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Best Desks for Cars and Wheel desks in 2020 | Perfect for workers on the Go

Best car desks 2020
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Sick of waiting in your car with nothing better to do than listen to a podcast?

If you want to get more work done while being stuck in your car, the best solution is to get a Desk for your car.

They come in many different forms, and are pretty Inexpensive, meaning you can boost your productivity without shedding too much money.

For people who are always waiting in their cars for meetings, interviews, or maybe waiting to pick your family up. Having a Mobile desk for cars is going to be a lifesaver.

It means you can get more work done so you have more time to relax when you finally reach home. Most car seats aren't the most comfortable anyways, so you should definitely get some work done while waiting.

I only figured out these Auto desks exist recently! I had to sit in the car waiting for a family member for 2 hours!

I thought there must be a better way to spend time efficiently in my car. I tried using the laptop without a desk but that was kind of annoying, so I finally decided to get a Steering wheel desk

Before we go into the Best Desks for Cars I'm going to give a quick explanation about the two different types of Car desks

Just make sure to use common sense, and don't use these gadgets while driving, as that could be dangerous.

Do you prefer watching a Video of the Car desks? Click below!

What are the Main Types of Car desks?

Steering Wheel Desk

Steering Wheel desk
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As the name implies this one attaches to your steering wheel and is a very convenient option.

I never thought working in a car would be so comfortable. It's even nicer than working on a home desk where your chair keeps sliding away from the desk every time you try to get comfortable.

With care you just slide your seat forward, and your position is perfect for working, and it won't slide back. And if you have a luxurious car, then you can also benefit from lower back support, and tilting functions in the seat!

The only downside is it doesn't give you any storage as the next one does. Sometimes If you are lucky they may have a Coffee holder or pen holder.

Passenger Seat Desk

Passenger seat desk
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This one is less convenient but is definitely a good option if you have lots of papers and work to do, and you need extra space.

It also has hidden storage compartments to store your laptop, phone or Ipad. It keeps them out of plain sight without needing to hide them every time you exit your car.

Keep them in there and save lots of time worrying about finding the perfect spot to hide them.

You can also store your pens and Important paperwork in it. That makes it a perfect option for people who work on the go.

If you are a Delivery truck driver, or you are a very mobile worker, then this is the perfect option. It gives you lots of tidy space and makes it easy to find everything you need.

If you really want to turn your car into a workstation you could benefit from having both together. Then you will have a full-size desk.

The Benefits of having a Desk for cars

laptop car desk benefits
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  • Get more work done, and have more free time when you get home.
  • Drive to somewhere with an awesome view, away from the noise of the house and change your work scenery.
  • Work in an Isolated area, and get more done thanks to the focus you can maintain without having any distractions
  • Watch movies in the car when you have to wait for long periods.
  • Eat food while in the car without worrying about messing your car up
  • Go to your favorite Spots and work distraction-free
  • It's hard for you to get too comfortable and slack off, so you end up getting more done.
  • Great for Delivery drivers who have trucks and need to get some paperwork done while on the road.

There are literally tons of reasons you would want one. As a blogger, I love driving somewhere and writing my blogs in peaceful places free of any distractions.

And of course, Truckers and drivers who need to sign papers, and write some notes will definitely find them useful too.

You won't understand how useful they are until you get one yourself and try it. It definitely helps with boosting productivity.

Another very good feature is: Some people don't like bringing their work home, and like associating their home with peacefulness and relaxation. Those people would definitely appreciate finishing their work in the car, and then driving back home with nothing on their mind.

How much should I pay on a Car desk?

Thankfully you don't have to pay a fortune to get a good car desk. You can definitely get away with getting a cheap Desk for your car.

Having a more expensive option will definitely have a better build-quality that will last longer and will probably have extra features, but in my case, I just want something I can work with.

Don't stress this too much, I made sure to find you the best options out there.

If you live In hotter countries make sure you get higher quality ones that will stand the heat and won't just melt in your car. Cars can get pretty hot, and cheap plastic isn't happy about that.

What are the Best Desks for cars or Laptop car desks out there?

1.Cutequeen Black car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk

A very lightweight and easy to carry Steering wheel Desk.

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🛒Check price on Amazon

You just hook it on your steering wheel and you have an instant ergonomic desk.

It is mounted in seconds and is also Easily stowed in the back seat storage compartments.

It doesn't take much space up and gives you a lot of space to work with. It is as sturdy as a chopping board, meaning it should last you a good amount of time without anything happening to it.

The size of it is 28cm*42cm*2cm/11 inch*16.5 inch * 0.79 inch

So this will generally work well for anyone, from Truck drivers to anyone else. It also has a Pen holder so you don't drop your pen and lose it.

It is perfect for any paperwork and works well to use with laptops and food.

2.AutoExec (AEGrip-01Elite) GripMaster Car Desk

The perfect option for people who have lots of papers, and generally want to work in their car or truck.

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🛒Check price on Amazon

It works as a great storage device, and also works very well as a table. You can easily and neatly store all your files in it, and any Pens scissors or other accessories in the compartments.

It is secured to the passenger seat using the Passenger belt and Doesn't move around at all. So don't worry nothing will be flying.

It is definitely the ideal tool for mobile office workers. It increases your productivity by keeping your vehicle organized and efficient with a large work surface.

It is also covered with a Rubber non-skid material to help ensure your phone, or laptop won't slide while the vehicle is in motion.

It also has a pullout board which increases the workspace, even more, making it a space-efficient option.

It also has a Hidden storage compartment which is suitable for stowing your Tablet, laptop, and smartphone out of site, meaning you don't have to hide your devices every time you get out of your car.

3.ElfAnt Car Steering Wheel

A perfect option if you want a steering wheel desk with extra space.

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🛒Check price on Amazon

This option will allow you to work with your laptop, papers to the side, and a cup of coffee too. It is sturdy and is made of Aluminum.

It is a very efficient Car tray or desk that works for writing, laptop work, and dining.

It comes with a cup compartment holder, and a Pen holder, meaning you don't have to worry about things sliding off.

If you love drinking coffe while doing your work, this is perfect for you.

It can also be used for people in the back seat, so your family can also use it while you are on long rides by hooking it to the headrest.

4.Wheeldesk Motor Vehicle Desk - SUV & Car Writing Surface

This is for the people who love wood. and want a desk at an angle.

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🛒Check price on Amazon

It is a wooden Mobile car desk that attaches to your steering wheel just like the others.

However, where this stands out is the Thick high-quality wood.

This option comes in 4 different sizes for convenience, so you can find the best option for your laptop or workspace.

It works perfectly with all steering sizes and has a very nice angle that helps you work without straining your back.

A perfect light-weight and easy to store option.

It is also the Much thinner and easier to store than the other options.

5.RoadPro RPO-24DT Over-The-Wheel Desktop

A perfect Simple aluminum Over-the-Wheel desktop.

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🛒Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for the best over wheel desktop this is the best one out there.

This one doesn't sit vertical but lays on your steering wheel. So to adjust the angle of this option you will have to change the angle of your steering wheel.

The biggest advantage with this option is it is very convenient and doesn't take up any extra space in your car.

It's a very high-quality product made with Aluminium meaning it will last a very long time and will work in all environments.

If you want something robust that can take a beating this is the way to go.

It is a Very handy surface for writing and is great for scanning paperwork. It fits on any steering wheel and is Strong and solid.#

It is an overall perfect portable desk for cars and trucks.

Safety Measures: Never Ever use these desks while driving, as it can cause accidents. Make sure to be sensible and only use them when you are not moving.

If you found this article useful make sure to share it with your friends who need a Desk for their Car. It will help the website too!

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