bands off of it and Utilize the hundreds of possible exercises using Bands.

It may take an hour to set up and you will probably need a Hammer drill for the best drilling experience, but once it's up It is great.

You don't have to worry about setting it up every time you exercise, It is just ready To go. And no you don't have to worry about leaving it outdoors. It is Black powder coated for Longevity.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to spray it with an Extra coat of water-proof spray if you have any lying around but It is built for outdoor usage and will be perfect without any.

An overall Beast of an option from ONETWOFIT.

Yes, its a little pricey. Sorry.

But sometimes if you want a great product you will have to spend a little more.

If you are looking for the cheap option, don't worry Il include a Cheap and mid-range option for each Pullup bar type.

And don't worry about it Pulling your Wall and breaking it. As long as you have the required wall type you will be fine. This pull up bar will spread your body's weight to 6 Different Bolts! That means if you weigh 120Kgs Each bolt will only be carrying 20 Kgs.

You can also Hang your punching bag on it using the Hook in the middle

If you are also interested in a Good cheap punching bag here is a Great list of the Best cheap punching bags in 2020

Click here!

2.YADEOU Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar with More Stable 8-Hole Design

Cheapest Wall mounted pull up bar

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  • Holds up to 440 Lbs/ 200KG of Maximum Weight
  • 8 Hole design for enhanced stability
  • Wall Mounting requirements: Concrete Brick/Solid cement wall/ Solid red Brick wall/ Solid tile wall.
  • Do not install on a honeycomb brick wall/ drywall/ sandwich panel
  • Triangle support for Extra build strength
  • Risk Free: 1 Year Full warranty
  • Made in the US
  • Coated with Rust resistant coating
  • Works outdoors or Indoors

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Great price
  • Good overall build and quality
  • 100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed for 1 year
  • Good for many different pull up Grips and exercises
  • Heavy duty metal build
  • 8 Hole Design
  • Shipped from USA


  • Not tested
  • Requires Drilling
  • No extra hook for punching bag like the First option
  • No cross strutting

A cheaper version of number one.

If you want a great cheap option that you is sturdy and safe, and one that can hold a lot of weight this is the way to go.

First of all, make sure you have the right type of recommended wall.

Then all you have to do is get someone to help you hold it while you Use a Pencil or marker to mark the holes.

Get out your drill and get drilling, and then you are good to go!

The good thing with wall mountable pull up bars is the Extra safety and support they provide. You don't have to be worried that your child will fall with the pull bar and hit his head on the floor.

Personally I would go for this option rather than a Door frame pull up bar.

It is also coated with an ANTI-RUST Coating so you don't need to be worried about the pull up bar rusting if you leave it outside. But make sure to wipe it once a month just to enhance its expected life.

If you don't want to go for a risky option this way is the way to go.

Cheap. With a 1 Warranty, and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

As for comfort you might want to get some Grip cushions. It has grip cushions for the Hammer grip though.

3. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

The Best Overall doorway pull up Bar

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  • Maximum Weight 300 Pounds = 136KG
  • Doorway pull up Bar
  • One year manufacturers guarantee
  • Securely fits door frames from 27 to 35 Inches wide
  • When turned over it can be used for Situps, Pushups, and Dips.
  • Patented Design

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • This is one of the best all around options on this list.
  • You can use it for other exercises like Situps and Pushuups
  • It is the Best built pull up bar out there
  • Cheaper options don't work and will have many safety issues, This works Amazingly well
  • Extremely safe
  • Well built


  • Not cheap
  • Some users report having issues when using it

This is Hands down the best doorway pull up bar you can possibly get.

Yes. there are cheaper options, but I don't promote bad products, I only promote what is Tested, Safe, and what WORKS Amazingly.

Okay so this thing is literally amazing

you can set it up Easily on most door frames, and almost all the customers who tried this are amazed and astounded.

Thanks to the 1 year manufacturer's guarantee you don't have to worry about not liking the product or it not working, If it doesn't work you can Return it for a full refund.

The patented design on this Doorway Pull up system is one of the best out there, and it's also one of the best looking ones out there. It is perfect for being an all around Great portable gym system.

You can use it to exercises Dips, Situps, Pushups, and Pull ups.

It also comes with Free downloadable Navy seal level exercises which will definitely help you get the best out of this pull up bar.

If you want something that is tested, Safe, and built well this is the way to go.

Don't go for the other cheaper multi doorway gym Pull up bars because they just won't do the job. They will fall, they will mess up your Door frame, And they might cause you to fall and knock your head.

Ain't no one want any injuries.

However just like any product, Some users reported having issues with it and reported bad quality. Most of the users were happy though.

4.Garren Fitness Maximiza Locking Doorway Pull Up Bar

Best Tightening to lock doorway pull up bar option

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  • Doorway pull-up/ Chin-up Bar
  • Adjusts to fit doorways between 26 to 39 Inches
  • Price: Middle range
  • Heavy-duty chrome steel bar for safety and security
  • Maximum supported weight 300 lbs/ 136 KG

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Best quality doorway locking and tightening pull up bar
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable cushioning to prevent blisters
  • Quick to remove
  • Supports a lot of weight (300 lbs / 136KG)
  • Many positive customers and buyers
  • Heavy duty build with high quality


  • Some users complained it was dangerous as the Mechanism untightens if you swing the bar. Make sure to not roll the pull up bar.
  • Not 100% Safe because If a person falls they may injure them selves

A great product from Garren Fitness Maximiza and by far one of the most positively reviewed locking mechanism doorway pull up bars out there.

These locking mechanism pull up bars are the easiest option to go for and the quickest option to set up, and they produce the least amount of risk on ruining your door ways.

The locking mechanism works by pushing on both sides of the door frame making it actually support the door frame's integrity and is very unlikely to damage your door frames.

The high range of adjustable width means it will fit most houses doorframes between 26-inches and 39-Inches, just make sure to measure your doorframe before purchasing one.

Garren Fitness has also padded the bar very well to prevent any blisters from forming on your hands. They use a comfortable and durable material for extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue or pain.

For anyone out there looking for a high-quality option this is the way to go.

Just make sure to not Untighten the Pull-up bar while doing pull-ups because you may Risk injuring yourself! Read all the instructions carefully before use and USE IT Responsibly.

Always attempt to put your full weight on it before fully committing to pull-ups to make sure it is sturdy.

5.j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Cheapest Tightening to lock Doorway Pull-up bar option

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  • Doorway pull-up/ Chin-up Bar
  • Adjusts to fit doorways between 26 to 41 Inches
  • Price: Cheap
  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel bar for safety and security
  • Maximum supported weight: 300 lbs/ 136 KG

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Extremely Cheap
  • Fits most doorways with a Versatile adjustment width
  • Has Comfort girps
  • Very easy to Setup and remove quickly
  • Tightens from one side for a Stronger and safer bar
  • Manufactured in the US


  • Comfort grips don't cover the hole length of the bar

The coolest thing about this cheap pull up bar is the fact that it only tightens from one side.

Why is that good?!! 2 Side tightening must be better! No?


1 Tightening screw means only 1 thing that can go wrong. If you have 2? You have 2 things that can go wrong. This will mean a Longer lasting pull-up bar.

Another good thing is that when it tightens from only 1 side that means if you have a tendency to spin the bar in one direction when doing pull-ups you can easily flip the pull-up bar sides to you Tighten it while doing pull-ups instead of loosening it!

Another way to prevent that issue it to just do pullups on the other side of the doorway.

So this is definitely a very great easy to move around Option. It comes with some extra support rings that you screw into your door frame for extra support and confidence. However, it will also work without them.

Make sure to read all instructions because as with all Pull up products if you use them Irresponsibly you may Injure your self! Always be careful and take necessary precautions when using these pull up bars.

The fact that it supports up to 300 LBS makes it a great option for most people.

The only thing i didn't like about it is that the Comfort grips are very small and they don't cover the whole bar. But on the other side you can move them around to where you want.

Is a door pull up bar worth it?

Door pull up bar
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It sure is. a Door pull up bar is one of the cheapest ways to get started with pull ups.

The most common mistake I see people who are trying to get fit do is Neglect the muscles that they don't See. That is one of the worse mistakes you can make if you want to actually become Fit.

Your body needs balance. Pull ups are a great way to achieve that balance if you are working out from home and the only thing you have is some Dumbells and a bench for bench pressing. Or maybe you only do push ups and ab work.

To create balance and optimal health you want to exercise all the muscles! even the one that you don't see when you look in the mirror. Your back muscles, all the small muscles that hold your Shoulders in place, These are very important muscles!

Without a well-rounded training system, you are more prone to Injuries thanks to Muscular imbalances, and reduced joint stability which will eventually cause accelerated wear and tear on the body.

The best muscles for better functioning Shoulders are the muscles that attach to your Scapula. Rhomboids, Traps, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, Latissimus dorsi (lats), and your serratus muscles.

These all help you achieve Healthy shoulders that will last a very long time and will grant you more power in everything thanks to the extra Stability they have.

What are the Benefits of doing pull ups?

  1. More Shoulder stability (thanks to the muscles that pull ups strengthen)
  2. Feeling stronger and more confident in your body
  3. Preventing muscular imbalances by strengthening the posterior chain which is often neglected
  4. Less injuries thanks to the Increased shoulder stability
  5. Pull ups are Freaking cool and will increase your overall confidence
  6. Develop a stronger muscle-mind connection with the less often used muscles
  7. Becoming a better more rounded athlete
Pull ups muscles used
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What Kind of pull up bar is the best?

Each kind of pull up bar has its advantages and disadvantages.

The doorway pull up bar is by far the easiest to install in any household, and you won't need to do any drilling so your parents won't kill you.

The best option performance and practicality pull up bar is definitely a Wall-mounted pull up bar.

The least practical but Overall winner is the Free standing pull up bar thanks to the extra space that allows you to do the most exercises possible because you won't have a wall stuck in your face that is in the way.

Free standing pull up bar
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I would always recommend the Standing pull up bar, however it is the hardest to install and least practical. But it will allow you to do many more exercises in the future when you are stronger.

However, for those who just want to do pull ups, stick with a doorway pull up bar or Wall-mounted pull up bar. For those interested in Calisthenics you will probably want a free-standing pull up bar.

How many pull ups should I do a day to get stronger?

As many as it takes. There is no accurate answer to this question.

However, the rule of thumb is always challenge yourself to do more, but always allow yourself enough time to rest between workouts because the gains happen when you recover not when you trian.

Keep practicing pull ups to failure and then you can even add some Negative pull ups when you reach failure to increase your muscular hypertrophy.

do 3 sets of that, then make sure to get enough recovery before you do it again. As you become stronger you will be able to do more and more.

Will pull up bars break my door frame?

Door frames
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Pull up bars are designed to cause no harm to your door frames and are made in a way to not damage your door. However. that said not all door frames are designed in the same way and some doors will react badly to pull up bars.

Make sure to get a type of pull up bar that will spread your weight evenly on multiple parts. The best types of pull up bars will usually have an S-Shaped support system where you will have opposing forces.

one part of the pull-up bar will push towards you and the other part of the pull-up bar will push away from you.

These opposing forces cause very little amounts of stress to your doors so you shouldn't worry about ruining your door.

Just make sure to get a pull up bar that is well-tested. Pull up bars that are designed well won't do any damage to your wall. Poorly designed pull up bars can definitely wreak havoc on your door frames.

Why are pull ups hard?

Because in this day and age, most people are sacks of potatoes.

Long ago people used to climb mountains, climb trees, climb walls, and do all sorts of things. These days people only climb out of bed.

There also aren't many movements or exercises that you can easily do at home that use the same muscles as pull ups. As an example people tend to do push-ups sit-ups and other at home exercises. But they don't do pull up exercises because it's harder to achieve without getting any equipment.

The muscles you don't use often will always get weaker. Thats just how your body works.

If you did pull-ups every day since you were young you will find pull-ups to be easier than pushups! It's just how things work.

However, another thing is you will probably be able to bench press much more than you can ever pull up. that reason being is the Chest muscles are large muscles that have A lot of power. Pull ups don't take too much advantage of your chest muscles, which are very big drivers.

That's a reason why pushups may seem easier thanks to the Chest muscles.

But it mainly boils down to "If you don't use it you lose it"

Is it okay to do pull ups every day?

Maintaining a Habit of doing pull ups every day is a Great way to become stronger and healthier. However, make sure not to overtrain and give your body the opportunity to recover when it Needs it.

If you feel Perfectly fine, Go ahead and Do your pull-ups! If you feel sore and weak, No! Rest.

Rest is what creates the growth, not the Exercise.

Just listen to your body. Feel nice and strong today? Go ahead! Are your muscles aching and tired? Take a day off.

Do pull ups make you bigger?

Pull ups make you bigger
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Any exercise that stimulates muscles and challenges them will cause hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is when your muscles get microdamage and then they Recover stronger and bigger!

So Yes they can help make you bigger.

However, You always want to challenge your muscles. If pull ups become easy, Do weighted pull ups! Or try out more difficult variations!

Every time you feel an exercise getting pretty easy, Find a way to make it harder! There are many Pull up variations out there and tricks like doing weighted pull ups.

How many pull ups do marines have to do?

For a Maximum score men in the age between 21-25 will need to complete 23 pullups!

That figure drops as low as 18 for males over the age of 51

for a Maximum score in females that maximum drops to 10 pull-ups for a max score in the age between 26-30

How can I do pull ups at home?

Buy yourself a good Door frame pull up bar. No, they won't break your door frame don't worry.

Two other good ways to do pull-ups at home are to invest in a Wall-mounted pull up bar, or a Free standing pull up bar that you can put in your back yard.

How can I get better at pullups?

Practice makes perfect!

Keep Increasing slowly as you get stronger! If you are struggling to do enough pull ups to feel your muscles working you can try to buy a good rubber band which will help you progress faster.

Another good way to get better at pullups is to try something called Slow negative pullups. Basically you go Up and then you go back down very slowly or as slow as possible.

Negative pull ups are a great way to build pull up strength as a beginner.

I can't do a pull-up. How do I work my way up to doing pull-ups?

Band assisted pull up
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Buy yourself some pull up rubber bands. This way you can do Assisted pull ups and build your way up slowly.

If you don't want to buy anything you can ask someone in your house to hold your legs while you do pull ups. that is a Great way to start.

Negative pull ups are a Great way to build up pull up strength if you can only do 1 pull up. Pull your self up and then go down as slow as possible.

Another great way to build up your pull ups is to do static holds. Just try maintain a pull up position as well as long as you can. The time under tension will help induce hypertrophy in the muscles which will make them become stronger.

Can't do any of the above?

Try doing exercises that include any pulling motions with dumbells or a barbell.

A great exercise that can closely mimic the pull up is the Bent-over barbell row.

To do the Bent-over barbell row make sure to watch some videos and do your research so that you do the exercise correctly. This way you reduce the chance of injury.

If you want to stay fit another good idea is to get your self a Punching bag!

Get rid of that aggression by getting your self a Cheap punching bag. Here are the best in 2020


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