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9 Best Cheap White TV Stands in 2020 | Cool edition

Best cheap white TV stands
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Soooo, you are here for a great Cheap white TV stand on the market huh?

I know what's going on.

You decided you want to renovate your room.

Most likely the living room right?

And you want it to look modern and classy.

Time to get rid of the old and broken furniture, and in with the new.

While you're are it, why not go for a white modern tv stand?

I'm sure you also thought, white TV stands are all super expensive!

What's up with that anyways ?

So now you need to find a cheaper but still effective option.

A cheap white TV stand that has everything you need.

The color, the aesthetics, the storage,and quality too.

Something that will impress your friends and neighbors when they see it.

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Sorry, there are no cheap fireplace or electric fireplace white TV stands in this list, they were just too expensive.


If you really want one, you might want to check a different related review I prepared regarding the best tall tv stands by clicking here.

Also, if you are still wondering what TV you should get that could work with your new white modern TV stand, then click here.

Just in case you are curious as to why you should check these white TV units out.

I searched really hard over around 5000 different white TV stand options in order to find exactly the specifications you would love to see.

Because I understand that it is not always easy to make these decisions in areas that are not of our expertise.

Therefore after more than 20 hours of research and analysis, specifically on a lot of cheap white TV stands, some white TV cabinets, and a focus on white modern TV stands.

I literally found the best cheap white TV units available at the moment in the market.

So what did we end up with?

I made 3 different budget assumptions, because for each of you cheap could have a totally different meaning.

Then I also focused on 3 different styles.

The first style is where you have a lot of room, storage and shelves.

With this style you would be able to be creative with how you place your decorations.

And it will make it easy to place different items in your stand if you are limited on space.

For the second style is for totally white colored TV stands.

What does that mean?

It means there is not a single other color included, it's all white.

As for the third style, of course I will have a whole style just for the cool options.

With these slick options you will definitely be satisfied with what you see.

And i'm talking about both quality and price.

So let's get started.

List of cheap white TV stands

Here is a basic list to fast forward to where ever you want, but make sure to check the table out.

The 9 best cheap white TV stands are:

  1. Best cheap white TV Stands with shelves: A.Extra cheap | B.Very cheap | C.Cheap
  2. Nice and inexpensive white TV Stands that are pure white : A.Extra cheap | B.Very cheap | C.Cheap
  3. Coolest budget white TV Stands: A.Extra cheap | B.Very cheap | C.Cheap

In the table I provide you with core information.

Information that you should know to properly make your purchasing decision.

However there are some details that i am not able to provide in a table format.

So, if you find your self interested in one of the products in the table.

You can find more description and details on it by going further.

So here is the table giving you the all-round summary. (You can scroll right for more)

Table of best cheap white TV stands in 2020

Extra cheap white TV stand with shelves
Very cheap white TV stand with shelves
Cheap white TV stand with shelves
Extra cheap pure white TV Stand
Very cheap pure white TV Stand
Cheap pure white TV Stand

Coolest extra cheap white TV stand
Coolest very cheap white TV stand
Coolest cheap white TV stand

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NameConvenience Concepts Designs2Go TV StandFIVEGIVEN Mid-Century Modern Wood TV StandBaxton Studio Gemini Wood TV StandConvenience Concepts 3-Tier TV StandTangkula Wall Mounted TV StandConvenience Concepts Seal II 60" TV StandTangkula 3-Tier TV StandDEVAISE TV Console modern standWeston Ivory Pine TV Stand
What TV can it hold?Up to 32" TVUp to 42" TVUp to 70" TVUp to 40" TVUp to 60" TVUp to 60" TVUp to 48" TVUp to 60" TVUp to 75" TV
Colors and Sizes available1 size available
3 colors available
3 sizes available
1 color available
1 sizes available
1 color available
1 size available
9 colors available
1 size available
2 colors available
1 size available
7 colors available
1 size available
3 colors available
1 size available
1 color available
1 size available
1 color available
More DetailsClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here
Price linkCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

If you are interested in one of these and would like some more details ... feel free to check the in depth description below.

I'm sure you will get excited by what you see.

1. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand

Best Extra cheap white TV stand with shelves

The Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV stand made a really nice cheap white TV Stand option that has a lot of space, looks really nice, and is extremely cheap.

  • Size: 26.75" H x 23.75" L x 15.75 " W
  • Options available: 1 size available
  • Colors available: 3 colors available
  • Weight: Weighs 30 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold around 80 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Very strong customer satisfaction

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  • Made out of sturdy material
  • Looks good
  • Has a lot of space
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Super cheap
  • Comes with 3 colors
  • Users are very satisfied
  • No tools needed to assemble


  • Some users had difficulty in assembling it
  • It can not fit very large TVs on it


For this white TV stand they used the following material: particle board, wood grain, melamine,stainless steel and glass.

The material used show good consistency and strong support for both the legs and the body of the TV stand.

Apart from the material, the stand is quite high at around 27 inches.

Personally I think that is close to the perfect height for a TV.

It is extremely cheap and doesn't take up too much space in your room.

You can place it anywhere and it could even act as a white corner TV stand if needed.

In general the customers who used this product were quite happy with the outcome.

Who is this for?

If you have a medium small TV, and are looking for a budget TV stand, but you would prefer it to be white and have some space to stash your dvds, players, X-box or PlayStation.

Then you will find this option very convenient for you.

2. FIVEGIVEN Mid-Century Modern Wood TV Stand

Best very cheap white TV stand with shelves

When looking for a TV stand that has to be white and has shelves, you won't need to look any further than the FIVEGIVENModern Wood TV Stand.

  • Size: 29.9" H x 40" L x 12 " W
  • Options available: 3 Sizes available
  • Colors available: 1 Color available
  • Weight: Weighs 54 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold a lot of weight and is very sturdy
  • Customer satisfaction: Very strong customer satisfaction

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  • Looks pretty fancy
  • Has amazing storage room
  • Very good material (but not wood)
  • Very good instruction manual to assemble
  • Relatively cheap


  • Only fits up to around 45 inch TVs
  • Assembling could take a couple of hours


This cheap white TV stand has so much storage space, you might even be able to store your whole TV in it.

Of course that is not the point, but you see where I am getting at.

It is a great option to display the interesting things in its open shelves, and hide/store the rest in the cabinet sections.

The FIVEGIVEN Mid-Century Modern Wood white TV cabinet is arguably the best white TV cabinet around.

It's not expensive at all.

The stand even has good quality material and smooth door mechanics as well.

As for the upper compartment, it can hold a weight of 110 lbs.

Then, each other compartment can hold 22 lbs.

Not bad, if we multiply that by 6 and add together.

Technically, you could store around 240 pounds in your whole cabinet.

Furthermore, users totally said that this TV cabinet was amazing.

They had nothing negative to say about it and although the manufacturer says it can hold only 45" TVs.

It truly depends on what the structure of your TV legs are.

Technically if the TV legs are closer to the middle of your TV, then you would be able to get away with another 10 inches.

Who is this for?

If you are on a budget, but at the same time have some cool ideas.

Ideas that you would like to present on your shelves to accompany your style and room decorations.

Then this white TV cabinet is for you.

3. Baxton Studio Gemini Wood TV Stand

Cheap white TV stand with shelves

The Baxton Studio gemini TV Stand is the best quality TV stand that you can find that is still relatively cheap. Although it is cheap, it looks very luxurious.

  • Size: 20.5" H x 66" L x 17.75" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 1 Color available
  • Weight: Weighs 89.2 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold a lottttt of weight
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers were very satisfied with this product

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  • Cool sliding affect on doors
  • Very sturdy
  • Nice space and storage
  • Amazing quality for price
  • Works with many room styles


  • The stand is pretty heavy
  • Takes around 2 hours to assemble
  • Left and right compartments don't have cutout areas for cables


This cool white TV cabinet will provide you with great aesthetics.

It has 2 doors and guess what?

They slide, yeap!

You can decide which part of your shelves you want to hide and show as you please.

Furthermore, the actual stand is wide and gives a lot cover area to make your room look very modern.

The colors are white for the stand and walnut for the doors which accompany each other nicely.

These colors are also quite compatible with many other colors that you might be wanting to use as well.

It's also worth mentioning that the users who bought this white TV cabinet were mega happy with their decision.

All of them had good comments to say about the product.

Keep in mind:

It is wise to say that, since this TV stand weighs around 90 pounds, you don't want to drag it around places with the legs on it.

That is exactly how you break the legs, even if they are made of wood.

So, either assemble the stand where you want to place it, or lift it with 2 partners to the desired destination.

That way you don't have to worry or get frustrated about some small technical errors.

Who is this for?

For this white TV cabinet, it is a great option if you are trying to rock the new age style of TV stands, while maintaining enough space to store your different gadgets and ornaments.

It is also a good option for people who like to eat walnuts.

Because, you know.

If you drop a walnut on the stand, it will look like it's supposed to be there.

You see what im saying?


OK, i'm sorry.

Let's get back to the serious stuff.

4. Convenience Concepts 3-Tier TV Stand

Extra cheap pure white TV Stand

The Convenience Concepts 3-Tier TV Stand is Amazon's choice for the white TV stands , and it is the cheapest on this list. It is strong, and will look very nice in your room.

  • Size: 31.5" H x 22.25" L x 15.75" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 9 Color available (for colors see below)
  • Weight: Weighs 23 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 80 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Very strong customer satisfaction/ Amazon's choice

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  • Amazons choice for white TV stands
  • Assemble in less than 10 minutes
  • Customers used it to Hold up their 55 inch TVs with stability
  • It is sturdy and will be secure even on a carpet
  • The weight of the stand is very light
  • Extra cheap
  • Looks pretty good
  • Comes with a lot of colors


  • Cant hold super large TVs
  • No hidden shelves


When Amazon decides to make an item Amazon's choice.

It makes sure that the item is worthy of being purchased.

It looks at all the ratings, amount of people purchasing this item and makes sure there are no faults in the item.

And it was right to do so.

This cheap white TV stand has by far the most users and therefore the most feedback as well.

Customers all appreciate how cheap this item is as well as how fast and easy you can assemble it.

It is very sturdy and some users were fitting crazy huge TVs on it.

But the regular manufacturers advice is to go for a max of 40" TVs.

Furthermore, one great aspect of this Stand is that it has 9 colors!

Those colors are:

White/ weathered white/ weathered grey/ light oak/ grey/ faux birch/ espresso/ cherry/ black.

Sadly, it doesn't have any shelves with doors, so it could accumulate dust over time, and you can't hide stuff in there.

Who is this for?

This Option is for anyone who is looking for a quick very cheap sturdy white TV unit to stick his/her TV on.

5.Tangkula Wall Mounted TV Stand

Very cheap pure white TV Stand

Look at the Tangkula Wall Mounted TV Stand in awe. A flying TV stand, that is very sturdy and cheap? impressive.

  • Size: 48" H x 16" L x 16" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 2 Color available
  • Weight: Weighs 52 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold around 200 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Good customer reviews

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  • Very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight
  • Amazing floating look
  • Nice space
  • Can hold a large TV
  • Cheap for quality
  • Has a cable management system


  • You might need an extra set of hands to assemble
  • The cable holes are only in the center top of the shelf. You might need to drill a hole below


A wall mounted white TV stand that is sturdy enough to carry a whole TV is very impressive.

Not only does it look amazing having a floating Stand, but it also creates a lot of space under it to be creative.

The stand its self has a lot of space which you can also arrange to produce amazing visuals.

Did i mention that it was very cheap compared to the average floating stand price?

I'm sure i did, but i will mention it again anyways.

There is a cable management system at the top center to make sure your wires don't get tangled up, but still reach their destinations.

Keep in mind:

When deciding if this is the stand you want to purchase, you should take 2 things into account.

  1. How much weight are you planning on putting onto your stand? It is true the stand can handle 200 pounds, but it is better to be safe.
  2. Which wall are you planning on sticking the TV on? Make sure your wall is sturdy and can handle it, also make sure you're not drilling in the wrong places, and lastly make sure you test the stability of the stand before you put anything on it.

Who is this for?

This TV is for you if you have the perfect place with a strong wall to place this amazing shelf in. It is in a nice budget range and will not disappoint you with its quality.

6. Convenience Concepts Seal II 60" TV Stand

Cheap pure white TV Stand

Another great option for pure white TV stands is the Convenience Concepts Seal II 60" TV Stand.

  • Size: 23.75" H x 59.25" L x 15.5" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 7 Colors available
  • Weight: Weighs 65 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold around 40 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Strong Customer satisfaction

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  • Amazing aesthetics
  • Comes in a large variety of numbers
  • All users were very happy with what they got
  • Not too hard to assemble
  • Cheap for quality
  • You can be creative with the open shelves


  • Be careful with putting too much weight on the top shelf


The white TV unit is amazing at taking a good amount of space in your room while still looking very neat and classy.

Because it is quite long it means that it is able to carry up to a 60 inch TV and a range of other plants/books/decorations.

All who used this product liked how the stand looked, and had very little negative feedback.

It was not hard to assemble and doesn't take too long either.

With a range of colors from :

white/ice white/espresso/weathered grey/black/cappuccino and cherry you will definitely find the color that suites your needs.

I know I know, it's white.

But it doesn't hurt to check if something is even more suitable.

Keep in mind:

Try not to exceed the weight limit by too much on the top shelf.

Otherwise it will have a hard time handling the extra weight based on how it is structured.

Also, make sure you are not moving the stand around everywhere by dragging it around.

The legs are there to support the white TV unit in stability.

Not motion.

Who is this for?

When you are looking for a TV stand that has to be pure white, this one of the best options out there at a budget price.

7. Tangkula 3-Tier TV Stand

Coolest extra cheap white TV stand

I really like how the Tangkula 3-Tier TV Stand looks. It comes in different colors and does the job of holding your TV nicely.

  • Size: 11.5" H x 43.5" L x 16" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 3 Colors available
  • Weight: Weighs 20.5 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold 77 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Good Customer satisfaction

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  • Easy assembly with no tools
  • Very stable and can carry a lot of weight
  • Doesn't weigh much
  • Very Very cheap
  • You can get creative with where you place things


  • The legs are not metal
  • The actual sizes are not as big as they appear in the picture


This cheap white TV stand had this nice vibe to it.

For me it looks really nice, but also the customers really loved this option and had only good to say about it.

It is a very light TV stand so it will be easy to move it around.

The assembly was very easy and quick.

Then you have the space that you could use for a vase or plant for enhanced visuals as well.

With 3 Colors:

Grey white/ coffee/ black you can decide on what fits your environment best.

Keep in mind:

You might want to make sure this stand is close to a wall to make sure no one just comes and knocks it over.

Also, when buying this stand, make sure you know that the height of this stand is at 11.5", don't let the picture trick you with the sizes.

Who is this for?

When looking for a cheap low height white TV stand, this will be one of the best options you can find out there.

8. DEVAISE TV Console modern stand

Coolest very cheap white TV stand

I have a surprise with this Stand, the DEVAISE TV Console modern stand looks very appealing, and wait until you see the surprise!

  • Size: 16.9" H x 41.3" L x 11.7" W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 1 Color available
  • Weight: Weighs 46 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold more than 100 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Very high customer satisfaction

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  • Very diverse and you can make more than 5 shapes out of the design
  • Looks amazing
  • Very cheap for quality
  • Can fit super large TVs
  • Can fit a lot of cool ornaments and decorations


  • Might not be wide enough


With this white Modern TV stand, you can make a crazy amount of different shapes as it is actually a 2 piece stand.

Check the link to see what shapes you can make, however if you are creative I am sure you will be able to even make more shapes.

You can make this TV turn into a white corner TV stand, a Small high white TV stand, a wide white TV stand or a low white TV stand.

Everything is possible.

And it is very fun to try the different shapes out to see what suites your needs best.

It has the modern design aspect.

There is the multi-purpose aspect as well, look at all those holes! all for extra storage space.

The stands don't weigh much, but can carry a lot.

With this stand you can easily hold up to 60 inch TVs.

Keep in mind:

Make sure to check how wide your TV Plastic attachment (legs) are, as they need to be less than width of the stand to be safe, sturdy, and comfortable.

Who is this for?

Are you the creative type?

The type that needs something new every while just keep things fresh?

Then this White modern TV stand will provide everything you need.

With all the different creative looks that you can create, you wont get bored anytime soon.

9. Weston Ivory Pine TV Stand

Coolest cheap white TV stand

The final stand in the list. But it looks super cool right?

  • Size: 19.7" H x 60.5" L x 15.7 " W
  • Options available: 1 Size available
  • Colors available: 1 Color available
  • Weight: Weighs 61 pounds
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 120 pounds
  • Customer satisfaction: Very happy customers

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  • Looks really cool
  • Cheap for quality
  • Can carry very large TVs
  • Holds a lot of weight safely
  • Arguably the most stable option in the list
  • Has door shelves for storing as well as open space for aesthetics
  • Good cable management
  • Customers loved it


  • You might need an extra hand to assemble it


The Weston Ivory Pine TV Stand is a very nice stand that has all the touches that demonstrate quality.

I found this as the best overall cheap white TV stand.

The material is very strong using laminated particleboard which was off-white finished, and a black metal frame to keep it sturdy.

It holds more than 120 pounds and is very wide, to accompany even huge 75" TVs.

Stability is one of its strong aspects and is not easy to knock over.

Furthermore , it has nice shelves for storage and good cable management to make sure your wires get where they need to get.

Keep in mind:

If you had an extra hand to help you assemble this piece, it would make things much easier for you.

Who is this for?

This is for me. Sorry I liked it too much i'm taking it.

Now that your done I hope you are able to make a great choice and I wish you the best of luck with the journey you are following.

Since you are going for the color white, I found some interesting facts for you about the color , feel free to check them here.

However, If you are still not sure which TV stand to choose from.

Then if you continue, i have prepared a guide that will help you get to correct choice to suite your room and needs.

Organising your room with a cheap white TV stand
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What to know when buying a white TV stand:

When you want to buy a white TV stand for your room, you must consider the following factors:

1.Which room is this stand for?

This point is quite an important one.

It determines many factors which answer what space and storage you need, what height and what cost.

Generally speaking, you are most likely going to use this stand in the living room, your room, or the kids room.

When the TV stand is for your room:

Then it is safe to go for almost any option you would like.

You could try go for a white TV unit that has more shelves and storage room, to store anything you feel necessary.

You also might want the height of the shelf to be at least as high as your bed height.

Then when you place your TV, you could lie down in bed and still watch TV easily.

When the TV stand is for your Kids room:

Now you might want to be a little more careful.

Afterall, kids can get a little hectic from time to time.

So you want to think of an option that is safe both for the stand and your kids as well.

I would suggest staying away from heavy unstable stands with glass.

Go for an option that is either low and wide so that it doesn't fall down.

For a more heavy option that is close to a wall or in a corner, that way it becomes very hard to drop.

For kids, Options 2 and 8 will be great.

When the TV stand is for the living room:

In the living room you have to take into account more things.

Now the white TV stand has to look cool, be stable so no one knocks it over, and have some storage at the same time.

A nice idea is to choose the floating shelf option and hanging it high enough so that the kids wont reach it.

Or a heavy and sturdy stand could also do the job.

In general almost all the TV stands in the list are aesthetically pleasing so you should not have problems in that area.

2. Size of TV with width of your tall TV stand:

This point can be very important, especially with the stands in this list.

Not only do you want to make sure the TV fits to the length of the stand.

But make sure it also fits to the width. (TV legs have to be as wide as the stand)

As for the length, if you are not sure what TV stand fits which TV.

I have prepared a quick overview of what works with what:

A description of what I man by inches being diagonally shown on the TV, to help you understand that a 50 inch screen means that it will be 43.9 inches high and 24.5 inches wide
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This is how your TV will measure diagonally and horizontally.

43Inch = 37.5 inches (L) x 21.1 inches (H) | 88.6 cm (L) x 49.8 cm (H)

50Inch = 43.9 inches (L) x 24.5 inches (H) | 110.7 cm (L) x 62.2 cm (H)

55Inch = 47.9 inches (L) x 27.0 inches (H) | 121.7 cm (L) x 74.7 cm (H)

65Inch = 56.7 inches (L) x 31.9 inches (H) | 144 cm (L) x 81 cm (H)

75Inch = 65.4 inches (L) x 36.8 inches (H) | 166.1 cm (L) x 93.5 cm (H)

80Inch = 69.7 inches (L) x 39.2 inches (H) | 177 cm (L) x 99.6 cm (H)

Now, TV legs are normally not on the edges of your TV.

This means, that sometimes you will be able to get away with more inches on a smaller TV stand.

But, to be safe you can follow these rules.

2.What price do i want to pay for my white TV stand?

White TV stands are surprisingly not cheap.

However, i am certain that the options that i gave in this list are the cheapest best quality ones available.

First decide a max budget for your self.

And then you will be able to see if you can just go for the Extra cheap, the Very cheap, or the cheap options accordingly.

Picture of a stand to demonstrate what price you want to pay for your own stand.
  • Save

3. Will you need shelves and some storage room?

It is safe to assume that you want shelves.

The more the merrier.

But the question is, do you want open shelves? or ones with doors?

To answer this question you have to think of the following:

Do you already have a mastermind idea that you want to start implementing right away?

For example an idea where the vase goes to the bottom right, and has a colorful plant coming out of it. With vibrant colors coming out of a sculpture on the other side. Then go for as many open shelves as you can and get super creative.

Or are you a more concerned about where you want to put all the books, DVDs, and devices? Then more hidden shelves are better.

4. Does white fit my decor?

Of course i am sure you have thought of this and that is why you are here in the first place. Because white will fit exactly to your decor.

All i have to say is.

when checking the different options, look at the other available colors and recheck .

You might find a color that you like even more than white.

There are other points to look at as well.

However since i made sure all those points were already covered inside the items themselves, you don't have to worry about them.

Well, that's all from my side.

Thank you for reading to the end, i hope you got more knowledge and enjoyed your time here. If you know someone who could also be looking for a white TV stand that is quite cheap, feel free to forward this post to them below.

Have a nice day!

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