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Best 5 Cheap punching bags in 2020 | Get that Aggression Out

Best Cheap punching bags 2020
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So. you want to beat something up.

Sadly you can't beat up the people in your home, so what do you do?

A punching bag?


But you don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it. You want a High-quality punching bag that is Cheap.

No problem.

As a Taekwondo Athlete myself, I decided I should get a Cheap punching bag that is actually good. You don't want to spend all your savings, but you want something that will do the job whether you wanna Punch it or kick it.

You just want something to beat the crap out of.


You don't want a piece of heavy bag crap that will break in 10 days

You want something Inexpensive, and Effective.

I got your back.


What are the Best Cheap punching bags in 2020?

1.RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training | MMA | Taekwondo | Kickboxing

Best Overall Mid-priced punching bag

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  • 4FT and 5FT Options
  • 4 Different Colors
  • Textile filled
  • Weight: 19-23kg(5ft) 17-20(4ft)
  • Free Steel Chains Included
  • Heavy Duty Zip fastened top for easy filling (Waterproof)
  • Tethering loop underneath included
  • Free Boxing gloves

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Highest quality you can find at this price
  • Great Looks and Design.
  • Design works as targets to hit during practice
  • Extremely resilliant heavy duty stitches
  • Teathering loop underneath to hook the Bag to the floor to prevent swinging
  • Zipper top for Easy filling
  • WaterProof (Works well outdoors)
  • Free Boxing Gloves included


  • No Cons whatsoever. Best option for sure at the price.

RDX Make the best affordable martial arts products out there.

If you ever decide you need gloves, Shin pads, Boxing glove wraps, or anything else RDX Will have the best options most the time.

They are dedicated to creating High-quality products and are well known for their high quality. People rarely ever have issues with their products and they have a Very high Consistency of manufacturing quality

Their products are also available in the US, UK, and in Canada. That proves how well diversified they are and how well established they are.

The RDX Punchbag comes in 2 different sizes 4FT or 5FT. Usually 4FT is a Good option for boxers as you don't need a very tall punch bag. However, for taekwondo, Kickboxing, MMA, and other sports that include kicking you may want to consider the 5FT option heavy bag.

This heavy bag doesn't come very heavy and tends to swing a lot if you are a heavy hitter, or at least hit harder than average. If that is you, then you might want to consider filling it with some bags of sand to increase the weight.

It weighs around 20KG, but that is not really enough for heavy hitters so you may want to add something like sand or Coarse wood shavings, or whatever you have lying around.

The chain is of High quality and you won't need to worry about that at all. But it doesn't come with a Hook attachment so you might want to get that separately.

RDX Also offer a Full punching bag Kit. If you want a Hanging RACK + All the extra accessories and screws they have a Full Kit with all the things you might need including Boxing glove wraps, and hanging rack, grip strength trainer, jumping rope, and others. Click here to check it out.

Really. If you want a High-quality cheap punching bag or heavy bag. RDX is the way to go. Don't hesitate.

Besides, this punching bag comes with Free Boxing gloves. Who doesn't want free Boxing gloves. The free boxing gloves included aren't the Best quality in the world, but they do their job well.

2.888Warehouse Heavy Boxing Punching Bag (Empty)

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  • Comes Empty ( Not filled )
  • Designed with sturdy and high quality materials
  • Boxing gloves included
  • Hanging Hook included
  • Boxing glove wraps included
  • Steel Chains Included
  • 1 Meter of high and 30 CM Of thickness

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • High quality Leather materials
  • Very well build hook securing bolts that will make sure the punching bag lasts long
  • Great stitch quality
  • Many extra Included items
  • Great size
  • Amazing price


  • Don't use the Included hook. It is not enough to hold up a bag. You want to find a better option that would use more than 1 bolt.
  • Included Boxing gloves are pretty bad
  • Not ready filled

A Great option from 888 Warehouse.

This heavy punching bag comes with everything you need included with your purchase. Boxing gloves, wraps, a chain, and a Hook to hang it up.

They don't include any Stuffing though to make shipping easier, and to allow you to stuff it as you please.

If you don't really know how to stuff your punching bag I will include some extra steps Below after the roundup. Check them out if you need any help with filling your heavy bag.

This is one of the best value punching bags out there. It is a very inexpensive option that will provide you with a Good quality punching bag. You should definitely consider this as an option if you don't have enough to spend on the first option or you don't think the price is justifiable.

My only tip when getting this punching bag is don't use the included Hook alone.

The hook in the ceiling alone won't do the job, and will probably mess up your ceiling. Unless you intend this bag to be used by a youngster and you don't want to fill it very heavily. However, If you are using this yourself and want to fill it well, make sure to buy a Good Hanging plate with multiple bolts and not just 1 bolt.

The material on it is nice and smooth which makes it a friendly option for most people without the need to always have gloves/ Kicking shoes on. However, for your own skin's sake please wear protection. There is no need to destroy your skin for fun.

So yeah. this punch bag can be used for punching, kicking, martial arts, and general fitness and fun.

It also has cool Chinese writings on it. What do they mean? don't ask.

But that is pretty cool nonetheless.

Especially if you are a kungfu movie fan.

3.Naja Extreme Professional Grade Heavy Large Punching Bag Unfilled

Best cheap Tall punching bag

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  • 36 Inches in height and 10 inches in diameter
  • Durable high quality PU Leather with very well built Metal hook straps
  • Perfect bag for Boxing, MMA, Mauy Thai, Martial arts, Taekwondo, and Kicking sports.
  • 2 Different Sizes availble
  • Hanging chains included
  • NJHP Technology providing a Comfortable hitting surface, durability ,and good shock absorption.

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • 2 Different sizes with one being Tall and thin, and the other being shorter but beafier.
  • Great for kicking and MMA thanks to the Thin design on it.
  • Very smooth and nice surface for kicking/ Boxing
  • Hanging chains Included
  • Very good quality materials used


  • Not filled
  • Hasn't been around for a long time

Naja made an Amazing punching bag here.

The price is a great middle price for a high quality bag like this.

All the reviews were extremely positive on this punching bag with reviews ranging from "Great Construction" to others saying " Great punching bag for the money".

No Negative reviews at all yet as of March 2020 which is a Sign of a great product, and good Quality control.

This is a product in the rising and in the next years you will see it with hundreds of amazing reviews. At least that's my prediction. It is a very well built product and shows no bad signs.

Another cool thing is the Included chains have a locking feature so they will never fall out while you are trying by accident like the ones with hook mechanisms.

However this punching bag doesn't come with any extras like Boxing gloves and hanging tools but, instead of extra cheap rubbish you get a Higher quality bag and chain that are made to last.

4.Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

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  • Pro quality Heavy duty Black Canvas
  • Black and white color
  • You can fill it up with whatever you want
  • (Not ready filled)
  • Bag dimensions are 33" and 18" Wide
  • Good wide diameter heavy bag

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Very good cheap price
  • Great for beginners who don't want to spend much
  • Good for Kids
  • Durable material used
  • Chain included


  • Bad stitch quality ( Some people had tearing issues)
  • Not filled
  • Canvas is not a very good option for those who will have the Bag in a humid garage or outdoors.

An overall sturdy and cheap heavy bag.

The only problem with this heavy bag is some people had tearing problems with the seems, while many others had no problems whatsoever.

A recommendation i have which will definitely prolong the life of your new punching bag, is Make sure to Give it a good round of Tape on all the seems. This will definitely prolong the life of the punching bag and will remove any weaknesses in the bag.

Just grab any old duct tape and go over all the seams, that would definitely help future proof the bag.

Otherwise, it is a great bag for the price and is very inexpensive.

It is not the greatest quality out there and I would personally spend a little more to get a leather option. But a punching bag is a punching bag. You don't want it to be beautiful you want it to work.

If this suits your needs it is a good heavy-duty punching bag.

5.Life gears Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains

Cheapest punching bag available on amazon

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  • Black canvas material
  • White punching bag
  • Great for boxing practice for beginners wanting to try out a bag
  • Fill it with whatever you want
  • (Not ready filled)
  • 34" long and 17" Diameter width

🛒Check price on Amazon


  • Cheapest punching bag you can possibly get
  • Even the manufacturer doesn't know what weight the bag can hold ( a sign for very good quality) ;) "Just joking"
  • Great Starter option for beginners and anyone who just wants to have fun
  • Comes with a Chain
  • Can't go wrong with the price


  • Some users had Tearing issues
  • Don't over fill it with too much weight it won't take it
  • Bad overall quality


So this is obviously not the best punching bag on the list.

However, You asked for a the best cheap punching bag out there and I delivered.

This is the Cheapest punching bag you will find on amazon.

But hey, Despite how cheap it is It really isn't bad for beginners or those who want to try hang a punching bag for fun, or for their kids to play with.

Just please, Don't overstuff it to 100 pounds of stuffing you will kill it. You can probably stuff it with 30 pounds of stuffing without any issues and maybe a little more.

Pro Tip:

DUCT Tape all the seems on this bag duct tape everything well, and trust me you will easily add an extra year to it's life just by applying some duct tape to all the seams

Or do you call it duck tape?

I don't know. You get the idea. TAPE THE HECK out of it.

If you make sure to apply the pro tip I just shared with you, you have successfully achieved prolonged life to your new punching bag.

Okay now that we are done with the Best 5 cheap heavy bags in 2020 We can go to the frequently asked questions as well as how to fill your punching bag and Hang it.

What is the Best Way to Fill a Punching bag?

1. Using Clothes

To fill your punch bag using clothes find some clothes that you don't need or torn clothes or towels, Anything will work. And follow the steps below.

  1. First Put the clothes into the punching bag in very even layers
  2. Make sure to fill all the gaps while you are filling the bag for a more "full and plush" bag
  3. Add anything else you might have around like cotton or anything
  4. Make sure to Stuff it well or it will be too soft.

The only problem with using clothes is you will usually end up with a Light punching bag. For beginners and people who just wanna have fun that will be perfect.

For more serious athletes who want to have more weight in the bag, you will want to add some Sandbags into the bag too.

2. Filling the bag with Sand

Bag of sand for punching bag
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When filling the bag with sand please Don't make a common mistake.

Don't fill all the bags with only sand, as that will result in a Rock-solid bag, and that is not optimal for most people. Even professional athletes wouldn't train on a full sandbag. If not careful it can cause you could Damage yourself.

  1. First Fill the bag with some clothes
  2. Get some Rubble bags or any bags that will hold the sand in without getting torn
  3. Fill these bags with some sand but don't overfill them
  4. For a consistent heavy bag you want to try adding a Layer of clothes or two, and then add a small bag of sand, then Rinse and repeat the process
  5. If you don't add consistent sandbags all throughout the bag you will have an Uneven bag that is heavier at the bottom than the top which wouldn't be a good experience.
  6. Keep adding layers of clothes and layers of Sandbags until you get the desired result or weight. ( Fill the sandbags accordingly to how heavy you want the bag to end up)

This way you can get your punching bag to a Perfect weight. Just make sure to always stuff all the edges with plenty of clothes and fill in all the gaps, otherwise, you will end up with a too soft outside portion of the bag.

Don't Fill the bag with sand without bags! Use Bags. That will help prolong your Heavy bag. They aren't designed to hold sand freely in them, you will also make a mess everywhere when punching the bag.

Use common sense, and put the sand in bags. ( Don't use shopping bags that tear easily)

3. Using Sawdust or Wood shavings

saw dust for heavy bag
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Another option to using Sand is using Wood shavings or sawdust.

Go to a near Woodshop or workshop that works with wood and you can buy sawdust in big amounts very cheaply.

You can probably find some sawdust in hardware shops too.

Sawdust Is a better alternative to Sand if you want Less weight in the bag.

  1. Fill in as many bags of Sawdust as you would need ( Use bags that won't tear open)
  2. You can use a Mix of clothes + Sawdust bags or you can go totally for saw-dust that is up to you.
  3. Layer the bag evenly and fill in any bags
  4. You are good to go

Where can I hang my Punching bag?

You can hang it in your basement using the Wooden Support beams or on the Ceiling if you have a strong ceiling. Always try and go for Bag brackets with More bolts for extra sturdiness and to spread out the stress on the Ceiling or Supports.

You can also Hang your Bag outside on a Wall using a T Bracket

Another option is to Buy a punching bag stand and Hang it on that.

My preferred options would be on a Ceiling or Outside on a wall using a T bracket. Buying a Punching bag stand is usually expensive, and wobbles around unless you Bolt it down well. If you go for a cheap option it will probably be Wobbly and won't give you an optimal experience.

So your main options are:

  1. Hang the punching bag from a Support Beam
  2. Hang it from a Ceiling Mount
  3. Hang it using a Wall Mount
  4. Use it a Stand

How much does a Boxing bag cost?

The price varies depending on quality. The really cheap bags are around $20, and the middle range bags that are actually good are around $60. The High-end professional Boxing bags can go up to $300. I would recommend sticking with options around $60 For a Bag that will last you long.

Can you hang a punching bag outside?

Yes, Definitely. But if you hang your bag outside all the time it will get beat up by the Sun and the weather very fast. If you want your punching bag to last long, Consider bringing it back inside every time you are done with using it.

Get a Hook that works like a Clip that way you can easily Clip and unclip the bag to bring it back inside. Otherwise, Mold will grow on the bag, and the sun will destroy the materials rather fast.

If you do want to keep it outside and can't get it inside for some reason you should consider making yourself a DIY Cover for it, like a Car cover. That will definitely help prolong its life, but it still won't fully protect it, because you will still have condensation in the bag at night, and other issues.

Are punch bags waterproof?

Are punching bags water proof?
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Some punching bags are waterproof and some are not. That said, If I were you I wouldn't leave my punching bag outside. Just bring it back inside when you are done. If you need your punching bag to be waterproof you could spray it with a Nano-Waterproof spray that will help protect it further.

But be careful with the nanospray if you will be having skin contact with it. Make sure you read all safety notices and disclaimers before using such products.

Are punching bags good for weight loss?

Definitely! Working on a punching bag wether you are kicking or boxing will help you burn a Lot of calories, and is a Great way to lose more weight. You get to unleash all of your frustrations in life on the bag, and working out on a punching bag can burn up to 450 Calories per hour for a 70 KG Person.

Adding a variety of workouts will always be a good way to lose more weight and stay motivated on your weight loss journey. Losing weight should be Fun, It doesn't have to be a Grind.

Is punching the bag better than running?

Man doing some boxing
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No! But it is a great option to include in your workout routines.

It's always best to do a variety of exercises to keep you motivated and to keep working out fun. No sport is Better than another sport.

Punching the bag is great for developing strength in your arms and releasing anger or built-up frustrations. Running is Great as a Cardio workout.

Having a good Balance and Variety is Key when working out.

Is hitting a heavy bag cardio?

Hitting a heavy bag is definitely cardio, it is a great way to get your daily cardio in check. It is always great to add variety to your workouts and to stimulate different muscles you don't usually use.

If your legs are tired from a previous leg workout hitting the heavy bag is a great alternative to running if your legs are tired.

The punching will stimulate new muscles and help you maintain Better health and become a better overall athlete.

Hitting a heavy bag is also a great way to reduce stress and get rid of pent up aggression. It is also a great way to develop more explosive muscles and more Fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Are punching bags bad for joints?

Boxer wearing a Hand wrap
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Punching bags are not bad for the joints, If anything they are good for your joints. A recent study found that Marathon runners have the thicker cartilage in their knee than the average population due to the repetitive loading and unloading which helps to send extra synovial fluid to the joints!

Hitting a punching bag will help increase muscle strength and will help in strengthening your joints. Just make sure to keep Good exercise form, If you punch with proper form then you have nothing to worry about.

It wouldn't hurt to take some classes or educate yourself on the proper punching mechanics to prevent yourself from injuring yourself.

Can a punching bag hurt your hands?

Yes. That is why all professional boxers make sure to wrap their hands properly and wear Gloves for extra protection.

Always wrap your hands when practicing on a punching bag and wear appropriate Gloves to make sure that you protect your hands properly.

Wrapping hands will prevent you from unnecessary injuries. Don't think OH I don't need that, because even professionals who have punched 102931203912 punches Still proceed to wrap their hands.

As a wise man once said: "Prevention is better than cure" Quote by Desiderius Erasmus


So. That's all!

If you found this post useful in any way Don't forget to share it :)


Have a nice day!

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